1. shanestud says

    I don’t get Lance Bass. I don’t know about his career but he seems desperate for D-List fame. He shows up at every red carpet, sends out endless press releases about every new boy friend and probably would show up at the opening of an envelope. He’s not as accomplished as Neil Patrick Harris or Matt Bomer but fights Jessica Simpson or Kelly Osbourne for coverage.

  2. RohuKatla says

    Reminds me of Ursula from the Little Mermaid but it’s good that he went ahead with what he thought would look good! Calm down guys, you don’t have to see him.

  3. ronette says

    Why he did this is simple…

    He’s trying to get his music career back on track.
    He wants the Geeeys to be buying his records after distancing himself from the community with his annoying ‘I’m a SAG – straight acting gay’ comments.

    So now he wants to be gay gay. Lance, focus on making good music not your hair…

  4. SpaceCadet says

    1) fiancé is sexy!

    2) nice to know Vegas has a new gay club and it’s right on the strip. I’ll have to check it out when I’m in town in a few months.

  5. I wont grow up says

    When I was his age, a million years ago, I had “girl friends” who would have said “Oh honey, no, just no!” Don’t you young gay kids have friends who will prevent you from making a mistake like that?

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