Robert Jeffress and Bill O’Reilly Think It’ll Be ‘Open Season on Christians’ Following SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling: VIDEO


On Friday's The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly and Fox News Contributor/First Baptist Church Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress talked about the Supreme Court's upcoming ruling on same-sex marriage bans and discussed what terrible aftermath awaits America should the court rule in favor of the freedom to marry. 

Said Jeffress:

I believe that if the Supreme Court, as expected, enshrines gay marriage as a constitutional right, I believe it's truly going to be, to use your phrase, open season on Christians and those who believe in traditional marriage. Because once you make gay marriage a civil right, then anyone who opposes it is guilty of a civil rights violation and I think you're going to see government coming after churches like mine.


Jeffress has previously said Christians being forced to bake wedding cakes for same-sex couples is a sign of the Antichrist and and that gays are a sexual threat to children



  1. Geoff says

    Because they know they’ve lost they have to have their ‘all-nite-martyr’ huts in place…lights on, ready for bidnis. There’s money to be made!!!

  2. mickey says

    So their biggest (and latest delusional) fear is being treated the same way they have treated us?

    Its pure projection. Combined with the persecution complex and the desire
    to fleece the flock.

    Send us money so we can stop the supposed “end times” we’ve been praying for freaking ever. Funny how they just happen to become millionaires attempting to accomplish the almighty creator of the universe’s desires which is conveniently stopping gays from marrying not ended hunger and world peace. Odd how that works in Jeffress, Perkins, Browns, Dobsons etc favor year after year.

  3. Bill says

    It’ll be open season on O’Reilly and Jeffress – on programs such as Saturday Night Live where they’ll get their 15 minutes of fame as the butt of a long series of jokes.

    “Help, help I’m being oppressed!” You could replay segments from Monte Python and the Holy Grail, and it would fit these two clowns to a ‘T’!

  4. Truth to lies says

    O’Reilly has persecution envy of poor Memories Pizza. For not catering their imaginary gay customers they got a week off work and are almost $1M richer. Inspired a Michigan Mechanic to try it.

  5. Tarc says

    It’s been open season by Christians against gays for two millennia. The possibility of karma must terrify their horrid little souls. Of course, nothing of the sort will happen, but their reign of terror on the rest of the people of the West will never be the same.

  6. Hello says

    Allowing gays to marry is open season on christians and will destroy america

    I guess isis should stop beheading christians who do not convert to islam and instead marry each other

  7. JackFknTwist says

    Let’s turn this scenario on its head :

    If we lose this Supreme Court battle we will cry havoc let slip the dogs of war……..

    In terms of backlash a win for gays and equality of rights will be a lot quieter than a decision for continued discrimination against us.

    Do not think we will go quietly, Bill, you bollix.
    What a complete tosser.

    Now what happened to that ‘Rapture’ and why aren’t they on it ?

  8. Despicable Me says

    ‘Rapture’ has to be dolled out in small doses lest the villagers figure out the fleecing. Fer sure there’s a pitchfork in O’Reilly’s future.

  9. Gr8guyca says

    Interracial marriage was not decided as a states’ rights issue. Neither should this. Both are about equal marriage rights.

    Look at Massachusetts, the other states, and the other countries around
    the world. Have any of them faced Armageddon because they have equal marriage rights?

    A public business must serve all people equally. If you want to start a bakery that discriminates, start a private bakery.

    But, really, why bother being rational? Bill and buddies aren’t.

  10. Bernie says

    It is unbelievable that the right wing nut jobs feel so threatened by marriage equality and are crying chicken little…..the roof is falling in……the reality is that if marriage equality becomes the law of the land the impact will be INCONSEQUENTIAL……..

  11. woodroad34 says

    Oh, boo hoo to the poor bullying Christians (and any other heterosexual religion or cult). Stop bullying, discriminating, killing, hurting, maligning and disparaging gays and all will be well. Try beating us up and we’ll fight back–mature people understand the principle. Bill O’Really? is just one inch from from the line that separates emotionally stable people with sociopaths. And Robert Jeffries–really? Fantasy-based commentator from a hate cult? He’s a person of fact? Keep spreading the lies, hets.

  12. Chazwm says

    I don’t give a sh it what these people believe ….because I am a loving Christian myself. Here is where the tire hits the road: they are trying to trample on the rights of other Americans because of what they claim is their religious right to do. It is not protected by our constitution…and it is going to bite them in their pews. Step utside those carved doors and you reenter America, where other believers or non believers have the right to live free and believe as they want…AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT IMPACT THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS. Rightwing Evangelicals are free to think and do as theywant, as long as they do not affect the rights of other Christian, Muslims, Buhddistts, Taoists, Pagans, Hindus, Shotoists, etc. etc. who HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS TO BELIEF.

  13. Marshall says

    Flagrant lying. A simple google search will tell you that churches are legally allowed to refuse to marry anyone for any reason including interracial couples who want to marry. Yes, social pressure within the church may force them to change – as most churches have changed on the matter of race – but the government will not because they never have.

    I doubt these two are idiots – they’re lying for cash.

  14. Geoff says

    For 50-plus years I haven’t given Christians (or Jews or Muslims)a second thought…except as oppressors. That’s never going to change…ever. Religion poisons everything.

  15. JackFknTwist says

    It’s a simple but stultifying question, which no one seems to be asking these blockheads:

    “Where is the evidence from jurisdictions that have marriage equality that it has any effect whatever on hetro. marriages or lives.”

    The Netherlands
    United Kingdom

    Has the sky fallen in any of these countries ?

  16. castaway says

    I’m not sure what happened and when, but the comments on this blog just regained my confidence. Whatever Towleroad is doing to filter the trash, thank you. I wish historians would take this, the above thread of comments, into their archives as to how this issue will be seen years from now. Great to know that there are good and coherent people reading this blog and leaving amazing accounts of their take on this issue. May the world soon be a better place when it is open season on all the “christians” who have worked so long and so hard to divide society and diminish minority groups, and have scammed so many people out of their hard-earned money, be put in their proper place in history –the dumpster. Thank you.

  17. Bill says

    @Hello: Don’t bring up isis: Isis is an ancient Egyptian goddess, so if you mention her, they’ll accuse you of idol worship and scream, “death be upon thee.” And heaven help you if go to the opera and see The Magic Flute, with its references to Isis and Osiris!

  18. Clayton says

    Catholic priests aren’t forced to marry interfaith couples. Or couples that include a divorced person. Or couples that haven’t undergone pre-cana instruction. Or non-catholics. What makes these people think any clergy will be forced to marry any LGBT couples?

  19. Frank says

    Grifters lying for Jeebus again. No one is going to come into your church and force you to support marriage equality. BUT no one is going to let your followers who own businesses open to the public pretend that their “sincerely/deeply held religious beliefs” are forcing them to turn away a gay couple. That’s all.

  20. jmartindale says

    The bakers and pizza shop owners and florists and mechanics who are so enamored of their religion that they feel morally bound to discriminate against gays have an option. They can simply post, “I prefer not to sell wedding cakes/flowers/pizza/car repairs to gays” in their place of business. I promise you. Gays will not demand their service. 22 states permit discrimination against gays, so in your red states, you have nothing to fear. I imagine few of them are willing to own their prejudice because it would be very bad for business.

  21. says

    Bill O’Reilly is the penultimate hypocrite. He fanned the flames about “war on Christmas”. Now, the “gays” will be out to destroy Christians. What is truly sad about this entire discussion is that O’Reilly and his societal thugs get face time to truck out their hysteria, lies and threats. (Yes, threats, because they gin up hate toward gays and lesbians.)

  22. canoebum says

    The drive-by shootings at same-sex weddings, along with the bombing of Pride Parades and gay clubs are coming. These so-called “Christians” are irrational people, incapable of accepting that the gay population could be their equals. Their anger will turn to violence, just as it has in the struggle to keep abortion safe, legal and available. They can’t accept the notion their views are out of step with a modern society, so they turn to killing in “God’s name”. We all know their long history of violence.

  23. JackFknTwist says


    If your scenario comes to pass we will arm ourselves.

    It is long past the time when we started to fight back…….and thank you Stonewall for showing us that we could.

  24. thom says

    ..And the beat goes on…These people have NOTHING else to rail on about because they are obsessed with…the gays??? Please. This world is rife with some unbelievable problems none of which seems to concern them one whit. It is what gets press, nothing more.If a redneck mechanic wants to carp on about HIS issues and refuse to service those gays who drive diesel work vehicles or a cracker family wants to whine about their decision to not serve crappy pizza to the gays, so be it. They have found a cash cow, nothing more. O’Reilly is a miscreant repulsive attention whore and Jeffress is a “Reparative Conversion ” failure. Thanks Towleroad for keeping us up on the news, but please find a way to give these trolls less of a forum.

  25. Inis Magrath says

    Good GOD these people are stupid! “Because once you make gay marriage a civil right, then anyone who opposes it is guilty of a civil rights violation.”

    Really? It’s a protected civil right to be a member of the KKK, so anyone who opposes the KKK “is guilty of a civil rights violation.”


  26. Daniel says

    So, basically, they’re afraid they’ll be treated like Christians treated gay people all these centuries. Just so delusional. The idea that Christianity could be criminalized in this Christian majority country is just insane.

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