Zachary Quinto Gets Caught With His Pants Down While Watching The Emmys: PHOTO


Not to be outdone by the Looking crew, Mr. Quinto shared a somewhat revealing photo of himself watching a bit of the Emmys in between filming scenes for his new movie, Michael, about 'ex-gay' activist Michael Glatze that stars James Franco as the title character. Quinto shared the above photo on Instagram with the caption, "literally watching the emmys as i change clothes between scenes for our movie… no complaints. GO FRIENDS!!!"


  1. Petey says

    I see only stereotypical gay men are worth of attention on this site. What a shame. The world needs more men like Brian Sims and less like Zachary Quinto. How else are gay men ever supposed to achieve equality?

  2. Rick says

    Petey is right about the likes of Quinto and his ilk. Desperate attempts by effeminate gay men in Hollywood to feminize gay men in the media to lower the standards of masculinity to such an extent that they can be accepted despite their own deficient masculinity……are doomed to failure.

    They are the ones who need to re-think their actions. Men like Quinto and his overlord Ryan Murphy (as Petey commented in the Normal Heart pice on page 2) should be treated with disrespect and contempt for the damage they’re doing to the gay male community with their trite shows.

  3. Rowan says

    LMAO Petey! You’re reaching! Though I do find Quinto fake as anything and bit ‘try hard’ with the whole ‘gay guy’ vibe, esp as he was closeted for 10 years min of his career and actually had a beard!

  4. Kenneth says

    Rick, everyone – and I do mean every, single one, on this site knows that petey is you, and jason, and uffda, and carmelo, and…oh jeez, I’ve lost track of your tragic, troll aliases. So please seek the help you clearly need, you big, nelly, closet case!

  5. SpaceCadet says

    A comment by the self-hating Rick/Petey/various other voices in his head is an automatic ignore by me. Just wasted seconds that all add up! Haha.

  6. says

    @JMC – there is no such thing as “stereotypically gay” – there is no “gay stereotype” – there are countless stereotypes.

    for example, the closet-case who anonymously rails against ‘stereotypes’ is itself the most pathetic stereotype of all.

    stereotypical gym jocks. geeks. punks. rockers. artf@gs. hipsters. sport jocks. brooks-brothers types. aberzombies. and on and on and on.

    no gay man is not part of some easily-assignable stereotypical grouping, especially the ones who (again, always anonymously) scream otherwise.

  7. BrokebackBob says

    Yeah, I’ll bet Meryl Streep also took breaks like this during The Iron Lady or August:Osage County filming. He needs to check himself and maybe realize he is a one-movie pony, Star Trek that is.

  8. Jonathan Oz says

    First, Zack Quinto is at least a two trick pony (There have been two Star Trek movies, after all). Also, I appreciate that at least he’s gay beefcake. As for most of these comments. Much ado about nothing.

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