Neil Patrick Harris Accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge With the Help of His Family: VIDEO


Neil Patrick Harris, with some help from partner David Burtka and joined by their two kids, accepted the ice bucket challenge sent to him by Gone Girl costar Ben Affleck and none other than Sesame Street'Cookie Monster

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP



  1. will says

    To the boneheads above: this isn’t about timing or doing it first when it was fresh and chic. It’s about charity. These “it’s so last week” comments are jaded and dull, so “last week” themselves.

  2. rocker rocker says

    NPH looks terrible! He’s not aging well at all. And that lanky body needs some meat. If he were straight, no homo on this page would give a rat’s ass about him. Enough!

  3. GeoffreyPS says

    I really would prefer if they said “I wrote my check and now here is my challenge to …”. Then DUMP! BTW, too late doesn’t really make sense to me. The concept of this type of thing is to keep it in the news as long as possible. If everyone did it all at once it would done, over, and forgotten about.

  4. Phil says

    Lol! 1 loser commenter posting under 3 different names but with one IP address. Jackass, you don’t get to pick when you do it. You have to be challenged to do it. And he did it very well. Love him and his family.

    BTW, he is skinny b/c he lost a huge amount of weight to play the tranny Hedwig on Broadway. Trannies are largely unhealthy, so it was necessary for him to become gaunt.

  5. Josh says

    To everyone saying anything to the effect of this being “so last week” or criticizing all the celebs doing this for self-promotion and other crap opinions, watch this video of a guy suffering ALS and his appreciation to all of this awareness:

  6. I wont grow up says

    I’d be more impressed if these millionaires just quietly wrote a check instead of doing these self indulgent videos.
    I agree with Josh, watch the incredibly moving YouTube video of the terrified young man who has just started feeling the effects of ALS, it’s much more important than any celebrity pouring ice water over their $1000 hair cuts.

  7. David From Canada says

    Neil is way too thin. I read that it had something to do with the Broadway play he just finished.
    He looks like he just wandered out of a concentration camp.
    Neil – Start Eating!!!

  8. bambinoitaliano says

    This yesterday stunt has collected $53 million and continue to to gain more. I’m sorry to those people who are not entertained by them. Your negativity is not helping collecting money are you? Try putting a dollar in a jar every time you need to do a drive by snide remark. Send the money to some worthy cause.

  9. M. Scott Hernandez says

    New York bridges misses their trolls. ALS and NPH are both winners. More than a few evil witches need a bucket of ice water thrown over their heads. NOW, that would be charitable.

  10. John says

    ROCKER ROCKER – NPH has a “lanky body” and “is not aging well” because he purposely lost something like 20+ pounds for his role in “Hedwig and The Angry Inch”, on Broadway. And he was fabulous in the role.

  11. Mort says

    I watched the video and thought, “What beautiful kids. What a lovely family.” And then I read the comments and thought, “A lot of people are prisoners of unhappy childhoods.”

    I understand rage. But do you have to spew it in our faces? It feels really bad.

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