1. Fenrox says

    Gay Marriage is now not a BRAND NEW thing. NOW we can add things like class to it. It wasn’t un-classy to get mass married or corporate married when it first went down, excitement and timing met and there was a certain magic.

    Now if Taco Bell has a gay wedding contest, DO NOT ENTER. Because you have to be married by Taco Bell. And then whenever you mention your first husband, you will have to talk about how you had a taco bell wedding for publicity.

    UBER is a terrible company that exists to squeeze money from rich monsters, usually a good thing but they are doing it to create other rich monsters.

    You know, now that Gay culture is more or less just culture, we all really have to start looking at white privilege and how dominant it is in our “culture”.

  2. iban4yesu says

    Yes, I wish these motherf#ers were taking social and ethical responsibilities instead of pandering to the gay community.
    PUKE. and Evan made himself look stupid and corrupt by participating in this commercialized and cynical shenanigan.

  3. UFFDA says

    Thanks for posting this wonderful video.

    And to the flagrant reptile trolls above who should never be read in their entirety (and weren’t) – get a life.

  4. Walter says

    Fenrox and Rick are the same poster and he just changes his wording, but the homophobia remains the same. Call out the bigoted trolls and let them be exposed.

  5. Two Dads says

    Fenrox routinely defends homophobia. He’s part of the militant ‘queer’ radical movement. The queer movement is a racist one that attempts to pin the gay community against each other. The queer movement inherently HATES being gay due to the cultural upbringing they were raised in and resents those gays who are PROUDLY out and gay. The radical queer movement is a racist, HOMOPHOBIC, violent one that we should all detach ourselves from and routinely call out and challenge.

  6. Carmelo says

    I really admire gay people and gay couples who are unapologetic about their unions and don’t censor it. Be it holding hands in public, or announcing they are a couple, it is a very romantic gesture to me.

    Congrats to all the happy couples.

  7. iban4yesu says

    If Fenrox’s poignant and elegant comment reminds you of an reptile,
    you earthworm should aspire to be one. Evolve a little, doll.

    These atrocious so called shared economy hucksters should be called out at any costs! ANOTHER SE criminals Airbnb was a corporate sponsor at San Francisco Pride this year.
    go figure… let’s all sell our souls for the fabulous weddings, shall we?

  8. UFFDA says

    There’s FENROX (who is certainly not RICK) and now I see there is IBAN4YESU, radical friuts joined at the root, who haven fallen out of the human family tree, and like anarchists dream of all the ways they can shoot themselves and the sensible gay movement in the foot. They are arch enemies to us. Remember their names.

  9. iban4yesu says

    UFFDA means oops (dismay) in Scandinavian or something, right? (I surely feeling your mother’s pain, lol)
    Do and can you ever get anything right, Doll LOL?

  10. iban4yesu says

    TWO DADS is/means a schizophrenic with multiple daddy issues by any chance?
    I just can not make out what s/he is saying…more like just a madperson’s babble. “Radical blah blah..racism blah blah….”
    I would only say, MAMMA MIA!!

  11. iban4yesu says

    UFFDA means ooops ( dismay) in Scandinavian or something, right? Well, WELL done! LOL
    So.. do or can you do anything… um, RIGHT, including trying to create imagenary enemies out of thin air ?

    A Swede would utter in a, um, UTTER despair and blasphemously , Herregud!

  12. Ricardo says

    This site DESPERATELY needs active moderation or a login system. It’s infiltrated by trolls and every other gay blog constantly talks about how awful towleroad is. And how so many people have left this site (because of the trolling) to more civil gay blogs and sites.

  13. UFFDA says

    With every post the twitterpated IBAN confirms his infirmity as a FENROX bottom feeder.

    So, no, come on RICARDO, lighten up, it’s kinda fun to notice the blatherings of fools and sickos from a safe distance.

  14. John Freeman says

    I’m so disappointed that you gave no coverage to the Grand Pride Wedding, which was a part of Toronto World Pride 2014. More than 100 same sex couples were married on June 26 in the gardens of Casa Loma, Toronto’s castle, in a ceremony presided over by 12 clergy from different religious groups, including a Catholic priest, who said he was there with his husband, and Muslim Imam, who was married himself that day to his boy friend, who proposed on the spot.

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