‘Ex-Gay’ Stephen Bennett: ‘Anyone With A Brain’ Is Against LGBT Equality – LISTEN

Speaking on Understanding the Times With Jan Markell last weekend, “ex-gay” activist Stephen Bennett said that “a handful of powerful homosexual activists” are trying to turn the U.S. upside down


Speaking on Understanding the Times With Jan Markell last weekend, “ex-gay” activist Stephen Bennett and wingnut conservative radio show host Linda Harvey railed against the “handful of powerful homosexual activists” who are fighting for equality, reports Right Wing Watch.

Claiming that “two and a half percent of the population is gay,” Bennett said that “maybe five percent are militant activists who are trying to turn this country upside down.”

Bennett continued that LGBT activists are demanding equality but that “anyone with a brain” realizes that homosexuality is not equal to heterosexuality.

Bennett also weighed in on same-sex marriage, claiming that “marriage isn’t to be decided by a government or judges or courts; this is God, God is the one who designed this.”



  1. Jason MacBride says

    Immediately after taping the show Bennett went to a gay bar on the down low, met a leather daddy, and spent the night in a bath tub being pissed on.

  2. says

    he’s a perfect example of a Broken Boy. i have pity, to an extent; it clearly has been a rough life for him, being unable to think freely, and to only have been able to win back the “tolerance” of his family through living a new lie, and catering to their unintelligent baseless prejudices.

    THAT SAID – i can count on my two hands the number of gay male friends of mine who have parents or families even *REMOTELY* similar to mine in terms of their support and love for the LGBTQ communities – and yet, none of my friends have gone on in life to repeat and perpetuate the hatred their parents would have otherwise instilled in them.

    it’s not easy breaking free from a hateful family, and recognizing that they’re not really loving people. but many have to make that hard choice. this man chooses to be a part of the problem. worse: he seeks to bring others into his misery.

  3. Seanumich says

    Umm,god is supposedly all powerful. If thatis the case, HE is the one allowing gay marriage.
    Oh and for the record, gay people are not demanding RELGIOUS marriage. We just want CIVIL marriage. No church is required to perofrm a SSM anymore than they are required to perform interfaith marriages. The GOVERNMENT endoresed marriage is the one that matters.

  4. Chadd says

    God told me that Stephen Bennet is an idiot. He also told me that gay people are part of his design (seeing as how he created everything) and that “ex-gay” people are second guessing his divine plan.

  5. jamal49 says

    For the record, that “two and one half percent” is a revisionist estimate derived and formulated from very faulty data acquired in the late 1980s by a quasi-professional, pseudo-investigative research group funded and sponsored solely by The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute, both extremely biased, right-wing “think tanks”. Kinsey’s research still holds up decades after it was conducted and cannot be refuted. Gays make up AT LEAST 10% of the population. I say “at least” because the incidences of same-sex attraction are surely much higher.

  6. says

    @MickeyFlip – rejection from their family and community. that’s what.

    behind every “ex-gay” is the family that didn’t love them, that shamed them, that guilted them, and that abusively withheld love and support when they came out.

    that, and the utter inability to think freely.

  7. MickyFlip says

    @Little Kiwi Do you think the same thing happened with Michael Glatze? Because he seemed like he was getting lots of love and support from his peers.

  8. says

    never underestimate a family’s hold over their children – even as adults. couple that with a hammered-in fear of “HELL” from conservative religions and you have a recipe for ex-gays.

    it’s two-part – the inability to see that HELL doesn’t exist and the bigotry of religious institutions is nothing but a mechanism to control the mindless flocks, and when a family abusively withholds love from their gay child and psychologically beats them back into a form of Closetedness.

  9. ToThePoint says

    It is amazing the hold people allow devine spirits to have on them. And then it is further amazing how much judgment these brainwashed individuals spew on humanity.

  10. Bernie says

    and Mr. Bennett is raising the brain power issue when he identifies as an ex-gay, which is a totally fake orientation……Is he not a heterosexual??!?! and anything that mentions Linda Harvey boils my blood as she is THE stupidest, meanest and most hateful homophobic woman in the world….if you are looking for a good laugh and have a strong stomach, go to Amazon and look for Ms. Harvey’s book……..it is enough to make one puke!!

  11. EchtKultig says

    The whole situation becomes more of a farce each day. Does any anti-equality activist in the west actually seem like a normal heterosexual? It’s as though the only members of the Flat Earth Society are people who have flown around the world. Hilarious really.

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