‘Insanity’ Trainer Shaun T. is Being Body-Shamed and is Not Happy About It

Shaun T

Shaun T. the out fitness trainer behind the Insanity workouts, is sick of body-shaming and he’s speaking out about it on Facebook.


As a fitness motivator I expect judgment about my body and while it is sometimes hurtful it makes me a stronger person!
Some of you may be asking, Why would someone judge Shaun T? Well, the truth is because I’m human! I’m real! I have the same eating, weight, and motivation issues that all of you do. I’ve been through the journey and I know the struggle is real. So… When people tell me I’m too skinny is really pisses me off. As a person that tries so hard to be the best me, I sometimes crumble to the judgements. WELL NOT THIS TIME!!

This is me. This is my body TODAY! Next week it might not look the same. Next year it may not look the same either. I grow, I get older. I have a busy schedule. But I still try my best. THIS IS ME. I’m not too skinny! I’m 6ft 191lbs with 8% body fat. I play tennis, run, dance, insanity, yoga, and I LIVE.

We think Mr. T looks fine just the way he is.