Ass Waxing, Puppies, Boxers and 70 Other Answers to Every Question You Could Possibly Ask Daniel Radcliffe: VIDEO

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What's Daniel's biggest turn on and his biggest turn off? What’s something he knows about Harry Potter that no one else does? 




  1. Mike says

    One thing I’ve learned from Mr. Radcliffe is how to accept a compliment. I’ve seen a lot of his interviews, and, perhaps more importantly, how he reacts to fans, and I’ve never seen him do what most people do, which is deflect, or belittle his accomplishments, or in any way insinuate that the person offering the compliment is wrong, which often just makes the person giving the compliment feel bad. He just says a variation of “Thank you very much— you’re very kind.” And then asks a question about them, even if it’s just how they are doing. Period. Done. You’ve received the compliment, and you’ve subtly complimented them by calling them kind, but you haven’t responded with a compliment that feels forced, like you had to compliment them because they complimented you. Maybe he’s been trained by professional media handlers, maybe he just learned this on his own, but it comes off as pure class.

  2. Alan says

    Very cool. Fortunately it was staged, so he must have had a heads up on these questions. I couldn’t have answered most of them for myself that quickly.

  3. Mike says

    Vogue just says that everything is filmed in a single shot, not that the people haven’t seen the questions. They never claim it, so it’s not a big deal to me either way. Even with the questions ahead of time, I would have a very hard time answering the questions so quickly, yet alone while playing ping pong, dancing, and hitting my marks for the next “scene”.

  4. Double Vision says

    I swear, I’m starting to look at Radcliffe and see Tom Daley.

    He’s (Radcliffe) the kind of straight guy who’d be fun to date if he were gay.

  5. Joseph Singer says

    @John: So what if he comes across as certifiably heterosexual. Nothing wrong with that. I dare say that most of our parents were “that way.”

  6. R says

    If I was asked, “If you could hang out with anyone in the world for a dinner and drink chat, who would it be?”

    Dan Radcliff would be high up on that list!

    Warm, funny, talented, intelligent and adorable — not a bad combination.

  7. Princely says

    Even if he had the questions ahead of time and thought of the answers, I am impressed he could REMEMBER the answers with all of that added activity! The man knows his lines at any cost. Charming!

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