Wentworth Miller Opens Up About His Life Post-Coming Out

Former Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller has opened up in an interview with Details about his life post-coming out. After seemingly taking a break from the public eye, Miller took time to pen the screenplay for Stoker using the pseudonym "Ted Foulke."

Miller“That wasn't about protecting my identity — I just wanted the scripts to sink or swim on their own.” Miller explained to Movieline in 2010. “I thought seeing my name on the cover might create static of some kind, maybe positive, maybe negative, but it just wasn't something I wanted to factor into the equation.”

Since Stoker’s release, Miller’s kept a relatively low-profile life focusing on his personal life and getting involved the ManKind Project, a modern manifestation of the mythopoetic men’s movement. The group, which is often thought to be a large group awareness training organization, played a large role in helping Miller deal with his life-long struggle with depression.

“It's a circle of men I sit in with every week that's a safe sounding board for whatever's up for me: good, bad, ugly, really ugly.” He said of the group. “With sadness, particularly with men, that conversation is unfamiliar.”

As the release for the actor’s latest film The Loft looms nearer and the actor prepares for his latest role as the The Flash's Captain Cold, he remains confident that his revelation about his sexuality won’t impede his ability to appeal the large fanbase that had previously known him to be a straight man.

“Attraction is fluid, and I think our imaginations are strong enough to hold a container for all of this complexity, even if we know on a subconscious level something's not what it appears to be.”

Watch the trailer for Wentworth Miller's upcoming film The Loft AFTER THE JUMP


  1. Daniel says

    Whatever. He was photographed years ago not so inconspicuously dating Luke McFarlane during his heavy gay denial period as well as his popularity on Prison Break. Then he disappeared into obscurity. Now suddenly he’s back because he’s gay! Career stall much?

  2. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Again with the “confirming gay is a ticket to stardom”?

    Just like that superstar, Anne Heche?

    When has confirming you’re gay ever once given anyone a career in entertainment?

    What does it even mean to accuse someone of that? “You just want to make sure everyone loves you, so now you’re saying you’re gay!” That is so bizarre.

  3. Clearlyhere says

    Good for Wentworth. He came out and spoke out when his film was going to be in Russia. It was a political statement to come out against Russia’s Gay policies and a great step for him to publicly acknowledge he is gay too. I hope he does continue to work. One day whether an actor is straight or gay won’t be big news, but we have to be aware of today’s reality.

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