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'The Daily Show' and Jon Stewart Search for Signs of Intelligent Democratic Life in Charlotte: VIDEO


Jon Stewart and his Daily Show correspondents head to Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention. Stewart looks at whether we're better off than we were four years ago. Jason Jones tries to find a slogan that won't be turned into an insufferable theme song, and Samantha Bee explores Charlotte to find out why it's a vibrant city.


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Watch The Democratic Convention Stage Come Together: VIDEO


Excited for the Democratic National Convention? Of course you are!

Before things officially kick off, watch this timelapse video of organizers getting the Time Warner Cable arena all prepped and ready to go in Charlotte, North Carolina, AFTER THE JUMP.

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GOP to 'Bracket' Dem Convention with anti-Obama Message

While Romney rests in Vermont and prepares for three upcoming debates against President Obama, the Republican Party and Paul Ryan plan a response to the Democratic message that will be resonating out of Charlotte this week, Reuters reports:

DncobamaThe Romney campaign indicated in a press release that the Republicans would "bracket" the convention with a new emphasis on the question: "Are you better off than you were four years ago?"

In the release, a Romney campaign official kicked off the week's counter-messaging with a blistering attack, saying that at the Democratic convention, Obama "is going to give us a series of excuses, alibis and scapegoats."

"Every president since the Great Depression, except Jimmy Carter and President Obama, who asked for a second term could look back at the last four years and say: "you are better off than you were four years ago," the official said.

Ryan, the Republican nominee to be vice president, will hold a campaign event in the same state in Greenville.

Obama is scheduled to give his speech on Thursday, outdoors, at the Bank of America stadium. Though there are contingency plans to move the event to Time Warner Cable Arena in case of rain, "DNC officials said at a Monday press conference that the event will go forward rain or shine, unless severe weather raises safety concerns."

Former Charlotte Mayors Harvey Gantt and Richard Vinroot Speak Out Against Anti-Gay NC 'Amendment One': VIDEO


Protect all NC Families has just released a powerful ad in which former Charlotte, North Carolina mayors Harvey Gantt and Richard Vinroot speak out against Amendment One, which would constitutionally ban same-sex marriage and other gay unions.


Nc4Vinroot, a Morehead scholar, a UNC basketball player, and a Bronze Star holder for his military service, is the first major Republican statewide figure to record an ad against an anti-LGBT amendment.

Gantt, the first African American to enroll at Clemson, to serve as Mayor of Charlotte and tob e nominated for statewide elective office in NC, is among the first Black statewide political figures to record an ad against an anti-LGBT amendment. Gantt is also closely involved with the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Says Vinroot: "[Amendment One] is unnecessary and may have serious unintended consequences."

Adds Gantt: "And some of those consequences may harm women, children and families throughout North Carolina."

The mayors also point out the the negative economic impact of Amendment One and the fact that it would write discrimination into the constitution. Never before have the two mayors appeared together to oppose a statewide ballot measure.


Help out the campaign to defeat Amendment One here.

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Charlotte, NC to Host 2012 Democratic National Convention

CharlotteCharlotte, NC has been picked to host the 2012 Democratic National Convention, which will take place the week of September 3, WCNC reports

"Charlotte beat out St. Louis, Cleveland and Minneapolis in the bid to land the convention, which is expected to be worth big dollars to the city. City officials estimate the convention could bring $150 million to $200 million to the Queen City, according to Hosting the convention will also mean new construction and other jobs for the two years leading up to convention week."

Mecklenburg County Commissioner Told to Apologize After Referring to Colleague's Son Who Died of AIDS As 'a Homo'

Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James was told to apologize by the commission chair after using the word "homo" in reference to a colleague's son moments after that colleague had said her son had died of AIDS.

James The Charlotte Observer reports:

"The incident occurred Tuesday during a meeting in which a majority of commissioners agreed to offer domestic-partner benefits to county workers in same-sex relationships starting in 2011. Toward the end of an emotional, two-hour debate on the topic, James leaned over to commissioner Vilma Leake and asked: 'Your son was a homo, really?' Leake responded: 'You're going to make me hurt you. Don't do that to me. Don't talk about my son.' Leake had just finished speaking about her personal connection to the debate, including mentioning her son's 1993 death from AIDS. 'To be insensitive to that is completely inappropriate,' Roberts said Wednesday. 'I think he does owe her an apology.' But James said he won't apologize, and said he was only asking Leake to clarify an earlier comment she made about her son's death and his lifestyle. He said he wasn't making a derogatory comment, and used a slang word used when he was growing up. 'People can believe whatever they want, they can believe in the tooth fairy and legend of Atlantis,' James said. 'I don't determine what I do based on what people think. I determine it based on what I did and what I did was I asked a question and that question doesn't deserve or require an apology.'"

Leake wants James censured.

On a more positive note, the Mecklenburg County Commission approved domestic partner benefits to spouses of gay employees by a 6 - 3 vote.

Video and interview with James, AFTER THE JUMP...

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