The Declining Wage Gap for Gay Men

Gay-moneyThe wage gap between certain portions of the gay male population and their heterosexual counterparts is on the decline according to a study published in the Kyklos International Review for Social Sciences. Unmarried gay men over the age of 25 who work “blue-collar, male-documented occupations” and cohabitate with their same sex partners are, on average, earning more than unmarried straight men living with their girlfriends.

“These estimates support the view that the overall improvement in people’s perception regarding homosexuality has contributed to reduce the wage gap against gay men in the U.S.” Economists Bruce Elmslie and Edinaldo Tebaldi wrote in their findings.

The gap between married heterosexual men and gay men has similarly shrunk, falling from just below 8% in the 90s to 4.5% in the early 2000s. Elmsie and Tebaldi attribute the shift to an “overall improvement in people’s perception regarding homosexuality,” but warn that their findings shouldn’t suggest that there isn’t more work to be done.

Gay men in sales-oriented and managerial occupations continue to make anywhere from 11-16% less than straight men, and gay men in rural areas and small towns saw significantly lower earnings regardless of their type of work.


  1. NewNew says

    K but like are we ever gonna you know include race as a factor in these types of studies… or nah?

  2. says

    Yeah I have the same question because I’ve seen other studies showing the wage gap when it comes to race has not declined.

  3. Gagh says

    But what is the percentage of discretionary spend income? That is what is important, not necessarily overall pay.

  4. Randy says

    “Pay gap”s are not a legitimate measure of discrimination.

    What you should look for are more qualified people being denied promotion or hiring, in favor of less qualified people. That’s the true test.

  5. says

    Well, who determines who’s qualified and who isn’t? And how is that determined? If you really think a large majority of people are getting hired on qualifications alone, you’re giving new meaning to the word “naive”. And yes, I believe taking old age and race into account would have produced very different results.