Iran Cracks Down on ‘Homosexual’ and ‘Devil Worshipping’ Hairstyles

HairstyleSo-called "homosexual" and "devil worshipping" hairstyles have been banned in Iran, The Guardian reports

Mostafa Govahi, the head of Iran’s barbers’ union, told the semi-official Isna news agency on Monday that fancifully spiked hairstyles were banned and those who styled them risked having their shops closed. […]

“Haircuts that show symbols or signs of devil worshippers or those adopted by homosexuals are banned,” he said. “I won’t allow such wrongful western styles as long as I’m in this position.” He said the policy was in line with the cultural norms outlined by Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The Guardian adds Iran's moderate president, Hassan Rouhani, has spoken out against these bans, which also includes tattoos, sunbed treatments, and plucked eyebrows for men. No word yet if top-knot hairstyles will soon be added to the ban list. 

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  1. Mike says

    I’m sure Kerry was more than happy to capitulate. No more devil worshipping homohairstyles, State Department staff.

  2. Mike says

    Because in a Republican administration, our Sec. of State would be more than willing to round up the f@ggots for them. Bush/Cruz 2016!!!

  3. Bernie says

    Is the beehive hairstyle considered devil worshipping??!? Are men allowed to color their hair or is that homosexual?!?!? What does constitute a homosexual or devil worshipping hair style?!?!? These are major issues that need to be sorted out….

  4. Bill says

    @Bernie: a “homosexual” or “devil worshipping” hairstyle is one which the Ayatollah thinks is a “homosexual” or “devil worshipping” hairstyle.

    That’s one advantage for a theocracy – they don’t have to waste time arguing. The disadvantage, of course, is that the issues where you save time by not arguing can easily be issues nobody in his/her right mind would care about.

  5. StevyD says

    So their god must have all the acolytes look alike with any difference being a sign of heresy. Is this because their deity can not see through mear appearences to what lies within the hearts of men? A very non professional supreme being.