The Simpsons Meet Family Guy In Hilarious 5-Minute Crossover Clip: VIDEO


The San Diego Comic Con unveiled 5 minutes of footage from The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover that will air on September 28.

While you might think that Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson would make perfect drinking buddies, they’re literally explosive. Plus, Baby Stewie’s prank phone call to Moe’s leaves Bart speechless.

Watch the clip (turn up your volume) AFTER THE JUMP



  1. crispy says

    “That might be the first reference to rape at all in The Simpsons.”

    Not really. Probably the most infamous scene in The Simpsons’ entire run is Homer getting raped by a panda.

  2. Tom Cardellino says

    Pardon me, commenter “RAD” but why are you a “tacit” fan of both series? Are you ashamed of your tastes in humor? I’m 61 and I’m an explicit (often proclaimed to anyone who asks and quite a few who don’t!) fan of both series. Do you think humor is unseemly for those of us in our senior years? If so, why on Zeus’s green Earth?

  3. Robert says

    Brandon H – I can’t argue against the current state of The Simpsons – it’s actually been garbage for 8 years at least – but in its prime, it was the end-all and be-all of humor. It basically invented adult animation. Family Guy is consistent, but it’s a consistently endless string of go-to-far, go-on-too-long sight gags and grossouts.

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