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Sierra Mannie, 'Dear White Gay Men' Author Defends Article On CNN - VIDEO

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University of Mississippi senior Sierra Mannie appeared on CNN Newsroom to discuss her article Dear White Gays: Stop Stealing Black Female Culture that TIME Magazine republished earlier this week. In a conversation with host Don Lemon, a gay black man, and comedian H. Alan Scott, a gay white man, Mannie defended her piece, pointing out that she was chiefly concerned with appropriation of expressly black, female culture.

“I wasn’t talking about gay behavior, or like this idea that certain things are gay.” Mannie explained. “What I’m talking about are stereotypical black behaviors--coming up to me and calling me Shanaynay, or trying to talk to me when my hair was natural, that’s different.”

Scott, who penned an oppositional response to Mannie in Thought Catalog, took the Mississippi student to task on those points in her piece he felt were reductive and belittling to gay men.

“Culturally we have a right to communicate in ways that is not offensive.” Scott asserted. “We have to acknowledge the historical context here that many of the mannerisms that you spoke of in your article actually come from gay culture like Paris Is Burning, like Boys in the Band.”

Lemon, whose track record of discussing race on his program has left much to be desired in the past, split the difference between the two writers and elucidated one of Mannie’s more controversial statements.

“I know that there is a similarity in [gays, transgender, and questioning] people being discriminated against.” Lemon asserted. “It’s not the same as being an African American.”

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Don Lemon Tries to Outdo Ellen with News Media Selfie at Gay Journalist Fundraiser: PHOTO


NLGJA's Javi Morgado, Amy Robach, Tiki Barber, Ronan Farrow, Ashleigh Banfield, Jamie Colby, Rick Reichmuth, Sally Kohn, and FOX News anchor Shepard Smith all appear in a selfie taken by Don Lemon at the  National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association fundraiser on Thursday night in New York City.

Tweeted Lemon: "#Ellen has nothing on our @nlgja selfie."

While the annual fundraiser attracts both LGBT journalists and allies in media, Shepard Smith's decision to attend drew the internet's attention earlier this week when it was thought he might use the occasion to come out of the closet.

No such revelation took place.

The Blade adds:

A Gawker reporter with whom the Blade spoke outside the venue said Smith took a picture of him with his cell phone as he walked to his car. The Fox News anchor rushed past the reporter as he tried to ask him questions.

Don Lemon: Coming Out as Gay is Still a Big Deal — VIDEO


On CNN, Don Lemon praised Robin Roberts for coming out in a commentary about why it's still so important to do so.

Said Lemon:

"I can't speak for Robin Roberts, nor any of my recently out gay colleagues, I didn't do it sooner because I was afraid of losing my livelihood. I was afraid that you would no longer watch me. I was afraid of people like Phil Robertson, who claim to love everyone while simultaneously thinking that everyone's love isn't equal. The people who use religion and scripture to shield bigotry now toward gays and in the past toward women and African Americans. Hopefully for Robin, like me, empowerment quickly replaced fear once I did come out. And if people like Phil Robertson are deserving of keeping their platforms and are even defended and celebrated, then people like Don Lemon, or Thomas Roberts, or Rachel Maddow, or Sam Champion, or Anderson Cooper, or Robin Roberts are also deserving of their platforms and should be celebrated as well. That's why it's still important to come out and say very simply, 'I'm gay'."


And on that note, make sure not to miss our 57 Most Powerful Coming Outs of 2013 in which we honor and celebrate those who did so this year.

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Don Lemon Tells Piers Morgan 'Duck Dynasty' Star Shouldn't Be Fired: VIDEO


Piers Morgan spoke last night with GLAAD's Wilson Cruz and CNN's Don Lemon, both gay men, about the suspension of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson for anti-gay remarks he made in a GQ interview.

Lemon, a Louisiana (where Duck Dynasty is filmed) native, said he believes that Robertson should not be fired but that "the market should decide" his fate and that though he believes Robertson's remarks were "deeply offensive" he believes in free speech.

Wilson said that Robertson's remarks "do not reflect the true Christians out there" and said "it's just not who we are as Americans anymore."


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Megyn Kelly Panelists Outraged at 'Duck Dynasty' Star's Suspension Over Anti-Gay Remarks: VIDEO


Megyn Kelly's FOX News panel debated the suspension of Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson on Wednesday night, and Arthur Aidala and Monica Crowley sided against Bernard Whitman, outraged that Robertson would be suspended for saying what he believes.

Kelly took the side you might expect, probably relieved her 'Black Santa' remarks were being pushed aside for a new controversy.


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Megyn Kelly Slams Critics, Says Her White Santa Remarks Were Tongue-in-Cheek: VIDEO


FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly addresses the firestorm that erupted after she declared on a panel this week that both Santa Claus and Jesus are white.

Kelly says the segment and her statements were "tongue-in-cheek" and derided her critics and their knee-jerk instinct to "race-bait".


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