Colorado Supreme Court Halts Gay Marriages in Boulder Following Appeal from Attorney General

SuthersColorado’s Supreme Court has ordered Boulder County to cease issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples while an appeal from Attorney General John Suthers [pictured] is heard.

The Denver Post reports:

In saying it would take the case, the state Supreme Court ordered Boulder County Clerk and Recorder Hillary Hall — the last clerk in Colorado still issuing licenses to gay couples — to stop.

A spokeswoman for Hall said the office is reviewing the court's order and would have a statement soon. Hall has previously said she would obey an order from the state Supreme Court.

Suthers, a Republican, claimed that county clerks were causing “irreparable harm” to the state by continuing to issue licenses to gay couples. 


  1. peterparker says

    It’s worth noting…in case none of the other posts on this matter have referenced it…that CO Attorney General John Suthers signed a legal brief urging the US Supreme Court to uphold not only Proposition 8 but also the Defense of Marriage Act.

  2. Padraig says

    Give it up you breeders. Y’all are having hissy fits and just jealous that we GLBT’s are too fabulous and that we WILL have EQUAL rights.

  3. Zach says

    “It appears very likely that, either judicially or politically, Colorado is going to have same-sex marriage. But that is no excuse for abandoning the legal processes by which legal change or political change comes about.” John Suthers

  4. JackFknTwist says

    So now the irreparable harm is done to the gays who want equality under the Constitution.

    Well that’s all right then.

  5. Randy says

    Does the Colorado Supreme Court imagine there is a Colorado exemption to 10th-Circuit precedent?

    The only reason they’re doing this is to delay the inevitable. They want to inflict as much pain on same-sex couples as they can, while they can.

    It’s disgraceful.