Eric Holder Announces Federal Government Will Recognize Gay Marriage in Seven New States: VIDEO


Responding to the Supreme Court's marriage decision last week, Attorney General Eric Holder announced today that the federal government will begin recognizing same-sex marriages taking place in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Idaho – with additional states likely to follow.

Said Holder:

“I am pleased to announce that the federal government will recognize the same-sex marriages now taking place in the affected states, and I have directed lawyers here at the Department of Justice to work with our colleagues at agencies across the Administration to ensure that all applicable federal benefits are extended to those couples as soon as possible.  We will not delay in fulfilling our responsibility to afford every eligible couple, whether same-sex or opposite-sex, the full rights and responsibilities to which they are entitled.

He continued:

The steady progress toward LGBT equality we’ve seen – and celebrated – is important and historic.  But there remain too many places in this country where men and women cannot visit their partners in the hospital, or be recognized as the rightful parents of their own adopted children; where people can be discriminated against just because they are gay.  Challenges to marriage restrictions are still being actively litigated in courts across the country.  And while federal appeals courts have so far been unanimous in finding that bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, if a disagreement does arise, the Supreme Court may address the question head-on.  If that happens, the Justice Department is prepared to file a brief consistent with its past support for marriage equality. 

Watch Holder's full remarks HERE.

In addition to the seven states above, marriage equality has also come to West Virginia, North Carolina, and Arizona (announced earlier today).

Gay marriage began in Alaska but has since been put on hold while the state appeals a pro-equality ruling to the Supreme Court (expect marriages to resume later today)

A federal court ruling in the challenge to Wyoming's gay marriage ban is expected Monday, with Governor Matt Mead saying the state will respect whatever decision is made.


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    I hate to be superficial ( well actually I don’t give fvck), but I just love Eric Holder’s eyes. I just do. I’m gonna’ miss looking at them.

    Oh, what was this article about?

  2. mike says

    That man is a class act. Years from now we are really really really going to understand the legendary steps they took for humanity. Important stuff !

  3. j says

    and this right here is why queer folks in the US need to vote for democrats – this is the reason – there is no way a GOP AG would or could come out and make this announcement – use the language of the second paragraph above- speak to our rights in this way. the gop is beholden to religious extremists
    say what you will about how the dems and the gop are the same – and they are in too many ways – but this here is how they are different –

  4. RonCharles says

    At this juncture, it is important for gays and those who care about gay rights to vote Democratic in most elections. In ten to twenty years time, however, the situation could be different. Time will tell.

  5. jonny says

    I hadn’t heard him speaking for a while, so I wasn’t sure how he would come off essentially telling people of the US that the government now has to recognize SSM in 7 more states. I’m now happy i watched the video. Less than 1:30 into his address, when he started to choke up talking about the families affected by this, I started to get a little choked up too. He really believes what he’s saying, which is refreshing. I will miss him.

  6. RonCharles says

    One thing that President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder should be applauded for in Obama’s second term is their strong and consistent support of gay rights. This is another example of that support. Kudos to Holder!

  7. Josh says

    First term, too. Ending DADT and passing hate-crimes legislation. Also, requiring hospitals that receive federal $ not to discriminate against gay couples.