Catholic High School Stands Behind Openly Gay Coach

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As we have reported many times before, Catholic schools do not have a good track record with gay teachers. As such, one would be forgiven for thinking that a story about a gay coach for a Catholic school, in South Dakota no less, would be one that ended in tragedy. Unbelievably, this is not the case; quite the opposite in fact.

Last week the volleyball and baseball coach for St. Mary High School, a Catholic school in Dell Rapids, South Dakota, Nate Alfson came out in an email to Outsports. Said Alfson of his follow-up meeting with the school:

The meeting with the school went great. We talked about being on the same page as each other and that they were willing to walk through this with me and support me. They want me to be their volleyball coach again and that I was a great role model to the athletes.

I couldn't be happier that they are supportive and want me to be a part of the coaching team. It's a sense of relief to be able to move forward and focus on volleyball and the girls. This season is about them and the hard work they put in. The support has been amazing and I can't wait to live a free life!

It's almost as if Alfson's orientation has no bearing whatsoever on his ability to be a leader, teacher, and role model. Congratulations to St. Mary for acknowledging and supporting Alfson's worth as a teacher and a person rather than dragging everyone down with archaic dogma, and here's hoping that more Catholic schools will follow their lead.

Check out a KSFY report on the original story HERE.


  1. Disgusted American says

    ….sure, sure…until he meets someone to Marry them…..he should get OUT Now while he can….cause’ this is gonna come back to bite’m on the ass.

  2. james street james says

    This is good. Not all Catholic schools follow the dead-headed dogma of the church. Surprising for South Dakota maybe.

    I’m sure they feel comfortable with a gay guy coaching girls. Better than a straight guy or lesbian. And straight women coaches are probably as rare as hen’s teeth. So best of all worlds then.

  3. John P. says

    As commented above, if he decides to get married some day, it will be all over. It’s kind of ironic that they don’t support love & commitment. I guess it’s okay if he sleeps with someone different every other week.

  4. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    The bad stories reported lately have not been about coming out – I think that, invariably, fired faculty members of the catholic schools we’ve heard about lately had been out for quite some time to their colleagues and even to their students. When they got married – or announced their intention to marry, however, that’s when the stories went bad.

  5. JackFknTwist says

    ” I can’t wait to live a free life.”

    And that says it all.
    Maybe a Catholic School has, at last, remembered its founding teachings;
    Love god and love your neighbour as yourself.

  6. BETTY says

    This is good, but I can’t help feeling this may change once the local diocese and church hierarchy get involved. I hope not, but sadly, history has shown otherwise.

  7. Raul8 says

    Don’t be too hasty to applaud. This will NOT last, and his next contract will strangely NOT be renewed. Christians, especially Catholics, are all the same – hateful, ignorant, and vile.

  8. simon says

    There is no contradiction here as others have pointed out. Pope Francis’ “Who I am to judge” refers to the Church’s tolerance of a gay person. But gay sex is still a sin and they definitely won’t accept gay marriage.

  9. james street james says

    Just another way in which the whole Catholic educational system hierarchy is falling apart. A slip here, a slip there before you know it there is no foundational basis being adhered to anywhere.

    The Catholic leadership is caught between a rock and a hard place. If they adhere to the rules they lose the people, if they give in to the people the rules don’t mean anything anymore.

    Nice to see it all devolving into a mishmash as their Pope says one contradictory thing after another. Believe what you will, the Emporer has no clothes! And the Pope is just a man wearing a costume!

  10. says

    I don’t want to rain on this parade. But, over and over Catholic schools have accepted gay employees. That’s not unusual. But, if they marry they get fired. He’s safe for now, just as long as he doesn’t meet someone and want to marry. If he “lives in sin” they will turn a blind eye, but marriage will cause an automatic termination.

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