Andreja Pejic Returns To The Runway For The First Time Since Transitioning


Andreja Pejic, who came out as transgender in July of 2014, appeared on the runway for fashion label Giles on Monday, marking Pejic's first appearance on a runway since her transition. Pejic first worked in the fashion industry as a male model and worried what the future would hold for her career-wise after her transition.

The New York Times reports:

“I wasn’t sure going into this what would happen with my career,” she said in an interview in September. “There are agents that would tell me: ‘Don’t ever do it. Don’t transition. You’ll lose everything.’ ”

Pejic shared a photo of her strutting her stuff on the runway on her Instagram account: "It feels amazing to be making my runway debut for one of my favorite British designers #Giles Thank you to @kegrand and @guineapiggiles #thereturn #LFW."


  1. David From Canada says

    It looks like a vampire sucked all the blood out of her.

    And that horrid outfit!

    Whether it’s male of female, it looks awful.

  2. Marc says

    She looks amazing! So proud of her for not listening to “advisors” who insisted she hide her identity and tried to scare her back into the closet. She’s showing them now — authenticity wins!

  3. Randy says

    Good luck to her, but what she’s wearing above is just atrocious.

    Who will be the next androgynous young male model? And will he remain male?