Gay Wedding Video Of The Day: Ben And Daniel Tie The Knot


Ben and Daniel met ten years ago; now, they've tied the knot in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains, and we are lucky enough to witness just how loving and sweet they are. While the vows are epic, it is their friends and family that really show how special these two are. 

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Ben & Daniel || Stones & Flowers from KindleWood Films on Vimeo.


  1. Lil Kiwi says

    How perfect, charmed, and entitled their lives and wedding are. Nothing like a narcissistic display of wealth and privilege to make others feel bad about themselves. Yes, label the rest of us poor slobs as “bitter” and “losers” -that is what the gay scene does to those who aren’t so “perfect”.

  2. Troy says

    That was beautiful, best wishes to them! This is what a wedding should be about, this is how it should look and this was the purest example of love. I could watch that film all day, great background music too:) Congratulations!

  3. UFFDA says

    This was a standout. Great guys, great video.

    LIL KIWI did your rain of their parade really help you? I hope so because it was of no value at all to the rest of us.

  4. BrokebackBob says

    I’m not envious, but I am a bit weirded-out. It comes across a bit like an infomercial for high-end gay weddings, a sort-of corporate vibe. Hard to describe. I’m not as polarized as Lil Kiwi, but I’m not on board either. With the promotional ending for Kindlewood Films at the end, it sends a “trailer” vibe as well. I guess it’s nice but not what I would want. Wedding pictures and videos are personal, not something to post on Towleroad.

  5. says

    The Troll posing as me needs to be more consistent. That didn’t make a lick of sense. ANDY – update/change your comment system. Kill the trolls. Seriously, the first comment on this side, and a few replies, were not about the article but simply a tool for your site’s resident trolling eunuch to…what? talk about ME? cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo.

    Lovely wedding, how utterly magical and what a wonderful collection of friends and family to be surrounded by, in those epic woods, on that day.

    Outdoors weddings are a risk – but dang if they’re not utterly incredible if all things (re: weather and/or bugs) work in your favour!

  6. Meh says

    Lil Kiwi and Brokebackbob are the same person. (I’m getting good at this.)

    For the record there is nothing wrong with posting videos like this and also it didn’t even seem high-end, which does not even matter.

  7. says

    Great wedding and great filming/editing. BTW, Cary (Chauvet) I saw your video on the SF Aids Memorial vandalism. I was moved by your tale of falling in love with your husband and I’m hooked on your videos. Great series. I want to hear more about the first night you two spent together. Don’t leave out any of the details! :-)

  8. Sergio says

    That was enjoyable. I wish them much happiness to come. Two comments, though — a) Does the one with the five o’clock shadow look familiar to anyone else? b) At 1:37, why is one of them chewing gum while kissing guests? Beyond gauche.

  9. ernest1960 says

    Nice video, but my $75 fee for my wedding (after 31 years) in Maryland means the same. Why spend that much??? Our families love us just the same. And I feel the same about any wedding — gay or straight.

  10. Hal says

    Beautiful wedding, handsome couple! I’ve read some comments critical of the expense of the wedding. While my personal tastes are simpler–my entire wedding cost about $5000, and that included air fair and hotel costs for out-of-state-travel–I do not at all begrudge couples who want something on a bigger scale.

    I’m always delighted to learn of any couple who have found each other and have built a great life together. May I always have the grace to celebrate their love and their special occasions.

  11. Hank says

    My God that was beautiful. Aside from the stunning couple and the overwhelming love from family and friends, there is the venue. A wedding in the woods, surrounded by nature, with tall trees as witnesses. Brilliant and beautiful! Far more meaningful than some ostentatious affair at a hotel.

    And one last thought: how much must those people care about this couple that they were willing to travel out to the countryside to some wood cabin to be a part of this? That’s love. That’s caring.

  12. Hank says


    You don’t need to spend a lot of money in order for the wedding to have meaning. BTW, having a wedding in the woods is not a lavish thing. It is actually less expensive and low key than most weddings, which take place in expensive reception halls or in banquet halls in luxury hotels.

    That having been said, this business of making a public display is an important part of getting married and it serves a purpose. Yes it may seem a bit narcissistic to hire a videographer to film yourself. Just as it may seem narcissistic to invite all your family and friends to an event about you, where they all have to give you gifts and then listen to you talk about yourself and your love. But this isn’t narcissism. By putting themselves out there, making promises and commitments in front of everyone in their lives who matters – and via Vimeo in front of the whole world – the couple is ensuring that these promises are treated as solemn and serious by everyone who knows them. They are subtly using their family and friends to hold them accountable. If you walk away from a casual fling, there is no stigma. But if you walk away from your husband, after you promised in front of 100 family and friends to cherish him for life, it is a failure. And everyone will know that it is a failure. People don’t like to publicly fail, so putting yourself out there in a ceremony like this is really a way of marshaling that human instinct for good.

  13. Arturo says

    As someone who had a pretty beautiful wedding ceremony with amazing family and friends, a special day that to this very moment makes me smile: I wish them happiness; and patience; and love; and understanding; and knowing what battles are not worth the fight; and realizing that going to bed upset achieves nothing; and knowing that every day you wake up next to the man of your dreams, you are the man of his dreams just the same; and knowing the “us” is far more important than the “me”; and realizing how blessed you both are…

    More than a dozen years have passed since we met…not one day have I had a single regret about the road we have traveled together…a lot of learning has happened, a lot of self-discovery…but we did it together…hold on to each other, knowing that if one falters, the other one is right there to give his strength!

    We have bought a house together, adopted foster kids, survive life-threatening illness, lived through family opposition to us wanting to build a life together…today I feel closer to him that I felt yesterday…and tomorrow…well tomorrow I will be closer to him than I am today.

  14. peterparker says

    Without a doubt, the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen! I *love* the rustic aesthetic. And they are so lucky to have not only each other, but also such supportive friends/family.

    Now. Having said all that…I *cannot*, for the life of me, understand why gay couples who are getting engaged/married seem so eager to share those intensely personal moments with millions of STRANGERS on the internet. It strikes me as profoundly narcissistic and a not a little bit tacky. Nor do I understand why Andy Towle and crew continue to humor them by posting the videos.

  15. Jon says

    It looked like everyone there was having a great time, and it was understandably sentimental considering that it WAS a wedding. Great video production, to be sure!

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