‘Teen Wolf’s’ Tyler Posey: Dylan O’Brien And I Make Out All The Time – VIDEO

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Never a stranger to bromantic innuendo, Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey told fans at ComicCon this past weekend just how close he and castmate Dylan O’Brien really are. From MTV News: 

When asked what motivated him to audition for the show, Posey immediately screamed “money!” But, really, the bromance. Posey gushed over his castmates, revealing that “now we [he and O’Brien] make out all the time.”

O’Brien clarified: “We don’t make out. We just sit next to each other in our underwear.”

Watch the clip for yourself (which gets to snogging at around the 3:05 mark), AFTER THE JUMP…

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  1. saywhat says

    Posey off the show is a HUGE goofball

    He is also engaged to his highschool sweetheart

  2. Rick says

    God speed the day when young men like this a) make women totally expendable to men, and b) destroy the “gay” culture of effeminacy in the process.

  3. Tyler says

    I actually think this is fake Rick.

    He’s usually a lot less blunt about hating effeminate gay men and women. Still horrible, but a lot less succinct. He likes flowery exposition. Long-winded is his style.

    See the “Nine-Year-Old Transgender Girl in Reno Declares Her Identity: VIDEO” story.

  4. Tyler says

    Styler/Rick is obsessed with masculinity because he’s actually super effeminate and a huge disappointment to himself and his family as a result.

    Rick is just a big nelly power bottom with a daddy complex and an ineffective meds dosage. What a pathetic creature.

  5. jamal49 says

    @RICK Anytime you want to test out your theory of the “gay culture of effeminacy” up close and personal, give me a call. I’m behind on my beat-downs of self-loathing, closeted Towleroad trolls.

  6. Dastius Krazitauc says

    There was some flirtation as well at Comic Con with Josh Hartnett and Reeve Carney from Penny Dreadful. First at 15:38 (watch Josh’s face after Reeve Carney says he asked for a “hot guy” to play Ethan, since the script called for them to kiss) and at 56:08 a question is asked about the sexuality of the characters and Josh Harnett says sexuality is circumstantial, “I mean, come on,look at Reeve”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avbxA5sNisA

  7. Clarknt67 says

    Wait! “make women totally expendable?” I thought that was the Republican Agenda. Is this our thing now? Did we vote to add it to the Radical Gay Agenda™ when I missed a meeting?!

  8. Stand together says

    Millennials refuse to accept the ridiculous stereotypes and boundaries imposed by a binary concept of sexuality.

    Despite centuries of attempts to impose dogmatic restrictions you can’t change the basic natural law that sexual attraction is not fixed or restricted based on gender. We’re not sexually attracted to a gender. We’re sexually attracted to individuals regardless of their gender. Sexual attraction is fluid. It has nuances and varieties. Always has. Always will.

  9. johnny says

    Not quite, Stand. You might be attracted to anyone “regardless of their gender, but not me. In over 40 years since puberty, I’ve never been attracted to ANYONE who is female, regardless of how close or friendly we were. So, yeah, I’m only attracted to people who are male gender.

    Sorry to rain all over your interesting theory.

  10. saywhat says


    Both identify as straight, and Posey is engaged to a girl who he will marry this fall

    Posey also supports LGB people per this advocate interview

    “I love it because I have a lot of friends who are gay and lesbian, and for a ton of people like me, that’s a part of everyday life. It’s been great to see LGBT teens come up to Jeff [Davis] at conventions and thank him for giving them an opportunity to see themselves reflected on TV this way” – Advocate Interview, 2013

  11. Billy says

    I was there. It was a cute moment. As Andy is trying to pointing out it’s nice to see straight males comfortable expressing there love for each other (in their playful way). And it doesn’t hurt that they are both hotties. These guys really are best buds. I saw them later hanging with no cameras around.

  12. says

    Have you Sads ever noticed I never quote the bible or swear…Intelligence is always loud enough to be heard…And self hate never fools anyone…