UK Cooling Towers Demolished in Spectacular Fashion: WATCH

UK tower

Residents in the southeastern British county of Oxfordshire received an explosive wake up call early Sunday morning with the controlled demolition of a set of cooling towers.

BBC reports that many residents made the most of the big event by camping out overnight, baking tower-themed goods, spreading the word via Twitter and belting out “The Final Countdown” just before demolition. How festive. 

Check it out yourself, AFTER THE JUMP



  1. BrokebackBob says

    Beautifully executed demolition. Makes the view of the area so much better. Wish they would do the same to the Marble Hill unfinished, abandoned nuclear plant on the Ohio River in Indiana. Place looks apocalyptic. We stopped the building of it when independent inspectors found cracks in the containment concrete during construction.

  2. Brian says

    This camera angle omits the three other cooling towers 2000 feet away. So the area still doesn’t have much of a view. But I guess it’s better than it was.

  3. barryearle says

    I worked on the behind the scene of Aliens which was shot around London. And if I’m not mistaken–and it was a loooong time ago mind you–one of these towers played a role in the film. I do remember shooting an exterior of these towers. I believe the set for the mother alien’s nest was here.

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