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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #121

CHELSEA BOYS: Players on the British football team including Michael Ballack, Joe Cole, Frank Lampard, and Ashley Cole are asked who they think is the team's best-looking player.

GUARDS GONE WILD: A tape of the Queen's Scottish guards in a drunken dance recently surfaced on the internets. The Sun has made sure it's most likely SFW. All four have been identified and come from Glasgow.

KATHY GRIFFIN: Attempts to give away money.

PE-NUS POWER: This one has been around for a few weeks, but haven't posted it here.

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England Banning Homophobic Chants at Football Games

ColenotesFor the first time, Football Association officals have put in place regulations that will treat homophobic behavior at football games with the same zero-tolerance policy that restricts racist epithets.

In response to a season where footballer Ashley Cole was taunted by fans who printed up hundreds of banknotes bearing his image as the Queen, as well as past incidents that targeted both fans of certain clubs and players Sol Campbell and Graeme Le Saux, the Football Association says this makes the rules clear.

A FA spokesman told the British tabloid The Sun: "This is the first time we are specifically and pro-actively addressing the issue of homophobic behaviour. These new regulations have been designed to allow clubs to fully address this issue."

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Footballer Ashley Cole's Wife Defends His Sexuality

Ashleycole_1Pop star Cheryl Cole has defended her husband, British footballer Ashley Cole, who continues to be taunted by fans following last year's tabloid allegations that he was involved in a gay orgy.

Said Cole: "At first I laughed my head off because the suggestion was so ridiculous. But Ashley wasn't laughing. It wasn't very nice for either of us, but it certainly wasn't a good time for him. But I was there for him when people had a go at him in the street or asked if he was gay. He says it doesn't hurt him when stuff is said but deep down I know it must do. To be honest, it's more devastating for me than it is for him because I love him and I know what he's going through."

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Homophobic Ashley Cole Banknotes Can't Buy Win


Ashleycole_1Although attempts by officials to stop homophobic demonstrations against Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole at this weekend's match against Arsenal were reportedly stringent, quite a few fans were still able to get through security with their fake banknotes depicting Cole as the Queen — as evidenced by this photo.

The homophobic taunts weren't enough to facilitate a win for Arsenal, however. The club lead 1-0 for most of the game until Michael Essien scored the tie goal with six minutes left.

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Football Officials Plan to Stop Homophobic Ashley Cole Taunts

Cole_beckhamMetropolitan police and officials from the Arsenal and Chelsea football clubs plan to exercise a zero tolerance policy on homophobic fans this weekend as the two clubs come together.

Some Arsenal fan groups have been urging supporters to bring inflatable mobile phones and fake banknotes bearing the image of footballer Ashley Cole in a tiara to this weekend's match in order to taunt Cole about rumors he is gay.

Cole won damages from British tabloids earlier this year after they printed the story suggesting that Cole had been involved in gay orgies and the use of a mobile phone figured prominently in the sexcapades. Arsenal fans, picking up on this, have apparently chosen to mock Cole based on these allegations and authorities, hoping to put an end to homophobia in professional football, will have none of it.

Towleroad has obtained a copy of the fake banknote (below)in which the Queen's image has been replaced by that of Cole. Stewards at this weekend's match plan to distribute leaflets, search suspected fans for homophobic materials, and broadcast anti-homophobic messages on the big screen.

It's great to see officials doing something about this, even though I think Cole looks pretty regal as the Queen.


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Ashley Cole Addresses "Gay Orgy" Libel Lawsuit

Ashley_cole_1Brit Footballer Ashley Cole (seen here with fellow countryman Becks), who this week signed with English Premier League Champions Chelsea, recently spoke out about the highly publicized lawsuit against Brit tabloids The Sun and The News of the World, following the publication of photos that suggested he was gay and had been involved in gay orgies.

"The story suggested I was dishonest about my sexuality and therefore my marriage to Cheryl was going to be a sham. I weren’t having that. Taking legal action meant I was bringing it all out into the open, but that was the risk I had to take. A wild rumour had become a newspaper innuendo, had become a Chinese whisper, had become gossip in internet chat rooms, leading to me being identified as a gay Premiership footballer. I was angry.”

In June, the tabloids were ordered to pay damages to Cole for spreading the rumors.

Footballer Sues Brit Tabs Over Gay Orgy claims [tr]



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