1. Marshall says

    This is such a joke. This would allow any business to impose whatever religious beliefs it stewards have. Anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-people of color, etc.

    Conservatives suck.

  2. simon says

    Let’s see. I believe in Zeus. Modern medicine is incompatible with my belief. I think I should have the right not to provide health insurance to my employees. Does this exemption only apply to the Catholics? Is that religious discrimination against a much older and more respectable religion?

  3. Rich says

    The conservatives are always concerned about the slippery slope of marriage equality, you know, marrying a horse or goat. This is the slipperiest slope I’ve ever seen. It brings us much closer to a theocracy, which is what they want as long as it is a Christian theocracy. The only ray of hope I see here is when various Christian sects start persecuting each other over how to say The Lord’s Prayer and other trivial matters. Catholics vs Protestants, just like Sunni vs Shia.

  4. robertL says

    Wait until men will not be able to get their hands on viagra – because the religious right labels that a form of birth control. Ha. Oh no this will never happen. The right likes it’s men strong and viral. The right wants it’s women to be second class citizens. They will use anything to keep this non religious belief. Sad day for America.

  5. northalabma says

    the conservative supremes made this mess, now let’s watch as they attempt to clean it up – this is what happens when decisions handed down are political instead of constitutional.

  6. Petey says

    Just like my conservative family despised having to call me their son. Having me for a son made my parents go from staunchly pro-Life to adamantly pro-abortion.

  7. TonyJazz says

    The Roberts Court is such an embarrassment. Not a surprise, since we know who nominated this ideologue….

    How long do we need to wait for another Supreme Court reverses this stupidity…. (any remember Lawrence vs. Texas (and the original ruling)?

  8. anon says

    She’s right that people will attempt make such claims, but she’s entirely wrong that such claims will now be upheld. Just this year, appeals using such claims were already denied cert at the SC, so the HL ruling changes nothing. This is just election year rabble rousing.

  9. Bob says

    @Simon – Forget about Zeus. What if your Jehovah’s Witness boss doesn’t have to give you coverage for that blood transfusion you need after a major accident, violent incident, or chemo. Or chemo itself. Or immunisation. Talk about slippery slopes – on Mount Everest.

  10. JSB says

    Since there is no law that requires employers to provide medical coverage to anyone, maybe it is time to abolish the insurance companies and go to single-payer health coverage for everyone, Medicare for everybody and be done with it.

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