Wendy Davis Argues In Favor Of Same-Sex Marriage At Final Texas Gubernatorial Debate: VIDEO


Fierce Texas state senator Wendy Davis met with attorney general Greg Abbott for a final gubernatorial debate last night. The nearly hour-long conversation about hot topics, ranging from abortion (Davis is pro-choice, Abbott pro-life even in the case of rape and incest) to confirmed Ebola cases in Dallas, eventually wound its way to same-sex marriage. 

A viewer named John from Forth Worth, TX posed the question: "If a 10-year-old girl asked you whether her two dads should be allowed to get married, what would you tell her?" The moderator asked whether the candidates would support legislation to overturn the ban currently placed on same-sex marriage in the state. The two candidates played their respective party roles, though Davis's direct approach and commitment to the issue clearly overshadowed Abbott's jovial dedication to preserving "traditional marriage." A 10-year-old might be confused by Davis's political jargon, but at least she wouldn't feel condescended to, Mr. Abbott.

MSNBC reports:

Davis argued in favor of marriage equality and noted Abbott has renewed the fight against same-sex marriage. She also said she’d welcome a bill that would give voters an opportunity to appeal the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage. Abbott reiterated, “I believe in traditional marriage,” noting he’s been married to his wife for more than three decades and that more than 75% of Texans approved a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages in the state.

After Abbott opted to discuss his own happy marriage and an outdated public vote, the moderator simply asked: "Is that what you would tell to the 10-year-old?" "That's what I just told John," he replied, big grin plastered on his face (see below). 

Check out the video (skip to 44:00 for same-sex marriage discussion), AFTER THE JUMP…



  1. Jerry says

    And yet, LK, for as much as she makes sense, SHE WILL NOT WIN. Not a snowball’s chance in hell. There are simply not enough Democrat-Independent-undecided moderates in Texas for her to get any closer than she is right now.

  2. JasonMacB says

    Abbott has a double digit lead in nearly every poll.The odds of her winning this election are very long. But she has positioned herself nicely for a second run, or for a challeneg to either of Texas’ U.S. Senators.

  3. Gigi says

    I hate it when I hear people like Abbott say that “75% of Texans agreed with” the idea that there should be a constitutional ban against gay marriage. It makes it as thought 75% of all Texans were in favor of a ban. That’s not he case.

    I like to part of the debate where Davis slips it in (49:23) that Abbott pays women in his office less than men and that he campaigned with a known sex offender. BAM!

  4. Logan says

    If you want her to win, make a donation to her campaign. You don’t have to live in Texas to benefit from having someone like her leading the state.

  5. Jim says

    I doubt Ann Richards’ ghostly endorsement would do Wendy Davis any good. Recall that back in 1994 Richards lost her re-election bid to George W. Bush. The problem with Texas Democrats is that they’ve lost any ability to speak to the needs and concerns of a majority of Texans. They talk to the social elites of Austin, the faculty of the University of Texas, and assorted Travis County poobahs but ignore the rest of the state. Not a smart strategy when you’ve got to win the most votes to obtain office. Wendy Davis has simply not run a campaign that captures the interest and imaginations of ordinary Texas voters. She’s a goner.

  6. says

    The first thing he does wrong in addressing the 10 year-old girl’s question, is to refer to her as “John.” It all quickly goes downhill from there, culminating in a hideous grin that would send a shiver up any 10 year-old girl’s spine, no matter what her name is!

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