Methodist Church High Court Upholds Defrocked Pro-gay Pastor Frank Schaefer’s Reinstatement


The Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church has upheld an appeals panel ruling reinstating pastor Frank Schaefer, who was defrocked last year for officiating at his son's wedding to another man back in 2007. 

Said Schaefer, via GLAAD:

Today, we are witnessing a small, but significant step toward taking another look at the exclusionary policies of the United Methodist Church. With its decision to validate my reinstatement, the Judicial Council has acted justly and wisely. Their decision signals hope to our LGBTQ community that has not always seen the rule of love and grace winning over the letter of the archaic law the church still subscribes to. Today’s decision also signals a willingness to continue dialogue and to seek solutions that will hopefully lead to a change in these archaic and harmful policies. The UM Church needs to find a way toward reconciliation, full inclusion of our LGBTQ community and an open altar for all God’s beloved children.

I will continue the fight alongside thousands of others in the reconciling movement for full inclusion and an open altar for all. I know the day is coming when this dream will be reality and I don’t think it is that far in the future.

The Methodist Church's Book of Discipline continues to call homosexuality "incompatible with Christian teachings" and bars clergy from performing same-sex unions. 


  1. K. Simmons says

    This entire shameful incident has really changed my opinion of the Methodist church much for the worse.

    It honestly appears to me that the vast majority of Christian churches put legalism lightyears ahead of humanity and in so doing discard entirely the basic teaching of Jesus.

    The problem with the Christian church today is that the spirit of Jesus’ love for all is, abysmally, absent and has been replaced with harsh condemnation, judgement, and persecution including prosecution.

  2. woodroad34 says

    Now about the gay Methodist Minister who acted as a supporter to help my mom become a Methodist Minister, herself (the Methodist Council didn’t want an older, female minister); I wonder what happened to him. So much work still to do.

  3. Steve says

    The entire idea of a “church trial” is completely absurd. These clowns still think they they have the power of the Inquisition. And no doubt wished to have its means.

  4. Michael Cole says

    I am so glad that Rev. Frank Schaefer was reinstated.
    When are people going to wake up. People do not chose to be gay, we are born gay. Which means that God himself created us. When did you chose to be “straight”?
    It is not anyones place to judge others. If you do then you are guilty of sin.
    Gays want a relationship with God just like anyone else, who are you to deny them that?

  5. Bernie says

    it is hard to get excited about this ruling, but it is a very baby step in the right direction…and when you break it down, the whole defrocking is senseless….here is a father officiating his gay son’s wedding… this not family and love!!??!? it just isn’t the type of love and family value this and some other religions preach….it is sad…….

  6. Wayne Brasler says

    I’m Jewish, grew up among Methodists, was certainly surprised at the original action in this case. It did not line up at all with the Methodist culture I knew. I’m and happy the good Reverend was reinstated but he never, ever should have been humiliated in the first place. No religion can have it both ways. We can’t all be children of a loving God on the one hand and punished for we are on the other. The Catholic Church has finally come to this point of view, and not a minute too soon. My town was mainly Catholic and, even though Jewish, I might as well be Catholic. The church in my hometown fired a brilliant and beloved music teacher for entering into a gay marriage. I thought it was vicious, unthinking decision-making and still do, and made among endless yabber about Christ’s love for all people. If Christ were really in charge this kind of embarrassment would not be happening.

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