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Do African-Americans Have 'Special Responsibility' To Support Equality?

GayblackIn an opinion piece at the New York Daily News today, John McWhorter, author of the provocative book Losing The Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America, argues that though African-Americans' opinions on gay rights are basically on par with the rest of the nation, they have a greater obligation to stand up for equality.

From that piece, called "Gay Really Is The New Black:"

The percentage of blacks who favor gay marriage is about the same now as the percentage of whites, according to a Pew poll taken during the last election season. "One of the striking results in the 2012 exit polls was the support for legalizing gay marriage among black voters," that poll noted.

However, rising support isn't enough — we must keep going. When Michael Richards spouted the N-word on stage, he was shamed by the nation for weeks. It won't do for Tracy Morgan to get a mere slap on the hand for crowing that he would stab his son if he turned out to be were gay.

As a consequence of its painful heritage, black America has a special responsibility: to be further ahead of the curve than whites on accepting gay people as full citizens.

The Bible cannot be used as an excuse to hold us back. We should remember that racists once also appealed to the Bible to justify segregation, slavery and all manners of hatred. Let's be progressive for real this time around.

McWhorter goes on to say the real test will come when a closeted black celebrity comes out, someone really A-list. "Wanda Sykes, Don Lemon and rapper Frank Ocean have been noble pioneers — but then again, none are megastars or play romantic parts," he writes.

Thomas Roberts, Don Lemon, and Charles Perez Chat with Howard Bragman About Being Out in the Newsroom: VIDEO


Newsmen Thomas Roberts, Don Lemon, and Charles Perez joined PR practitioner Howard Bragman on his online talk show Gwissues. Up for discussion was how the three prominent reporters dealt with coming out, and being out in their respective work environments.

It was followed up by a discussion about Jodie Foster's recent Golden Globes speech.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Sheriff Paul Babeu Tells Don Lemon He Can Help 'Bridge the Chasm' in the GOP on Gay Issues: VIDEO


Don Lemon interviewed Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu late on Friday following his announcement last week that he was quitting his run for Congress and seeking reelection as Sheriff.

Lemon talked to Babeu about the effect that his coming out had on the Republican party and where he sees himself in it, asking Babeu if he would be the guy to "bridge the chasm" in the GOP over gay issues.

“I believe I can be one of – I won’t be so bold as to say 'I’m the guy.' We need some officials in the Republican party that just don’t come out and say 'hey, I support these issues,' but actually live their life doing their job first – and that’s most important – but also say, 'this is who I am.'”

Babeu added that it is important for the GOP to have out and proud members.

“To be truly inclusive, and not just say we’re inclusive and a big tent, we’ve got to show this. We’ve got to have other people in there with a voice.”

Finally, Lemon asked Babeu about the investigation surrounding allegations that he threatened to deport his boyfriend if he exposed their relationship. Says the sheriff: "I asked for this investigation and I’m fully confident that I’ll be exonerated.”


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Don Lemon Questions Tony Perkins On Gay Bashing: VIDEO

Picture 1It was vivifying yesterday to see Don Lemon, the debonair (and gay) CNN anchor, lay classily but firmly into the head of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins.

Lemon interviewed Perkins shortly before Perkins's address at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference. Perkins spoke at length about the alleged threat to religious liberty posed by federal insurance mandates before Lemon changed the subject, very casually:

I want to talk about something that has been in the news for the last couple of days. I'm gonna play this for you and then we're gonna talk about this.

Lemon then played a portion of the tape of gay man Brandon White's beating by a pack of young criminals in Atlanta, GA. Lemon asked Perkins if Mr. White was entitled to his personal safety and security, to which Perkins replied:

Absolutely. Without question. It's not -- we're not against rights for homosexuals or lesbians. It's special rights. Every American, regardless, and especially every young person in our schools, has the right to go to school and be secure without being bullied. That is, that, that should not even be up for debate in our culture. But what should not happen is, we should not pick out a certain segment and only protect them. We should not bully a student based upon their religious background, what they do sexually. You're absolutely right. So we have spoken out very clearly that we are adamantly, 100% against physical violence or attacking anyone based on -- anything!

Lemon then tried to explain that, by protesting gay rights more loudly than they condemn gay bashing, Tony Perkins and his ilk may -- unintentionally! -- give the impression that they're less than sincere with their whole everybody's-got-the-right-to-not-be-bullied shtick. Perkins's response, more-or-less, was: Fighting bullying isn't in our charter. Watch AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #954

LGBTQ: Transsexual, transgender and intersex community rights advocate Ashley Love confronts CNN Don Lemon over his use of the term 'gay community' at the recent NAACP convention.

PHOTOS WITHIN PHOTOS: 500 people hold more than 1500 photos, all around Israel.


SANDRA BERNHARD: Joins The Trailblazer Campaign.

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Jay Bakker, Son of Tammy Faye, Talks to Don Lemon About the Bible, Hell, and Accepting Homosexuality: VIDEO


Don Lemon talks to Pastor Jay Bakker about his mother Tammy Faye Bakker Messner and her acceptance of gay people, his gay-affirming church, the 'next generation' of Christians, understanding the Bible, and Hell.


(thanks to dave evans for the clips)

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