Country Musician Josey Greenwell Rebranded, ‘Straightwashed’ For Heterosexual Audience: VIDEO

Green - Greenwell

Josey Greenwell was a country musician who made waves by being out and proud, appearing in places like DNA Magazine and on Dr. Phil, gaining attention both for his music and his model looks. Then in January 2013 he vanished. Now, over a year later, enter Nate Green, a ripped, blonde-haired, blue-eyed new country music star who is immensely popular with the 13-24 female demographic…and just so happens to be the new "persona" for Greenwell.

It was all speculation until WeHo Confidential ran a story with confirmations from former bar co-workers and BNA Talent Group representative Josh Robbins, the latter of whom was shown a picture of "Nate" and immediatley said, "Oh, that's Josey Greenwell!"

Given the pigeonholing that tends to happen with gay artists it's understandable why Greenwell chose to rebrand. It's just a shame that the singer who told DNA Magazine, "Music should be about talent and not sexuality, but I'm proud of mine nonetheless," would trade the opportunity to shatter preconceptions for a nice big closet for him and his guitar.

Watch a video of 'Josey' performing at Motor City Pride in Detroit in 2012, AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. Moniker says

    You can only be a successeful openly gay singer if you have massive talent like Sam Smith or Adam Lambert. This guy sings like a chocked duck, he can change skin as often as he wants but he ain’t going anywhere…

  2. jjose712 says

    Well, if Luke Evans get a pass i don’t know why we are going to blame this guy.

    There’s no way a openly gay country singer find his way in mainstream country radio. Even people who don’t fit the mold had some problems see Hunter Hayes (and he was one of the most hyped country artist in recent years), but his song are not about beer or whiskey, and he doesn’t wear a cowboy hat.

    Women had trouble in that charts too. With the exception of Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert, the rest struggle to find a place in a chart full of males who sing the same type of songs, with the same type of lyrices and even wear the same type of clothes.

    And even big names like Eric Church struggle on the charts if the song or the lyrics ar not exactly what the radio expect of him (the chart run for the outsiders was very very weird).

    It’s almost impossible for a gay singer doing it when even gay friendly songs from straight artist (Follow your arrow) struggle on the chart even when it was selling way more than many songs doing better on the country chart.

    Well if this guy starts doing interviews saying how much he loves women, and the press totally forgots his previous interviews and go everwhere with a beautiful beard, it won’t be different that what they did with Luke Evans (wich has even less excuses because he was older and with an already stablished career in UK). And Evans is still promoted in a lot of gay sites

  3. MIke says

    Isn’t the a former gay porn actor (make that gay former porn actor, you know there are a few) “Chris Porter” who is now a rapper called “Stose” who also would like to play straight and actually has YouTube videos of he and his posse bashing people set to his music? “misfits” or something.

  4. David From Canada says

    Being idealistic won’t pay the bills, put money in your bank account, and get you ahead in life. This young man has to do what he thinks is right for himself in order to make it in his chosen field. He’s trying to find himself in a sea of homophobic sharks in Country Music. Give him support by allowing him to find himself.

  5. jjose712 says

    David From Canada: But unfortunately for him he did everything in the wrong order.

    If he really wanted to be a successful mainstream country singer he should not come out in first place.

    He had an online following, he could do the same Steve Grand did an produce his own music. Maybe you don’t find mainstream success or being played on radio, but if you have a following being an independent artist could be very lucrative (and gives a lot of freedom).

    What’s really annoying is the whole i’m more gay than anyone only to a few years later lie about it.

    And right now, i don’t think it’s even a possibility to become a star and then come out. You will be out of country radio faster than the Dixie Chicks if you do

  6. Nobody says

    Well, it looks like Luke Evans isn’t the only one who proves that it’s never too late to go back into the closet. Thanks so much Josey Greenwell/Nate Green for bringing straighwashing to a new generation.

  7. Matt27 says

    I wondered where he went fron the public eye, but never could have imagined this! New “identity”. In a weird way I can understand it, but it will be difficult to keep the past away with the net everywhere. It is also sad.

    Wasn’t he in the cover of Spartacus the travel guide? I thought he was cute, had a great abs, but this has taken much of attraction off.
    @Sean Maloney, I agree, he doesn’t have a voice.

  8. excy says

    This makes me think of entertainers that come out, experience relief and are finally free to be themselves. Authenticity is priceless and very attractive. This guy not only changed his name, he changed his persona. Hope Josey Greenwell/Nate Green sees the light.

  9. Jesus says

    “I can’t hear country music.

    My gay genes won’t allow it.”

    What?? My gay genes INSISTED! That, and my mom… You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Reba’s Fancy, or Martina’s Independence Day. And don’t get me started on Dolly!

  10. says


    He and his PR people didn’t even try to dye his hair a different color and shave the beard.

    No sympathy. Many artists are struggling with coming out. To go back in the closet for a quick buck is horrible

  11. JJ says

    Dumb move. His publicist must not be familiar with the Internet. He’ll be outed to his new audience, negating whatever cachet the straight act was supposed to buy him and turning off fans who felt deceived—a net loss. He would have been better off building his gay audience and singing in the second person to reach the masses—like George Michael did—if that’s even possible in the country music world. Maybe he thinks he can follow the Ricky Martin model and come out after he builds an audience, but Ricky Martin came out on his own terms, and people could understand why he hid his sexuality—people who weren’t willfully bigoted, by the way. This guy will be outed by his own past publicity, and his stunt will be seen as a cynical ploy to manipulate his new fans and betray his old fans for his own selfish ends.

  12. steve talbert says

    This is one of the dumbest things I have heard on this site in reference to a topic… particularly this topic…

    >>>Give him support by allowing him to find himself.<<<

    That’s like saying stop criticizing Ken Mehlman when he was using gay as a political issue as Chairman of the RNC because he only wanted to be liked by Republicans.

  13. steve talbert says

    I would be ok for me if he said he has decided he is bi and was more interested in women now. I accept bi people, but I don’t accept bait and switch.

  14. JJ says

    @MALCOLM, don’t be a simpleton. No one’s telling him what to do, we’re just not buying any lies. Only people who are weak minded perceive criticism as coercion, and that’s their own problem for being weak minded, not their critics’ problem for being vocal.

  15. Reverse Polarity says

    Sad, but why are you outing him? Or why is WeHo outing him?

    Unless he has done something to harm the LGBT community, doesn’t he have a right to be in the closet if he wants to? The closet isn’t for me, but if that’s his choice, and he isn’t hurting anyone, leave him alone. Maybe this wont work out for him and he’ll come out (again) later. Maybe he stays in the closet for a long successful career. What’s it to you?

    I’m all for outing hypocrites and closet cases who harm the community (Ted Haggard anyone?). But outing a guy like this who isn’t hurting anyone is not okay.

  16. Dback says

    I agree, the way this is playing out, he either 1) assumed most people are stupid and wouldn’t put 2 + 2 together; 2) was cynical (or naive) enough to think that his former identity as an artist “wouldn’t matter”; or 3) has indeed had some sort of “conversion experience” and is now more or less disowning his former self. This has been done before, but usually in reverse and often with women: Sam Phillips, Alanis Morrissette, Katy Perry all successfully “rebranded” themselves. And as several people have pointed out, the “bro country” movement has streamrolled a lot of independent artists and voices, and created a real cookie-cutter sound/look right now that country artists supposedly “have” to fit to succeed. (There are almost no women getting country airplay at all at the moment.) If this guy has success as “Nate,” more power to him–but it will come at a cost, and he’s crazy if he thinks otherwise.

  17. says

    “Sad, but why are you outing him? Or why is WeHo outing him?”

    I think you misread the story. He isn’t being outed. He was out. Once you’re publicly out, you can re-closet yourself if you want to deny your own history, but you can’t expect everyone to go along with your charade.

  18. Malcolm says

    Perhaps he has a life story to tell that explains the change. Perhaps, a conversion, perhaps he is bi, perhaps it is just marketing. I imagine he will explain eventually.

  19. Tyler says

    Malcolm, if he’s going out of his way to hide his gay past, what makes you think he’ll explain himself? I imagine he hoped we would stay blissfully unaware of this change and not pressure him to answer any questions about his previous life.

    What I don’t get is why you’re so invested in protecting him. Are you his manager or something? Why are you trying so hard to get us to ignore what he’s done?

  20. JJ says

    @REVERSE POLARITY, outing is about making personal information public when it was revealed in confidence. This situation is about putting together facts that are all public. There’s no social contract that says it’s wrong to put two public personas side by side. It’s not the same as outing.

  21. MP says

    YOutubed a video under Nate Green. He’s a handsome guy with a decent voice. The video Wild and Free has him rolling around with a girl. It’s funny to watch as he’s so clearly gay and doesn’t have the acting chops to pull it off.

    I wish anyone well who’s going for their dream. Just think courting a straight crowd by playing straight after clearly being out and proud makes him look bad…and ashamed…which I’m guessing he isn’t, just that he wants the career that only a straight persona will allow.

    Sad statement on society in 2014.

  22. Grover Underwood says

    Chris Porter aka Stose did a kickstart campaign in which he says he’s gay.

    His Stose website says he’s gay. Doesn’t look like he’s hiding it.

  23. says

    yeah google says STOSE is open and out about being gay

    Watching some old stuff of Nate’s/ Josey and he was very fem lispy. I doubt he can pull of the acting straight bit for long

  24. Jmac says

    A) what he’s singing in that video ain’t country
    B) if he could carry a tune, maybe he’d be more successful. He’s no Sam Smith, that’s for sure.

  25. Gerry says

    Reminds me of the Southpark episode where Cartman decided to form a Christian rock band… Faith+1 … In any event, he isn’t the first or last person to change his persona to make a buck. As long as he isn’t gay bashing, I could care less.

  26. Bob R says

    I got through a minute and two seconds of his Youtube video, “Drink a Beer”. That was enough. Neither his voice or his guitar strumming did anything for me. I think his good looks may carry him a lot further than his musical talents, which I think is mediocre at best.

    In or out of the closet, that’s his personal choice either way. I like country music and own a few country CD’s, but Nate or Josey, whatever his new persona is, just doesn’t have the voice to pull it off. Although he is very easy on the eyes.

  27. jjose712 says

    Melvin: But it wasn’t.
    If he really really wanted mainstream success on country he should not come out in the first place.
    He did it and very publicly (wich i’m pretty sure he regrets now).

    I think nobody will criticise him if he hide his sexuality at the beginning of his career just to taste the waters. But saying he is out and proud and then do this is just ridiculous.
    In the 60’s maybe it worked, but we are in an internet era. His new fans are going to react bad at being fooled, and he already alienate his old fans, so he can’t win.

    And one thing is change your artistic persona, that could be because you want to play on a more lucrative genre or because you really change your taste in music, or even because you now control your career. Alanis is a good example, she was a teen singer with zero control in her career, so when she grow up she started to do what she really wanted.
    But playing straight when you were out before (because this guy is not even changing the genre of his music) is beyond pathetic.
    And even absurd given the attention Steve Grand got last year after the release of All american boy. It’s obvious there are a market for that type of singer, but hey, Grand can sing, and he is able to write very different types of songs.

  28. Princely says

    Maybe its actually a very subversive act in that all those 13-24 year old girls who never heard he was gay will fall in love with him and he’ll ‘come out’ all over again in five years and they’ll all realize they loved a gay boy and they’ll have a new attitude about gays. I dunno, that’s all I got.

  29. BuckeyeWxGuy says

    That’s the difference btw being homosexual and being gay. You are born a homosexual and will always be homosexual, but gay is a political statement and requires courage to accept as a personal identity. That’s why coming out is such a struggle for so many. Hopefully this kid will realize that his “people” have no interest in his personal well-being and are just seeing dollar signs. Where are his friends and family? He needs someone in his life that will tell him how ridiculous this is.

  30. EchtKultig says

    “I can’t hear country music.

    My gay genes won’t allow it.”

    I can’t listen to country music either, but it’s my genes for intelligence that prevent it.

  31. EchtKultig says

    but anyhow, back to the matter at hand
    country music is so utterly phony in the first place, I don’t find this as offensive as I usually would. All the identities are made up anyhow. I’m reminded of Granger Smith/Earl Dibbles, who I only know of because he’s a cutie and I saw him once in a tumblr. IIRC he’s actually from an wealthy upper middle class Dallas background, so he had to invent the sufficiently white trash character Earl Dibbles. In almost any other genera of music this wouldn’t fly but country fans lap it up. It’s like the WWE of music and the arts. Check your brain at the door.

  32. emjayay says

    It doesn’t make sense to make any judgments about his singing from this video. The worst recorded sound ever. Not just the vocals. The rest is also horrendous.

    On the other hand, I think some judgments can definitely be made about the guy.

  33. Quentin says

    LMFAO. His PR team is so dumb. He’s publicly outed himself in gay magazines, interviews and even appeared on Dr. Phil once. There’s no way you can scrub ANY of that from the internet.

    This approach might’ve worked 20 or more years ago, before the internet had the power to immortalize everything you did. But now? Uh-uh. This will come back to bite him in the ass the moment he gets a whiff of mainstream success. And with both the straight and gay audiences turned off by his deceit, he’ll have no shot of having a successful career anywhere because he’ll be regarded as a joke wherever he goes for pulling this stunt.

    He would’ve been much better off rebranding himself as a pop star, at least he wouldn’t have to lie about his identity. Not to mention his voice sucks for country.

  34. Quentin says

    Oh and if you’re going to go through the trouble of faking a new identity, at least change your appearance a bit? Dye your hair, adopt a different style, or consider plastic surgery since you’re that desperate that you’re willing to sell your soul for success.

  35. says

    I’m a gay, out and proud recording artist and I would never dream of trying something like this. It’s about half fool-hearty and half stupid. Plus I could never, in my own conscience, be so untruthful to myself. Living a lie like that creates more difficulties and consequences than just public backlash.

    I have been attacked by groups for being gay when I sang at an AIDS Vigil in 1986. I was in the news and I was very proud of the performance, the publicity and the fact I was performing with two wonderful friends who had AIDS and now have been passed away decades ago. It’s a moment I still cherish to this day and I miss them both very much.

    Later, I was then phone harassed by a bunch of evangelical and southern baptist church people with hateful phone calls. One right after another. My number was listed in the phone book back then because I couldn’t afford the extra charge for being unlisted but I didn’t publish my address. That turned out to be a smart move in this instance.

    This was before the public internet and social media, thank God, so all I had to do was take my phone (landline) off the hook for a couple of weeks until all the hoopla wore off. I’ll never forget that experience though.

    I’m not condemning Josey Greenwell for what he’s doing, it’s his decision and music career. However I do feel sorry for him that he feels he cannot continue making music being the beautiful gay man which he is.

  36. Gary says

    This was not from WeHo Confidential. It was fron Nashville’s gay newspaper, Out & About. Sloppy research makes you look bad, Andy! Regarding Josey/Nate. He’s been busted big time.

  37. AC says

    My question is, why do straight folks, especially his 10,000+(?) female fans, not realize Josey when seeing Nate?

    (I’m not saying these same girls wouldn’t cheer for him, but they otherwise definitely wouldn’t be cheering him as some hot potential for themselves (his hetero female fans) if they did realize it.)

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