Dragopolis 2.0 Game Coming to iOS & Android


So Much Drama is the California-based video game house responsible for Dragopolis, a mobile game for iOS and Android that takes queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race and stuffs them into a side-scrolling action/adventure. As the studio gears up to release a sequel, founder Jeff Meador spoke to Polygon about breaking into the generally un-targeted, expressly LGBT videogaming audience.

"We never pulled back on anything. It was always more glitter, more sparkle, more beads.” Meador said of the intentionally camp Dragopolis. “We put it all in there to really create something that's celebratory of the LGBT community and the drag community as well."

Drawing aesthetic and tonal inspiration from Drag Race, Dragopolis is decidedly hyperbolic in its presentation. Unlike other video games in which queerness is optional and tertiary to overall game-play, Meador and his team are aiming at creating a game that’s celebratory of this specific aspect of LGBT culture.

"I think [drag] has such a celebratory element to it,” Said Meador. "Queens are such fun and they're such characters — it was a great opportunity to bring something like that that has such joy and passion to it.”

Watch the trailer for the original Dragopolis AFTER THE JUMP



  1. NOTICE says

    RuPaul is not “anti-woman”.

    Drag is not anti-woman.

    Please stop.

    Drag is about men embracing strong female archetypes and embodying female power. That’s where drag queens get their power- women. Most draq queens worship strong women. And want to be strong women… Sorry you can’t see past the outfit.

    If you think that make-up and heels are inherently sexist, then leave RuPaul alone and go after Cosmo or Vogue.

  2. JMC says

    I wish they’d sought out a different developer.. it was a big feat for them to somehow make a side-scrolling drag queen fighting game unfun, but they succeeded with the first game. Hopefully this one is better.

  3. UFFDA says

    Thanks NOTICE for the big enlightenment. Oh it’s so about women’s power, it’s so deep, the transcendent meanings are so cosmic.

    It’s bottom feeder entertainment provided by cheezy show-offs, the very idea of taking it seriously is sub cultural.

    However…for something truly entertaining, someone should do this to make an instant classic…and
    a million: take all these guys (in their getups) and send them with a film crew on a bus to work in Wyoming on a cattle ranch for a summer with a crew of regular ranch hands.

    Treat them very well and guarantee a good wage for as long as they stay, free round trip. Take a film crew and record everything from the moment they’re invited to the momet when they step off the bus in full drag to meet the men they’ll be working with.

    Ahead of time you can guarantee astounding surprises amidst the temper tantrums, fits, hysteria, terminal hilarity, and the emergence of some wonderful personalities. No one will ever forget it.

  4. JMC says

    UFFDA, weird posts. Also, it’s been done.. you just described the first season of The Simple Life.

  5. Marlon Manroe says

    Strange posts above. However, anyone who thinks RuPaul is anti-woman hasn’t watched him or read much of his philosophies.

    And yeah, UFFDA, I think that’s already been done.

  6. Randy says

    Is there a legitimate reason this couldn’t have been done as a mobile web site?

    I know I’ll never stamp out all the “apps” in the world, but I do my part.

  7. UFFDA says

    JFC and MARLON…I find no reference to drag queens on a farm or cattle ranch in any of the five seasons of The Simple Life. Where else should I look?