Silvio Berlusconi Comes Out In Support of Gay Rights

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Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is reportedly changing his stance on LGBT rights, according to La Repubblica, one of Italy’s left of center newspapers:

“The [fight] for civil rights for homosexuals is a fight that in a truly modern and democratic country should be everyone's responsibility,” Berlusconi said, translated here by The Local. "As a liberal, I believe that through a broad and in-depth debate we can reach a reasonable objective for justice and civilization.”

Berlusconi’s new position on Italy’s queer population comes on the heels of Francesca Pascale, his girlfriend, and Vittorio Feltri, a prominent journalist at Il Giornale, a Berlusconi family-owned newspaper, joining Arcigay, Italy’s largest LGBT rights organization.


  1. bcarter3 says

    @STYLER “It’s always about making money now…”

    Great. If homophobia is seen as financially damaging, it puts one more item on our side of the slate.

    “If you support bigotry, it will cost you” is a pretty effective statement.

  2. MFinBH says

    “As a Liberal…”??????

    Is the ghost of George Orwell his speechwriter now? I urge people to see the documentaries “Suddenly, Last Winter” and “Videocracy” to see just how fiercely anti-gay rights the ultra-conservative hypocrite Berlusconi really is.

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