Kazakhstani Mayor Accuses Media of ‘Brainwashing Children with Gay Propaganda’


Akim Imangali Tasmagambetov (pictured), the mayor of Kazakhstan's capitol city Astana, has accused the global media of promoting "false and unacceptable social vices," noting that homosexuality has been "forbidden for centuries in the religious world."

The mayor quoted American sociologist Joseph Overton in delineating what he calls "gay propaganda," asserting that certain "techniques" can be used by the media to change public opinion.

Pink News has a lengthy quote that outlines Tasmagabetov's argument:

It has not just become a political norm in a range of developed countries, but the perception of the society has been distorted to such an extent that the US state of California approved a compulsory course on historical accomplishments of representatives of sexual minorities. I think you see for yourself how the topic is promoted in the international media. A reasonable question under the circumstances is what to expect next?

The answer to Tasmagabetov's question may well be a chilling one. At the end of his speech, he said that his vision for education is to build a society that "resists gay propaganda.”


  1. The Milkman says

    Well if they want to keep living in some post-soviet quasi-agrarian backwater, then more power to ’em.

    I used to joke that Kazakhstan was the Baltimore of Europe. But then I thought, gosh, Baltimore doesn’t deserve that comparison.

  2. james street james says

    Repression is a hard thing to give up. Especially Soviet style repression. People start thinking for themselves at any early age and in one generation bigotry dies!

  3. ToThePoint says

    As opposed to their brainwashing children to think that they must hate certain people just because of who they are. Some of these very children are gay and will see they are hated by the ones they are supposed to trust and love. These children will learn to secretly hate themselves. This, of course, leads to devastating consequences time and again. But the bigots don’t care because many of them think that is just fine. True evil.

  4. JJ says

    “homosexuality has been “forbidden for centuries in the religious world.””

    Indeed, since the days of Leviticus—since thousands of years before banning slavery—because religion is such a shining example of morality. What will become of the world if we stop taking moral guidance from people who made laws ensuring that daughters were provided for after their fathers sold them as sex slaves (Exodus 21:7-11).

  5. jmartindale says

    Be AFRAID of gay propaganda–unlike Xtianist and other closed minded religious propaganda that has been warping the brains of the superstitious for millennia.

  6. says

    CT I had the same thought. Apparently it does exist, though, and must refer to citizenship or belonging to Kazakhstan, which is a multi-ethnic country. Many many Russians in Kazakhstan.

    This guy, though, judging by the name, is a Kazakh.

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