Fox News’ Todd Starnes: Obama ‘Hell-bent’ on Forcing Christians to Accept ‘Militant’ LGBT Agenda

Todd starnes

Fox News correspondent Todd Starnes has never been a fan of gay rights. After all, the advancement of LGBT civil equality has effectively ruined sports and the Grammys for him and has even led to the ‘religious persecution’ of saintly, anti-gay Christians like Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson.

ObamaAnd so it comes as no surprise that Starnes wasn’t too pleased with President Obama’s executive order barring discrimination against LGBT people employed by federal contractors, calling it the latest sign that the Obama administration is “hell-bent on forcing Christians to assimilate to the militant LGBT agenda”

For his latest column over at, Starnes gathers quotes from some notable anti-gay talking heads including Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg and First Baptist Church in Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress to reinforce the point made in his comically aweful new book that Obama ultimately “believes gay rights trump everyone else’s rights – including religious rights”

The piece is basically just one big, nutty meltdown, but if you care to read it you can do so here


  1. says

    These poor bigoted Christians. Absolute hell for them to accept the word of God and accept all peoples. Can’t we run them out of America altogether and send them back to the Vatican where they belong?

  2. jason MacBride says

    Why do i need to read about it every time some right wing “pundit” or “leader” os a bigoted group makes an ignorant remark? They do this dozens of times a day, always to get attention/money. It isn’t news and it isn’t interesting. Can we please move on?

  3. jason MacBride says

    Why do i need to read about it every time some right wing “pundit” or “leader” os a bigoted group makes an ignorant remark? They do this dozens of times a day, always to get attention/money. It isn’t news and it isn’t interesting. Can we please move on?

  4. TheOtherOne says

    You don’t “need” to read about it, Joe. You saw the headline, you could have passed on without reading the article or making a fuss about it. Otherwise, it’s called “reportage,” and for people with an active interest in what our oppressors and haters are up to, it’s useful information. Knowledge is power. Ignorance is not strength, as this ridiculous clown Starnes amply demonstrates.

  5. Pete says

    Starnes made a lifestyle choice to follow a religion that in his view embraces bigotry. Maybe the gays aren’t the issue Mr. Starnes, your lifestyle choice is.

  6. Bill says

    I don’t know if it’s the glasses or the chubby face or what but this guy always looks to me like he just stepped out of a ’70s British sit-com.

  7. jamal49 says

    Yes. My “militant LGBT agenda”: to be able to work without getting fired for being gay or to rent an apartment without being denied or evicted because I’m gay. Next up on my “militant gay agenda”: paying my bills on time and buying groceries to feed myself.

  8. hugo says

    He really is as ugly on the outside as he is on the inside. Maybe that’s the attraction: How something as despicable can exist in reality and not just in horror movies.

  9. john patrick says

    Todd Starnes – perpetual bitching scold. I wonder how people close to him stand him. Always complaining obsessively about anything or anyone LGBT.

  10. Mike says

    This is the latest from the right wing, their attempt to rebrand discrimination as religious freedom (because that’s constitutionally protected). But what they don’t understand is that if you act like an @sshole, people will treat you like an @sshole. Yes, you have a constitutional right to act and believe whatever you want. However, the rest of us are not obliged to like you for it. And that’s what bothers them.

  11. mike/ says

    why is everything a big conspiracy to these people? Obama, of course, is the biggest conspiracy leader to them because, well, he’s Black. i mean, let’s face it; it’s true.

    what about the ‘militant’ conspiracy they are foisting – to turn the U.S. into a theocratic christianist country?

  12. says

    I bet he thinks that Obama stands outside his bedroom window at night and watches him sleep. Better put another layer of foil on your head, Todd, or else the lizard people’s mind rays make you a slave of the Illuminati!

  13. Zlick says

    No, he’s absolutely right. We want our rights to trump religious liberty. Specifically, religious liberty to discriminate against LGBT people. Yep, absolutely we do.

    Your religious liberty to discriminate against black people was trumped long ago. Same with your religious liberty to discriminate against women. Your religious liberty to molest young boys is also not allowed. Get over yourselves.

  14. anon says

    Mr. Doughboy here was a virgin at 30 and women still reject his advances despite appearing on TV. His envy regarding the advantages gay men have in bed is palpable.

  15. CPT_Doom says

    I didn’t hear Todd complaining when Mitt Romney was forcing the country to accept the militant Mormon agenda, requiring good “Christians” to accept his lifestyle choice as exactly equal to a real religion.

  16. 2AMOR says

    Whenever I see this human piece of garbage, I just want to say “Stupid, wipe your mouth you still have a little bit of bull$hit in the corner there”.

  17. Randy says

    He’s wrong about Obama, but right about me.

    There should not even be such things as “religious rights”. The First Amendment, minus “free exercise”, would still protect belief and speech, which are the important aspects of religion.

    In a free and equal democracy, it is critical that everyone be subject to the same laws. You cannot carve out an exception based on some bull that you believe. It hollows out the promise of equality and turns it into a joke (as we’ve seen with Hobby Lobby/Conestoga and related rulings).

  18. Will says

    Missy Starnes has just got herself all shook up! The big bad homo is breathing her oxygen! What a tired old piece of whining shite. Have you looked in the mirror lately hon – you’re a freaking mess!

  19. Daniel says

    Most Christians in this country have come to accept gay people and our rights without being forced. No one is forcing anything on these people. They can continue to rail against us but they have to realize that more and more our country is accepting gay people as equal members and they will be thought of just like the politicians standing in the doorways trying to block children from going to school.

  20. Jerry 6 says

    I wonder why anyone pays any attention to someone that believes that some guy with a dozen friends who, supposedly, went around two thousand years ago preaching against the then Jewish Religion and was executed for his efforts by the Roman rulers at the time, and then, 40 days after he “died”, “Rose Up to Heaven” so that there would not be any grave where his body was buried? Come on,folks, this story would not even be seen on TV if it were currently written as a murder mystery.

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