Nicaraguan ‘Family Code’ Blocks LGBT People From Adoption, Fertility Treatments

NicaraguaA recent revision to Nicaragua’s Family Code is targeting LGBT families under the guise of “protecting” traditional heterosexual nuclear families. The new Code is primarily focused on building out a better social system for families to settle legal disputes. While teenage parents will have better access to more social programs to assist with the completion of their educations, the LGBT couples that might have adopted their children are being blocked from doing so.

“The new Family Code unifies in one body with its own guiding principles all the family laws,” explained Carlos Emilio Lopez, deputy to the National Assembly. “It repeals all laws that are in contradiction with its principles while conserving positive measures and adding new aspects.”

Going forward same-sex adults seeking to start families will be denied access to adoption agencies as well as being barred from using fertility treatments to have biological children of their own.

Additionally the Code’s new language makes it so that LGBT-identified individuals cannot claim social security benefits and are stripped of their ability to inherit assets from family members. The Movement for Sexual Diversity, a coalition of LGBT advocacy organizations plans to file an appeal to challenge the new Family Code with the Nicaraguan Supreme Court later this week.


  1. JSB says

    If the thought of this doesn’t scare the crap out of you, read it again. If the Republican’ts get the white house and both sides of congress, this sort of thing could start happening here in the USA, and don’t believe it couldn’t.

  2. Randy says

    JSB is correct. All it will take is Ginsburg’s retirement. Or Kennedy’s. Or Breyer’s.

  3. Vint says

    When anyone says they’re “defending the family” you can be pretty sure he’s really all about using the family to beat up someone he doesn’t like.

  4. Merv says

    This law is a perfect illustration of why we have to oppose all forms of Christianity, whether they are associated with the right or left. The Sandinista party is the ruling left wing party in Nicaragua, led by Daniel Ortega, who has become increasingly outspoken in his Christianity, and pushed regressive laws that would overjoy Rick Santorum.

  5. RonCharles says

    These anti-gay laws are fully supported by Sandinista President Daniel Ortega who, also, supports the restricting of a woman’s right to an abortion in Nicaragua. ‘Tis unlikely that these attacks on human rights will end anytime soon for Ortega has managed to have the constitution amended to allow him to be reelected indefinitely with no term restrictions. In addition, he has cracked down on the activities of opposition parties, and he has banned international observers from overseeing Nicaraguan elections.

  6. Tarc says

    Rubiol looks a bit like a golden retrieve, but he’s certainly a lot less smart. Seriously, what’s up with the sub-80 IQ crowd thinking they have a shot? Oh, yeah, he’s a FOX-washed Repubnican. They think anything can happen if FOX say it can. LOLOLOL!