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News: Bullfighting, Russell Brand, NASCAR, Cape Town, CBS

Road  Same-sex marriage off to slow start in Portugal: 20 couples have married.

Bullfight RoadSpanish region of Catalonia bans bullfighting: "The ban — the first in mainland Spain — was hailed as a major victory by animal welfare groups that have long crusaded against what they consider to be a barbaric and outdated practice."

RoadRussell Brand wears his undies to church — for remake of Arthur.

RoadNathaniel Rogers hits the Mad Men premiere in Times Square.

RoadOld Spice's recent YouTube viral campaign was a huge success. Sales of its Body Wash are up 106%.

RoadGreat White Shark tagged off Cape Cod.

RoadCincinnati Episcopal priest resigns over gay issues within the church: "The Anglican Communion has been in a state of crisis for several years over the choice of the American Episcopal Church to ordain bishops living in openly homosexual relationships and to pronounce liturgical blessings on people living in same sex relationships."

RoadJoan Rivers spotted shooting her reality TV show.

RoadSorry, not yet. Probably never.

Askars RoadAlexander Skarsgard is the new face of Hickey Freeman.

RoadThe NYT looks at how marriage equality has affected Cape Town, South Africa: "More than 3,000 same-sex couples have been married in South Africa, with about half of those couples including at least one foreigner, the government says. The law permitting same-sex marriage has begun to pave the way for greater tolerance of homosexuality, advocates contend, and the weddings have provided a shot in the arm to companies catering to those tying the knot. 'Apartheid suppressed tolerance, but once that was out of the way our society has moved so fast and most people just go with the flow,' said Mr. Brits, a nondenominational minister."

RoadTexas Alcoholic Beverage Commission TABC has only made 81 arrests in 2010 for public intoxication as opposed to 761 in 2009. Did the Rainbow Lounge Raid in Fort Worth have something to do with the decrease?

RoadJames Franco's request to teach "special class" at Yale denied.

Hercules RoadA Q&A with Hercules and Love Affair's Andy Butler.

RoadFederal judge upholds dismissal of Michigan counseling student who refused to treat gay clients because of her religious beliefs: "In an order granting summary judgment to the university on Monday, Judge George Caram Steeh of the U.S. District Court in Detroit held that the university's requirement that the student be willing to serve people who are homosexual was reasonable, and did not amount to an infringement of the Christian student's constitutional rights to free speech and free expression of religion."

RoadCBS President Nina Tassler and CBS "not happy with ourselves" over failing grade from GLAAD on LGBT representation.

RoadNJ library removes Queer Anthology, cites child pornography?

RoadPhoenix International Raceway reaches out to gay NASCAR fans: "PIR recognizes that they have a very diverse fan base and they want to reach out to all of them. While covering the Subway Fresh Fit 500 in April, founder, Michael Myers began conversations with Phoenix International Raceway officials. To his knowledge, Myers said that this will be the first time that any NASCAR sanctioned facility has reached out to fans in the L.G.B.T. community. 'Just a small push like including the L.G.B.T. community on the official web site of Phoenix International Raceway is a step in the right direction for uniting the different stereotypes that surround the racetracks on a weekly basis' said founder Michael Myers."

Larry Johnson to Sign with Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are signing former Kansas City Chiefs running Larry Johnson just over a week after he was released following a suspension for calling two reporters "faggots" and directing a similar slur at a fan on Twitter:

The Kansas City Star reports: Larryjohnson "Peter Schaffer wrote in an e-mail that Johnson's deal would be finished early Tuesday, a day after Johnson reportedly was in Cincinnati to meet with Bengals coaches. Reports surfaced Monday that Johnson, who was released last week by the Chiefs after 6 seasons, was being courted by the Bengals after running back Cedric Benson suffered a hip injury in Sundays win against Pittsburgh. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis told local reporters Monday that, if his team signed Johnson, the 29-year-old rusher would be insurance to Cincinnati's ailing running backs corps. Johnson will at least start his time with the Bengals as their fourth-string running back."

Equality Cincinnati called the move by the Bengals "a slap in the face."

Said executive director Lesley Jones: "We do not think that would be a favorable decision on the part of the Bengals. We would see this as a slap in the face to all the work we've done for equality and LBGT rights in Cincinnati. [The Bengals] must take action to prove that they support equality and LBGT rights in the city."

Ohio Lawmaker Proposes Repeal of Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

An Ohio lawmaker has introduced legislation to repeal the state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, the Columbus Dispatch reports:

Yates "Rep. Tyrone K. Yates, D-Cincinnati, introduced a resolution Tuesday that would eliminate Section 11, Article 15 of the Constitution, an amendment known by supporters as the Defense of Marriage Act. Voters approved the amendment by a 24-point margin in November 2004. The resolution is, to say the least, a long shot to pass. Making the ballot requires a three-fifths vote of each chamber. Even if every Democrat voted yes (an unlikely prospect), it would fall well short of the required votes."

The amendment reads: "Only a union between one man and one woman may be a marriage valid in or recognized by this state and its political subdivisions. This state and its political subdivisions shall not create or recognize a legal status for relationships of unmarried individuals that intends to approximate the design, qualities, significance or effect of marriage."

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #568

TOO ROUGH?: Bouncer slams gay man at straight bar during "guerilla gay bar" event in Cincinnati.

NUTS: Reporter gets nailed where it counts while chasing down Nancy Pelosi.

FIGHTING BEARDISM: Man rails against the American Mustache Institute.

FOX NEWS: Gets the SNL treatment.

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News: Whitney Houston, Syria, James Franco, Gay Ice Cream


NYT tells New York Senate: Vote on marriage equality.


Actor David Carradine found hanged in hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand.


 roadShe's written a letter to daddy.


Real Housewife of New Jersey Danielle Staub fights back against anti-gay slurs: ""If you wanna do that thing that Italian guys do out here in Jersey, do it, but I'm taking offense by it."


Ed Westwick gives good face.


Whitney Houston to return: album release date set.


Gays in Syria beginning to come out: "Most of those behind the bold move are born into the urban middle-class, "the driving force behind homosexual emancipation," adds the young reporter, speaking to AFP on condition that he not be identified. 'It's on the Internet that they truly come out,' he adds. The world wide web is a way for gays to 'overcome social restrictions' and unwind in safe anonymity, or to build up a circle of acquaintances, he says. Some 200 Syrian gays banded together to form a group labelled 'I'm just like you' which published an appeal for tolerance."


Eminem discusses Bruno stunt: "I'm thrilled that we pulled this off better than we rehearsed it."


Sacha Baron Cohen sued for Bruno Bingo stunt.



James Franco pulls out of UCLA commencement speaking engagement: "I deeply regret not being able to keep my commitment to giving the commencement speech at UCLA's graduation this year. Unfortunately the date conflicts with me needing to be on location to begin pre-production on my next film. I wish everyone in the 2009 class the best of luck in all of their future endeavors." Or, you know, maybe this is why.


Sit-in held at site of Cincinnati-area gay bashing.


NGLTF reports reveal need for religious voices in fight for equality. Report author: "The findings of these two reports are highly relevant for future battles on marriage and family equality because these are deeply moral issues. Faith voices have much to contribute to the debate and authentic religious-secular partnerships are essential to achieving human and civil rights for LGBT Americans."


KRXQ radio host Rob Williams and Arnie States incite violence against transgender children.



Documentary about NYC Restaurateur Florent to show at New York's New Fest.


Are Twitter and Facebook robbing us of compassion?


Tolerance lacking at Virginia law schools?


Scoop: Big Gay Ice Cream Truck coming to the streets of NYC.


Sundance Channel celebrates Pride with digital shorts.


Lesbian couple allege discrimination at Fresno hospital: "Orbin said the paramedic told the nurse on duty that she had collapsed after marching 14 miles for civil rights, and the nurse gave her a dirty look and said 'ooooh.'  She continued, 'I asked if Teresa could come back with me, but the nurse told me I was in a no visitor zone. When I asked her why everyone else had visitors, she said 'those people are different'."

News: Santa Barbara, Outrage, Sacha Baron Cohen, Prop 8

 roadProp 8 boycott target Doug Manchester trying to make amends with LGBT community: "His plan – which his people warned this newspaper against publishing, even after a Hyatt representative discussed it – is to give $25,000 to a national organization that promotes civil unions and domestic partnerships. Manchester also is considering offering $100,000 in hotel credit to local gay and lesbian organizations so they can use the Grand Hyatt for events such as fundraisers. The $125,000 total matches what he gave to Proposition 8."

Bruno  roadSacha Baron Cohen bleached his nether regions for Bruno, but things went terribly wrong.

 roadTowleroad's Corey Johnson profiled in Bay Windows, 10 years after making headlines by coming out to his high school football team.

 roadMcDonald's settles Louisville "faggots" case: "McDonald’s restaurant has agreed to pay $2,000 each to two Indianapolis men who complained they were subjected to anti-gay slurs and discrimination when they visited a McDonald’s restaurant on East Market Street last year."

 roadNYT: Outrage review. LAT: Kirby Dick interview.

 roadGrand jury indicts inmate for 2002 hate crime killing in Cincinnati: "A man already behind bars is now facing charges for allegedly killing a gay man in a hate crime six years ago. Gregory Beauchamp was shot and killed in Over-the-Rhine on New Year's Eve 2002 at the intersection of Vine Street and West Liberty. According to witnesses, a man yelled anti-gay slurs at three men wearing women's clothing, then opened fire. Beauchamp was 21-years-old when he was killed. Until now, the identity of the shooter has remained a mystery."

 roadRobert Downey Jr.  is in a hole.

Surf  roadDudes surf as Santa Barbara burns. Pool party!

 roadABC picks up sitcom featuring gay family: "Twentieth Century Fox TV is behind the show, which follows the lives of three American families, as seen through the eyes of a filmmaker. One home centers on a traditional nuclear family, another is a gay couple with a newly adopted Vietnamese child; and the third consists of an older man who has just married a younger Latina wife.

 roadHugh Jackman on Ellen.

 roadMario Cantone on NY Governor David Paterson: "You know, a lot of people don’t like him, but I think he’s a little tough bitch. I think he’s tough. I think he’s like, ‘I don’t care if you don’t like me, I’m going to do what I want."

 roadUndersea volcano near Guam has massive cone.

 roadRandy Blue actor appeals suspension from Christian college.

 roadRuPaul's Drag Race 2 casting...

Shiner  roadGosling gets a shiner.

 roadJohn Cameron Mitchell chats with Tilda Swinton.

 roadTexas city council candidate admits using gay slur against opponent's supporters outside polling place.

 roadMeet Millionaire Matchmaker's gay millionaire, Kevin Grainger.

 roadABC News: Gay advocates eye Supreme Court. Victory Fund's Dennis Dison: "There have been 110 Supreme Court judges and 106 of them have been straight, white men. So it's high time to look outside those institutions that produced Supreme Court justices in the past and find someone with different life experiences and different perspectives."

 roadPolice academy cadet in Peru fights dismissal over gay rumors.

 roadSame-sex couples find difficulties in getting health insurance: " Even if the relationship is formalized with the state in a marriage or union, that does not always obligate the employer to cover a same-sex spouse. For one thing, self-insured employers are not regulated by the states. And other benefit-providing employers that choose not to offer such coverage can sometimes use the Defense of Marriage Act — a law that forbids the federal government to recognize same-sex marriage — to trump state laws, said Ilse de Veer, a principal with Mercer"


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