Indiana Anti-Gay Activist Compares Gay Marriage to Incest, Marrying a Computer or Toaster

MicahClarkIn the two-day window between when a federal judge ruled Indiana’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional on June 25 and when a stay was issued, hundreds of gay couples were able to obtain marriage licenses in the Hoosier State.

Naturally, some of these marriages were announced in local newspapers across the state, which naturally drew the ire of Micah Clark, executive director of the American Family Association of Indiana  

"The [Tipton County Tribune] decided to print an announcement of two young men who exchanged their vows," he tells OneNewsNow. "And as I've said, simply because someone 'exchanges vows' doesn't mean the newspaper has to applaud it with an announcement. I could exchange vows with my sister, with my computer, with my toaster – and that doesn't mean the newspaper has to applaud it and print it."

Clarke went on to call the announcement a “political stunt.”

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  1. ben~andy says

    His hyperbole certainly qualifies as a political stunt.

    And exchanging vows with his sister would CERTAINLY get him in the newspaper.

    Wait a minute, “new” is a part of “newspaper” isn’t it? Huh. Well then perhaps putting in an announcement about some “new” thing that has happened is what the durn thing is actually FOR!

  2. jason MacBride says

    At her one woman show on Broadway she told of dating the very young Marlon Brando. It apparently didn’t go well and when she caught up with him a few weeks later he said to her: “Elaine, I want two things from you: silence and distance.”

    She was an amazing entertainer, full of energy and talent. legend, for once, is not too strong a word.

  3. JEFF YORK says

    I’m from Indiana. Not everyone is an idiot like Micah Clark, but he is a special one. He doesn’t know what consent means (the toaster or his dog can’t give it) Indiana does forbid marriage with immediate relatives, although I question if this was the case with his parents.

  4. FiveMinutes says

    Somebody put Micah Clark’s d*** and nuts into a toaster, hold him there, and set the toaster to “bagel”, or “10/10″, whichever.

  5. TheDoor says

    Micah Clark should take a dump in a box, take it to a county clerk that marries people, and try to get married to his s***-box. He seems to think he’ll be successful, and that it’ll be an ‘I told you so’ moment for all non-believers in the anti-gay gospel.

  6. funinsnowfall says

    Homos & lesbians should quit their sexual behaviors just as drug junkies should quit drugs like marijuana, cocaine, etc. Big Island Chronicle’s journalist Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt is a drug junky who smokes cocaine and marijuana. Big Island Chronicle’s Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt farts and shits in front of her kids and her 2 children have smelled Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt’s turds. Big Island Chronicle’s Tiffany C. Edwards Hunt is a fat Squaw which is why Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt smokes drugs and again, she farts and shits in front of kids.

  7. SteveInDE says

    This guy is all over the place.

    For some people, their computer might be their perfect lifemate. Do you really want such a person to hold out for a human, so that said human can end up saddled with someone who would rather be with a computer.

    Then he swings totally in the opposite direction. Toasters? Hasn’t this guy ever had sex with a toaster? I find it hard to believe. He has got to know that human/toaster relationships do not end well. It becomes very obvious very early in the relationship.

  8. Bill says

    My suggestion: let him come to California and “exchange vows” with his computer. As a community property state, his spouse (i.e., his computer) will be entitled to half his income since the marriage, and if he wants to dump the computer, he’ll have to pay it alimony.

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