British Muslim Convicted of Inciting Anti-gay Hate Reportedly Killed in Suicide Bombing

Kabir Ahmed, a British Muslim extremist who was convicted in 2012 of inciting anti-gay hate, has reportedly died while carrying out a suicide bombing in Iraq, Sky News reports:

AhmedAhmed is reported to have been one of several suicide bombers who carried out an attack on an Iraqi police convoy in the northern town of Baiji.

Eight people were killed, including senior police officer Lt Gen Faisal Malik Zamel, who was in the town to inspect local forces.

On a Twitter account claimed to be written by a jihadist named Abu Hussain al Britani, Ahmed was hailed for the attack.

"My brother Abu Sumayah Britani (kashmiri) done a martyrdom op in iraq killing a top iraqi commander and many regime soldiers! ALLAHU AKBAR," the post said.

BBC adds:

Earlier this year Ahmed told the BBC's Panorama programme that he was on a "waiting list" to be a suicide bomber, adding: "Everybody's got their name on the list… everybody wants to fight."

He had been jailed in the UK, alongside two others, in 2012 after being found guilty of stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.

He had handed out a leaflet calling for homosexuals to be executed, saying he was doing his "duty as a Muslim".

The station notes that if Ahmed's death is confirmed, he would be the second British jihadist suicide bomber.


  1. Rad says

    There is a waiting list to be a suicide bomber?

    How ’bout this – Hold a convention. All of you get together, then you can show off your techniques. Do a group selfie blowie uppie. Post the pics on twitter…

    Allah will be proud.

  2. TheDrDonna says

    People who are truly LGBTQQITSAPSMLFUNGC can see beyond their narrow self-interest and will stand with people of color. How can we as LGBTQQITSAPSMLFUNGC people condemn this man, who fights against white european colonialism? Besides, when in London, he only attacked white gay men.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Of course, the above comment was NOT posted by the real THEDRDONNA. She posts thoughtful and helpful comments. We regular Towleroad visitors have an idea who posted that hateful comment. I was told not mention him.

    Rick…..oops, I’m sorry, I had a hiccup.

  4. david from edmonton says

    one can only hope karma dictates is that his 70 virgins are all men. such a bastardisation of the Islamic religion. extremists and fanatics just ruin everything and they are insane.

  5. anon says

    Are you very depressed? Can’t date a real women in this life? Call the Suicide-Hot-Squad! We solve all your sex-life issues! Virgins in heaven can’t turn you down!

  6. says

    I posted as MaryM, TheDrDonna (stole her username) and Goodggler on this thread (so far, the day is still young). What does it say about me when I need 3+ usernames on a single thread to get my racism across?

  7. nikko says

    Destroy Islam, the worst of the 3 monotheistic religions. These people are barbarians and a threat to any civilized country. Why on earth did England let them in?!

  8. Robert M. says

    You know the one thing that’s good about suicide bombings? Each time one occurs there’s one less zealot in the world. It’s a terrible shame that other “innocent” people have to get hurt or killed in the process…

  9. RonCharles says

    Regardless of whether this individual did die in a suicide bombing or not, is it not interesting that anyone who criticizes any radical Muslim for preaching hatred against Christians, Jews, Hindus, Zoroastrians, gays and women, and for advocating violence, is immediately condemned as a bigoted, Islamophic who is not being truthful? Then, the “peaceful” Islamist, or one of his followers, goes out and commits a violent act. Hmmm, looks like violence to me!

  10. Bill says

    @RonCharles : maybe its because the people saying such things often are bigoted Islamophobes – we get a steady stream of letters from these types in one or two of our local newspapers and the targets of their criticism are practically never specific individuals (with the exception of John Kerry and Barak Obama, who they blame quite frequently).

    @Rad: some of the people behind suicide bombers use the term “martyrdom operation”. It sounds more heroic than simply killing yourself and a bunch of innocent people. The people who came up with the euphemism, of course, never blow themselves up. Rather they find some hapless, not too bright, easily manipulated guy to use instead.

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