Someone Shipped Anti-LGBT Pastor James David Manning A Bucket Of Poop: WATCH

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Somewhere out there there is a person–or group of people–who sat down, thought some very deep thoughts, and then decided to defecate into a bucket and deliver it to noted homophobic pastor James David Manning. Understandably the pastor is none too pleased at the package sent to him by “demon-possessed sodomites.”

“What a sicko group of people,” he lamented in a recently published YouTube video. “And by the way, you know, when I use the term ‘sodomite’ that includes lesbos, trans–crossdressers, transgender, dykes, bulldaggers…all that. So don’t think I’m just talking about men.”

As foul as sending someone a container full of feces is, it’s not exactly difficult to understand how Manning’s rhetoric might have driven someone to commit such a distasteful act. Over the past few months Manning’s made a name for himself with a series of bigoted tirades and offensive messages posted on the sign of his home church the Atlah World Missionary in Harlem.

While there’s nothing particularly novel about anti-LGBT sentiment coming from a conservative Baptist church, Manning’s screeds against queer people have ranged from being mildly declasse to being full on delusional. Late last year the pastor repeatedly warned his congregation to avoid Starbucks because of all the gay semen mixed in with the lattes. More recently he seems to have developed an unhealthy obsession with Justin Bieber, whom Manning is convinced is actually a transgender man.

Listen to pastor James David Manning recount his recent encounter with a special delivery from a fan AFTER THE JUMP

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, Lord, help us…please.

    He’s not real. He’s a comedian.

    Was it vegetarian poop or meat-eating poop? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Dave says

    Manning never engaged in a screed against “queer people.” As deranged as he his, Manning never called gay people “queer.” Charles Pulliam-Moore does that.

    Also, Charles doesn’t know how to use déclassé in a sentence and doesn’t know how to spell it. An illiterate pseudo-intellectual be him.

  3. says

    [1] he is a very discerning man, who can tell by looking (or perhaps aroma or taste) homosexual p**p from heterosexual p**p.
    [2] he thinks women become accidental “bulldaggers” by having pajama parties at ages 11 and up.
    [3] he thinks “Hamite” women are more prone to lesbianism, and by “Hamite” he means “black”. This is really the most remarkable part of his little oration: he follows the Bablyonian Talmud in believing that Ham and his children were sinners and degenerates, and that they were accordingly cursed by being black. This is a theological point on which he and slave owners share agreement. I would think that might be something his parishoners might object to, but apparently not…

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “WTF is a “bulldagger”?”


    Black and White Americans have been segregated in location and language for over 300 years.

    “Bulldagger” is the Black version of what White folks call “Bull Dyke”. They are both offensive…and both are terms used by too many Gay men as slurs against Lesbian women.

    I’m glad that you don’t know that. Things are getting better.

  5. BrokebackBob says

    I love when free speech includes shipping people poop, it so quiet yet so effective. Now, who is up for a Caterpillar dump-truck full of farm-fresh feces delivered and dumped in his driveway? You know, from all those sodomite farm animals!

  6. WALTER says

    sorry this clown is nothing more than a black fred phelps ., a self loathing closet case who can’t admit who and what he is . he has admitted to having feelings . my bet he has a standing reservation at the local glory hole

  7. John says

    “Someone sent me a bowel movement!” –Divine

    Bulldagger comes from the earlier “bulldyker,” which seems to have originally meant a strong, active young man. Around 1920 it appeared in print as an insulting name for a lesbian. Bulldagger, bull dyke, and possible dyke itself, descended from this word.

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