Straight ‘Big Brother’ Housemate Cody Throws Wrench Into ‘Zrankie’ Showmance, Cuddles With Frankie: VIDEO


"Zrankie," the Frankie-Zach "Big Brother" showmance to end all showmances has, well, ended. For the time being at least, Frankie has moved on to another cuddle-buddy, the presumably hetero Cody Calafiore. Though Frankie, Zach, and Cody have previously laid in bed together, "Zrankie" only recently professed their love, leading one to wonder if Cody could have been a little bit jealous.

Of course it is impossible to tell just how real anyone's emotions are at the present; a cuddle could mean very little. Still, it is exciting to see the bonds develop, and for Frankie's relationship with his heterosexual housemates to extend beyond vague intimations of gay panic or, as in other seasons, outright homophobia.

Check out the cozy and cuddly footage, AFTER THE JUMP

Full – Frankie and Cody Cuddling – 7/31 by zankieslife