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Ellen Debuts Rough Cut Of Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Ad Featuring Shirtless Fox News Reporter: VIDEO

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The ever cheeky Ellen Degeneres featured Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein ad on her show and claimed that Bieber wasn't Klein's first pick for the ad in one of her many show skits. Citing an 'insider,' Ellen debuted 'rough footage' from the ad featuring a different model.

See who Klein originally chose for the ad, especially if you're in need of a good laugh, AFTER THE JUMP...

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SNL's Kate McKinnon Hilariously Skewers Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Ad: VIDEO


Last night's SNL featured a hilariously collection of clips of Justin Bieber (Kate McKinnon) showing off his new Calvin Kline underwear, or as he calls them, "clothes for my big wiener."

Watch as the pop star drinks (juice boxes), combs his (nonexistent) mustache, shows off his ink ("this tattoo made me say 'owie'"), tries to hump the female model on the set, and does all the other things one would expect now that he's a self-described "big boy".



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Justin Bieber Joins Long Line of Calvin Klein Underwear Models: PHOTOS


Justin Bieber, who has been known to fancy his Calvins, is the latest face (and body) to represent the famed underwear and fashion brand. Bieber showed off his build and his bulge on Twitter with the caption, "it begins." 

Check out a few more snaps of Bieber mugging for Mr. Klein, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Nick Jonas Strips Down, Does His Best Marky Mark for 'Flaunt': VIDEO


Tuesday we offered a preview of the new Nick Jonas cover story in Flaunt magazine's 'The Grind Issue' and we knew there were more images where that came from.

Today they were unleashed upon the web.


And just for reference, Herb Ritts' series from 1992.



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Here's the First Teaser for Former Calvin Klein Boytoy Nick Gruber's Reality Web Series: VIDEO


Here's the teaser for Calvin Klein boytoy Nick Gruber's reality web series, which looks like it was filmed and edited on an iPad and is set to come at the world in weekly five-minute episodes starting sometime soon.


Michael Musto first posted the teaser after being tipped off to it by Gruber's ex John Luciano, the 49-year-old Gruber dated during his fall-out from Klein. Luciano tells Musto that the series was filmed after Bravo canceled a planned reality show about the Gruber-Klein relationship.

Says Luciano to Musto:

“Nick passed on the Bravo project, and we decided to do a pilot based on our relationship, which was open since I didn't care who he slept with. Calvin and Nick also had an open relationship, but of a different nature—Calvin would open his wallet and Nick would open his legs.... We started filming in the fall of 2012 between Orange County and West Hollywood,” he went on. “We broke up in February 2013 and all that I was left with was a band of gold, the dreams I hold, and countless hours of priceless footage. When I was approached by Boondock Films to extend my 15-minutes of embarrassment, I jumped at the chance. It's being edited into five-minute episodes and the title is Lucky Shot, The Nick Gruber Project. It's juicier than a Peter Luger porterhouse, but I was 40 pounds heavier when we filmed, so you might want to watch it on a wide screen.”


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Proposal For Nick Gruber's Tell-All Book On Calvin Klein Leaks

The New York Post has obtained a copy of the proposal for Nick Gruber's "beyond shocking" tell-all about his life with former boyfriend Calvin Klein. Gruber, Klein's on-again-off-again boytoy, who last August was allegedly in talks to dish about Klein in a no holds barred book, has more recently had a change of heart, deciding not to move forward with the book, telling TMZ this past February, "I’m a nice person, not a mean person," even denying he ever intended to write such a book, telling Gawker's Michael Musto, "That was false information. I never said that I was gonna write a book. I never would do something like that or hurt someone that I love." However, the book proposal attained by The Post, entitled "Obsession: My Life with Calvin Klein" seems to suggest that the book, though perhaps now defunct, was once a real entity. In particular, the proposal reveals how Gruber and Klein became entwined:

6a00d8341c730253ef01901e115792970b-800wiThe Bronx-born fashion designer was drawn to Gruber because he looked like a younger version of himself. According to the proposal, the escort and the fashion icon embarked on a sexting relationship. In March 2010, Klein sent a private G4 plane — complete with a cream and beige interior and cashmere blankets — to whisk the 19-year-old from Kansas to New York.

Once he touched down in the Hamptons, a limo was waiting to usher Gruber to the home of Klein’s ex-wife, Kelly.

There, Klein greeted Gruber at the door wearing a short-sleeve shirt and sweatpants.

“Hi, I’m Calvin, come on in.”

Klein took him on a tour of the home before showing him the guest house, which was filled with lit candles and a roaring fire.

According to the proposal, the pair had an epic lovemaking session.

“Not to sound arrogant, but I really think Calvin first started to fall in love with me that night,” the proposal says.

Though the pair stayed in different beds the evening of their first encounter, everything was about to change for both the wealthy arbiter of taste and the unsophisticated Army boy [...]

“In a scene straight out of Pygmalion, Calvin goes to work transforming his love interest. Nick gets new clothes, a new hairstyle and teeth. There were meetings with a steroid doctor to help him keep his lean and pumped look. His skin was resurfaced and he even gets speech therapy to upgrade his speaking style,” according to the proposal.

6a00d8341c730253ef019104e1545f970c-250wiThe proposal also alleges that Gruber quickly felt stifled by his relationship with Klein and after a short-lived rebellion against him, a steady abuse of cocaine and an arrest for assaulting a friend who allegedly grabbed Gruber's crotch, Gruber entered rehab:

He agreed to enter the Meadows, a posh Arizona rehab center, and Klein, once again, was his generous benefactor. But Gruber soon realized that nothing in life is free.

When Klein flew out to visit during “Family Week,” he took Gruber to a local motel for a sexual encounter while on a four-hour pass.

“I really thought he was there because he cared about me and wanted to help me,” the proposal says. “But then he checked me out of the center essentially for a booty call, and I thought that was all he really cared about.”

After completing rehab, Gruber moved to a sober living facility. He didn’t stay for long: Klein, the proposal claims, had the staff keep tabs on him.

Former boyfriend John Luciano, who Gruber began seeing after leaving rehab, doesn't understand Gruber's about-face on the book proposal:

"The refreshing part of Nick is that he was very open about who he was and not ashamed. To me that was one of the best parts of Nick. I don’t know who is advising him. They are trying to turn a cook at Applebee’s into a top chef at Per Se."

In addition to denying the tell-all's existence, Gruber recently announced he is straight and got into something of a PR scuffle with porn entrepeneur Michael Lucas over his protestations of heterosexuality at a party on Fire Island.


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