Israel Will Now Allow Jews To Immigrate, Gain Citizenship With Non-Jewish Same-Sex Spouses

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 8.35.36 AMIsraeli interior minister Gideon Saar [pictured] gave word on Tuesday that immigration authorities should not distinguish between same-sex and opposite-sex couples when granting citizenship. The new allowance amends a previous law allowing Jews to immigrate to Israel along with a non-Jewish relative/spouse.

USA Today reports:

In a few cases in recent years, Israel only naturalized non-Jewish same-sex spouses of Jews following threats of Supreme Court petitions, says Israeli immigration attorney Nicole Maor.

Israel does not permit gays to marry in the country, but recognizes same-sex marriages if they were performed legally abroad. 

Despite its same-sex marriage laws, Israel can add this as further evidence of its generally supportive legislation about LGBT-identified people. Along with recognition of citizenship, the Israeli Supreme Court grants same-sex couples inheritance and survivors' benefits, among other rights.


  1. MaryM says

    What this ACTUALLY means is that an American jew with no connection to Israel will be granted residency in Israel and if that means killing the Palestinians who live there or stealing their land to allow this, then so be it.

    Israel is a pariah state and why the US is giving this terrorist country billions of US taxpayer dollars each year is beyond disgusting.

    And before all the pro-Israelis start their usual crap about Israel being a good nation – rememnber that Nelson Mandela stated clearly and repeatedly that Israel’s treatment of the native Palestinian population is far worse than the treatment of blacks in South Africa under apartheid.

    All Israeli goods must be boycotted – SodaStream for starters – that has its headquarters in an illegal jewish settlement in the West Bank.

  2. MaryM says

    Oh and another thing – Israel slaughtered 2000 Palestinians over the last montth , the vast majority of whom were civilians to deal with a threat of rockets – which killed 3 people in the same time. If we assume 5% of people are LGB then then means that Israel murdered 100 LGB people in cold blood in Gaza.

    The pinkwashing campaign by apartheid, terrorist Israel is continuing.

  3. WOLF says

    Being a Jew marrying a non-Jewish man, I would be very happy about this if the Israeli gov’t wasn’t a motley crew of murderers and corporate hacks.

    Then again, so is the US gov’t…take your pick.

  4. myackie says

    wow…great comments…arabs sure are the world’s biggest victims…nobody ever in the history of this planet has suffered as much as the poor arabs… and it seems that there was a sovereign nation called ‘palestine’ that just disappeared on day? hmmmm….can’t seem to find it on any map…but if Marym says so…it MUST be true.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    some of the comments on this news story are ridiculous.

    I have problems with Isreali policy towards Gaza and the West Bank, BUT I’m going to give the Isrealis credit where and when they deserve it.

    This is a GOOD news about Isreal.

  6. reality says

    At the end of the day, it’s safer to be LBGT in Israel, and the government recognizes you exist and your rights. Can’t be said for anywhere else in the middle east.

  7. j says

    @gay guy – right you are
    compare this to the story about beirut today – arrests, jail etc . . .
    israel is unique in the middle east insofar as gay rights –
    @ marym why don’t you take yourself to the west bank and let them know you’re gay and support them – you’d be dead – they hate and despise LGBT folks in most of the middle east
    iseael – far from perfect -is a pretty cool place for LGBT folks – especially tel aviv – which btw is a terrific, beautiful city – @quicksilver i assume you have never been to that “crap country” – likely you don’t even have a passport

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