Homeschoolers Target Pro-Gay Marriage New Mexico State Rep.


Pro-equality New Mexico state Representative Bill McCamley (D) is being targeted by a local homeschool co-op for his stance on LGBT rights.

From ProgressNowNM:

In the legislature, McCamley has been a strong supporter of LGBT equality.  That’s no surprise given Dona Ana County’s prominence in the national marriage debate following the decision by County Clerk Lynn Ellins to begin issuing New Mexico’s first licenses to same-sex couples in 2013.

Nearly 900 same-sex couples have received licenses in Dona Ana County, which includes McCamley’s district, since last year.

So, it’s not surprise that marriage equality could be an important issue in House District 33. McCamley recently started handing out a campaign walk piece featuring his position on the issue and that has his opponent fired up and ready to lead an army of children (literally) against McCamley in their “critical” quest to defeat the progressive candidate in HD33.

HooksA member of the homeschool co-op, formed to “connect local homeschool children and share instruction”, recently sent out an email to other members of the group, asking for help enlisting homeschooled children in distributing campaign literature for McCamley’s opponent, creationist Republican Neal Hooks [right], who, as Joe.My.God points out, believes "The push of homosexual agenda in our schools are destroying us”:

I would like to ask the Homeschool group for young people, who can walk in Neal’s District and hang Neal’s door hangers.  We will start this Friday, August 1st at 9:00 AM at my house (920 Raleigh Rd). Our walk will be very safe & organized, 4 – 6 young people per adult in a car…My house will be the “hub” where we will all meet, have refreshments, & go out again.  We will finish between 11-11:30…I am sure this could be counted as community service and Government extracurricular activities.

Apparently, taking a stance against equality now warrants school credit. 

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  1. Will says

    Home schoolers are some of the most socially awkward people who live in a little bubble crafted by mommy and daddy. They have absolutley no knowledge of the world beyond their home or church.

  2. Honesty says

    WTF does homeschooling have to do with equality? They are abusing their homeschooling organization, which likely has members and students who are pro-equality or LGBT themselves. What a disgrace, they should be ashamed and embarrassed for this idiocy.

  3. says

    you know…when i went back to school a couple years ago there was a dude in my class who was homeschooled by his conservative christian family in some small podunk town…….and the dude simply was not prepared for the ACTUAL WORLD.

    here was this 20 year old evolution-denying young earth creationist who, for the FIRST time in his life, was interacting with people who weren’t brought up in his parent’s brand of “the truth” – and he didn’t even last through one full year of school. the day he made some comment that pretty much would be classified as “holocaust denial” to a room full of shocked and disgusted classmates sorta sealed his fate.

    looks like this is a recurring theme. parents are supposed to prepare their kids for life in the real world. not create a cocoon of idiocy that means they will be utterly unable to function outside their tiny church group.

  4. says

    I’ve had the misfortune of running across aggressive homeschooling proponents, who were extremely religious Christians. They explained that the only way they could be sure their child’s head wasn’t filled with nonsense about secular government, etc., was to homeschool them. Otherwise, they might hear about separation of church and state, as well as other nonsense that was spouted by such crazies as Jefferson, Madison, Washington and that rabble.

  5. Gay Guy says

    How about reviewing what is being taught and whether each case of home schooling meets the legal requirements?

    Even if it does, these reactionaries will need to spend their resources defending it and won’t have the resources to engage in this kind of activity.

  6. Enchantra says

    You homeschool opponents clearly haven’t thought out your position. Yes, there are some whack jobs who home school their kids so that they can brainwash them into believing that Sodom and Gomorrah had dinosaurs. But there are also a whole lot of hippies, and gay people, and yuppies, and all kinds of people who homeschool because the public schools are not safe, the private schools are doctrinal, or simply because their kids are bright and they don’t want to deprive them of 7 hours a day of childhood to learn 3 hours a day of school work.

    We home schooled my nephew and he read real books, and does advanced math, and finished up at a public high school with no problem or lag. He also ice skated, ball room danced, swam, road horses, and raced boats with other home school kids some of whom were the children of whack jobs.

  7. says

    Usually don’t agree with Enchantra, but gotta swing back at the “ban-it” reactionaries here. I might be a cynical bastard 99% of the time, but that was in spite of being home-schooled for two years :)

    So, child abuse my ass 😀 Somehow, still managed a 3.99 GPA when I went into high schol and a 3.90 at OSU, so it obviously wasn’t too damaging 😛

  8. says

    And then I go and misspell school. HA! Why we don’t go to Disqus here, which would *allow* me to fix that without a double post, is a failure of immense proportions ^_^