Gay Marriage to Resume in Nevada After Anti-gay Defendants Drop Appeal of Ninth Circuit Ruling

Las vegas

Marriage equality has now returned to Nevada after yesterday's Supreme Court mix-up that inadvertently put same-sex marriages in Nevada on hiatus. 

Justice Anthony Kennedy's order staying the 9th circuit's ruling overturning Idaho's gay marriage ban contained a clerical error that included the Nevada case – an error that opened the door for anti-gay defendants in the state's case to file separate motions with the Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit seeking to prevent the decision from going into effect. 

Today, those defendants have withdrawn their motions. 

Said Lambda Legal Staff Attorney Tara Borelli, via press release:

"Finally, the confusion has ended and the Ninth Circuit's decision is final and fully in effect. While the trial court will enter an order in the case finalizing relief, nothing prevents marriages from beginning immediately for same-sex couples in Nevada."



  1. Icebloo says

    The Supreme Court just dismissed this complete chaos as a “clerical error” ? SERIOUSLY ?!
    The most overpaid judges in the whole world and they cannot get a simple thing like this right ?

    The U.S. Supreme Court hit new lows every day. Time to get rid of them and design a better legal system. They are corrupt, out-of-touch with reality and dangerous.

  2. Neil says

    By closing time, 40 same-sex licenses were issued in Las Vegas. They’ll be back at it again at 8 am.