Hate Group World Conference Of Families To Hold 2015 Convention In Salt Lake City

World congress of families

Anti-gay hate group The World Congress Of Families (WCF) intends to bring its annual convention to Salt Lake City in 2015.

The Illinois-based coalition of hate groups, which opposes homosexuality and abortion, claims to affirm and defend “the natural family as the fundamental unit of civilizations, thus renewing a stable and free society.  [The organization] is a practical effort to lead the international pro-family movement and build greater understanding and encourage new networks and initiatives among natural family advocates at the national and international levels.”

Last year, the WCF reserved a meeting room at the Dirksen Senate Office building, until it was shut down by Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL). However the meeting, billed as a discussion of “what can our pro-family legislators learn — positively and negatively — by studying our colleagues’ actions abroad," was later rescheduled at a House office building thanks to Speaker John Boehner.

According to The Sacramento Bee, the WCF coalition, which includes Focus on the Family and Concerned Women for America, aims to bring together “people of different religions and ethnicities to promote the "natural human family.” The coalition describes the “natural human family” as one man and one woman raising children with love and discipline.

Conservative Utah-based think tank The Sutherland Institute put in the bid and is leading the event planning, according to WCF vice president and managing director Larry Jacobs.

Speaking to The Sacramento Bee, Ty Cobb, director of global engagement for The Human Rights Campaign, said:

"Whatever the World Congress of Families may believe in their head about the values of people of Salt Lake City, they are wrong. The values of the people of Salt Lake City are ones that promote inclusivity."

Utah has been a focal point in the fight for same-sex marriage in recent weeks, following the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals decision to strike down the state's gay marriage ban.


  1. Peter says

    In the first paragraph, “it’s” should be “its.” In the fourth paragraph there should be single quotation marks for the quotation within the quotation. Finally, you should not use a colon to set off the blocked quotation; rather, you should use a comma. I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in these errors on Towleroad over the past few months. Does anyone edit this blog anymore?

  2. The Milkman says

    Peter, those bother me as well. I wish there were more copy editors in the world. But I’ve learned that I’m going to have to let some of these things go. I’m still hanging on to my conviction that “impact” isn’t a verb, so perhaps I’m not quite willing to give up the ghost completely yet.

  3. jamal49 says

    This is christian dominionism by any other name. They are insidious and seditious. We need to monitor them closely. They mean us much harm.

  4. Peter says

    My point, John, is that the more frequent prevalence of grammar errors on this site has the ability to undermine its credibility as a leading voice in the LGBT community.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “a colon to set off the blocked quotation.”

    Oh, my. I wasn’t reading carefully, but when I saw the words “colon” and “blocked” in the same sentence it sent shivers up and down my butt….and perineum also.

    Be careful what words you use, please. Some of us are very very sensitive.

  6. E. says

    Peter is right to point out grammatical sloppiness for precisely the reason he mentions. Towleroad is a great blog and a real asset for the gay community, but clear and effective use of language is necessary to maintain its powerful voice.

  7. gb says

    “The coalition describes the “natural human family” as one man and one woman raising children with love and discipline.”

    1. Does this description mean:
    No single parent with child is considered a family?
    You must be raising 2 or more children to be a family?
    Your children can’t be undisciplined to be a family?
    Can your child be disciplined but hate your guts and still be
    A man and a woman who do not want children, can’t be a
    A older adult sibling raising the younger can’t be a family?

    The list continues but surely these people want to OWN the word family….Lookout Sister Sledge!

  8. bandanajack says

    @peter, right with you on impact, it still jars me after all these years.

    and if this group thinks they will get a warm welcome in SLC, they have another think coming. there will be a HOT time in the old town for their visit.

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