1. TheWitch says

    These “leaders” want to be able to discriminate against gays in housing, disaster relief, employment, and hunger for the common good and national unity?!

    This broad religious exemption wouldn’t just be an erosion; it would nullify the whole point of non-discrimination altogether. “Don’t worry, nobody will be able to discriminate against you except for all the ones who want to discriminate against you…”

  2. Steve says

    The whine about “free birth control” (while not understanding how insurance works), but constantly want free money.

  3. JackFknTwist says

    i was reading the post about Ireland’s Minister removing any religious exemption allowing religious run schools removing gay teachers…..and now I read this antediluvian
    horse manure .

    After all these years people are still using the phrase ‘what makes America great’….it’s like reading a bad script from the fifties.

    But with the opening line about them being religious and civic leaders seeking to uphold the common good, I just could not take the rest of this seriously.
    Delusional, just delusional.

  4. SFshawn says

    Freedom is something taken for granted in the developed countries of the world and doesn’t really exist in all the third world countries(Africa,Russia,India,etc). The basic freedoms to Think, to Speak, and to BE are to be VALUED and PRESERVED, as they allow us all to develop as unique individuals, collectively making up the diverse world in which we live. Cultivate in your body freedom from illness, in your mind freedom from prejudice, and in your spirit freedom from bondage of religious cults and fundamentalism-then you will taste true freedom without limits. Humans are TRAINED through religion to be judgemental, hateful and bigoted.
    Tax the church!
    Tax the church!
    Tax the church!

  5. Robert says

    WASP’s found another way to be bigots…this will continue to be a problem for the rest of our lives.

  6. Randy says

    If there is to be a religious exemption to a Presidential-ENDA (PENDA?) then they should have to earn it by fighting for it in the courts.

    Obama must not cave (but probably already has).

  7. simon says

    Why they think their “belief” is more important than the belief of other non-religious contractors who want to discriminate?

  8. David says

    Not only does a religious exemption make the law meaningless, it actually codifies a way around discrimination and provides a way to discriminate legally. “Religious freedom” is the biggest lie perpetrated on the American public since Weapons of Mass Destruction. That these haters are pushing the president for a law creating a legal loophole for them to discriminate is sickening.

  9. walter says

    can the rest of us get an exemption from having their religion shoved down our throat

  10. Orchid says

    We should all be calling out religious crazies and frankly most religious people,every chance we get.

  11. roundtheblast says

    Religious people have wayyy too much rights (for essentially believing in glorified fairy tales) What I’d like to see is the church lose it’s tax exempt status seeing how it so frequently interferes with politics.

  12. Carmelo says

    Religion has literally killed MILLIONS of people throughout history and now religious people all throughout the world are stoning gay people and killing gays, and yet these cult followers want to pretend like they are the martyrs?

  13. e.c. says

    Look, there are tons of people in this country of faiths OTHER than fundamental Christianity. Once they open the “religious freedom” loophole then anyone can step through it. It shouldn’t be too long before some goy is turned away at an orthodox establishment or some woman is run out of a Muslim run business and all these religious nazis (yes, I went there) get a heaping taste of pay back.

  14. Albert says

    Do these anti-gay demons understand that all we are all guaranteed is but one life? Why on Earth do they continue to promote hate and prejudice behind Law and Spirituality?

    I can only pity them. They’re not fully formed.

  15. Bill says

    Just out of curiosity, can we (with any chance of success) ask Obama for an exemption from “faith leaders”?