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High School Student Athletes Fight Homophobia in Sports: VIDEO


Back in November 2011 I posted a video of Andrew Goldstein, a former Dartmouth Lacrosse player, and David Farber, a former captain and leading scorer of the hockey team at the University of Pennsylvania, both of whom came out to their teams while in college, speaking about homophobia in sports at the Northfield Mount Hermon School in Massachusetts.

Andrew just forwarded me a video made by the school's student athletes and athletic director as part of Brian and Patrick Burke's 'You Can Play' project. Theirs is a good example of how exposure to out athletes can help younger people become more proactive in fighting homophobia in sports.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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NHL Players Speak Out Against Homophobia, Part 2: VIDEO


NHL Players James Van Riemsdyk (PHI), Mark Fayne (NJD), Frans Nielsen (NYI), Tyler Bozak (TOR), George Parros (ANA), Brandon Prust (NYR), David Steckel (TOR), Andy Greene (NJD), RJ Umberger (CBJ) and Brian Boyle (NYR) join Patrick and Brian Burke in the second PSA for their You Can Play Project, fighting homophobia in hockey.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Patrick and Brian Burke's 'You Can Play' Project: VIDEO

Picture 1
It was just over two years ago -- on February 6th, 2010 -- that the youngest son of Toronto Maple Leafs owner Brian Burke died in a weather-related car accident in Indiana. That young man, Brendan Burke, had publicly come out of the closet just three months earlier. At the time, the elder Burke told ESPN:

I had a million good reasons to love and admire Brendan. This news didn't alter any of them. I would prefer Brendan hadn't decided to discuss this issue in this very public manner. There will be a great deal of reaction, and I fear a large portion will be negative. But this takes guts, and I admire Brendan greatly, and happily march arm in arm with him on this. There are gay men in professional hockey. We would be fools to think otherwise. And it's sad that they feel the need to conceal this. I understand why they do so, however. Can a gay man advance in professional hockey? He can if he works for the Toronto Maple Leafs! Or for Miami University Hockey. God bless Rico Blasi! And I am certain these two organizations are not alone here. I wish this burden would fall on someone else's shoulders, not Brendan's. Pioneers are often misunderstood and mistrusted. But since he wishes to blaze this trail, I stand beside him with an axe! I simply could not be more proud of Brendan than I am, and I love him as much as I admire him.

After Brendan's death, the elder Burke vowed to take up the cause of ending homophobia in hockey. To that end, Brian and another of his children, Patrick -- a scout for the Philadelphia Flyers -- have initiated the "You Can Play" project.

Take a look at the first of the project's video offerings, featuring a line-up of NHL All-Stars, which premiered during the intermission of yesterday's Rangers-Bruins game, AFTER THE JUMP...

Or visit the project's website. I think Brendan would be pleased.

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News: Weekend, Sean Hayes, The Senator, German Football

RoadFailed Russian Mars probe plunges into Pacific Ocean.

RoadUganda's Ambassador to the U.S. Perezi K. Kamunanwire says 'kill the gays' bill dead.

WeekendRoadDorian Awards announced: "Andrew Haigh’s Weekend, a British film about the relationship that develops between two men during the course of a brief hook-up, has been named both best film of the year and best LGBT film of the year by the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association."

RoadVIDEO: "Donkey punch" on Jeopardy.

RoadToronto Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke receives PFLAG Ally Award: “I’m honoured, greatly honoured” Burke said in a short, dramatic address. He said he had a longer speech prepared, but abandoned it.

RoadMichael Fassbender sexes up Interview and GQ UK.

RoadDutch insurers pay for "ex-gay" therapy: "Health insurance companies are obligated to pay for the therapy because the organisation providing it, Different, is an officially recognised institution for mental health care."

RoadWhy gay parents may be the best parents.

RoadDaniel Radcliffe: You can do anything!

ObamaRoadAndrew Sullivan on how Obama's long game will outsmart his critics. Sarah Palin isn't impressed.

RoadNew Jersey Assemblyman apologizes for gay slur in Facebook update: "While bragging about the Giants, Assemblyman Charles Mainor, who is also an officer with the Jersey City Police Department, wrote 'Who the hell do you think we are the DALLAS COWGIRLS OR THOSE GAYBIRDS FROM PHILLY....NO WE ARE THE NEW YORK GIANTS.'"

RoadEffie Trinket in another crazy outfit in new Hunger Games image.

RoadThe Senator: Fire destroys 3,500-year-old tree in Florida. "It was one of Central Florida's leading attractions before the arrival of the region's theme parks, and though the park is in neither city, advertising associated it with Sanford and Longwood. A billboard on U.S. Highway 17-92 boasted of the tree's age and pointed motorists toward Big Tree Road — now General Hutchinson Parkway."

RoadGerman football chief says gay players should come out of the closet: "Theo Zwanziger called on gay players 'to have the courage to declare themselves,' although he conceded it was surely difficult to acknowledge one’s homosexuality within a team."

NessmanRoadCasting Calvin Klein's Milan Men's show.

RoadDolphins and whales play together.

RoadSean Hayes heading to Parks and Recreation. "ayes will play a revered  TV journalist who the locals refer to affectionately as 'the Matt Lauer of Indianapolis.' His character lands a big interview with Leslie, potentially boosting her election prospects."

RoadJustin Timberlake takes the wheel in new Givenchy Play ads.

RoadElmhurst College, the first in the nation to ask applicants about sexual orientation, says there have been no issues surrounding the question: "Few applicants have skipped the optional question asking whether they identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, Rold said, and it doesn’t appear straight students are cheating the system to receive the diversity 'enrichment scholarship' that’s worth one-third of Elmhurst’s $29,994 tuition. When Elmhurst announced its policy, skeptics predicted many students would be uncomfortable, or that straight applicants would declare themselves gay to get the scholarship money."

Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke Says There's No Place for Homophobia Anywhere: VIDEO


I talked about this speech in the news round-up earlier this month but the clip is now available on YouTube. It's an interview with Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke, who as you may recall lost his gay son last year in a tragic car accident after a very public coming out in ESPN in 2009.

Since that time, Mr. Burke (above) has dedicated himself to LGBT advocacy.

This is a recent message of support and allegiance to the LGBT Communities, appearing with the Toronto Gay Hockey Association, and the Toronto Marlies. The Toronto Marlies played a game against the Albany Devils on December 10th, donating $4.00 for every ticket sale bought through the TGHA towards the Kids Help Phone, an anti-bullying organization.

Watch a hero, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #893

TOM UDALL: New Mexico Senator calls for the repeal of DOMA. 25 Senators now support.

DON'T MIND ME: I'm just diving in the mall fountain.

OUT4IMMIGRATION: Couples share their stories with the DeVote campaign.

PUSHING GRANNY OFF A CLIFF: Paul Ryan's Medicare budget proposal.

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