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News: Prop 8, Howard Bragman, Fin Whale, Heath Ledger, Earth

road.jpg Dozens of amicus briefs (Google, California Council of Churches, California NAACP, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Asian Pacific American Legal Center, and California Rural Legal Assistance) submitted in massive push against Proposition 8.

Whaleroad.jpg Massive Fin Whale perishes on Irish beach.

road.jpg Some stunning shots of our beautiful planet.

road.jpg Mom unhappy after finding Butt at American Apparel: "Trina Campbell told CBC News on Tuesday she and her 13-year-old daughter saw the magazine sticking out of a backpack on display inside the American Apparel outlet at the Park Royal Shopping Centre in West Vancouver. 'I pulled it out and I went to open it and it flipped open to a double-page spread of two men having full-on sexual activity, not just suggestive,' Campbell said. 'I don't think this is something that the average person wants to see unless they're ready or going out of the way to see it.'" Although she apparently left the store with her own copy.

Cindyroad.jpg John McCain kills Cindy's Dancing with the Stars dream.

road.jpg DNC settles lawsuit with gay outreach director Donald Hitchcock: "Hitchcock, former director of the Committee's Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council, filed suit on April 17, 2007 in Washington DC Superior Court after his termination, which he charged was in retaliation for criticism of the party by his partner, party activist Paul Yandura, in April 2006. Yandura's open letter criticized the matter in which donations from gay Democrats were being used, particularly how he felt that the party's interest in the LGBT community was limited to their financial contributions."

Bragmanroad.jpg Inside the Chateau Marmont party for PR guru Howard Bragman's new book Where's My Fifteen Minutes?

road.jpg Gossip Girl spin-off to feature younger versions of the show's older characters, set in the 80's.

road.jpg Gay Fort Lauderdale mayoral candidate Earl Rynerson, who is running on a 'bloated budget' platform, under magnifying glass over his past personal expenses.

road.jpg STUDY: Coffee reduces Alzheimer's risk.

road.jpg Showtime confirms spin-off to The L Word. SPOILER: Will follow character Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey) in prison. "Famke Janssen ('Nip/Tuck') guest stars in the first episode, along with Melissa Leo ('Frozen River') and Laurie Metcalf ('Roseanne') who appear as prison guards. 'It's not all lesbians like 'The L Word,'' Greenblatt says. 'It is more of a sort of mixed group of female characters, some of whom are lesbians. It is not as dark as 'Oz.' There have been a lot of female prison shows over the years that have been campy. This is not campy.' The working title is 'The Farm,' he says. "

road.jpg Was the winner of The Bachelor revealed in the show's preview?

road.jpg David Beckham hitches on to the droopy drawers trend.

Ledgerroad.jpg Ledger's last days.

road.jpg New "superdrug" in the works to combat HIV/AIDS.

road.jpg NBC's Southland series to include gay cop.

road.jpg iTunes offering two free Sundance LGBT short films.

road.jpg Could the lead in Gus van Sant's adaptation of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test be Jack Black: "'Unfortunately, Heath Ledger was a pretty obvious choice, and he’s gone,' Van Sant told MTV News in an exclusive interview. But who else could play zany philosopher-king and 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest' author Kesey? 'There’s the opportunity that it could be Jack Black,' says Van Sant, hinting the film might possibly take on a more comedic feel. At the moment, though, the 'Milk' director is awaiting the initial draft of the screenplay, which is being penned by 'Milk' scriptwriter Dustin Lance Black. 'He’s cracking the nut,' Van Sant tells us. 'I’m not sitting with him every day. I probably should think about doing that, but I haven’t seen the first draft yet. I hope he cracks it. There are many ways to crack it.'"

South Florida Homes Tagged with Anti-Gay Slurs


It's happening everywhere!

Three homes in Wilton Manors, adjacent to Fort Lauderdale, were tagged by vandals early this morning, the Miami Herald reports:

"Someone wrote the slurs on three adjacent homes in the 2800 block of Northeast Seventh Avenue, an area with a large gay population. Five cars were also defaced with black spray paint. However, Wilton Manors police investigator David C. Jones believes that it was a random attack, as a straight couple live in one of the homes hit. That came as little consolation to Aaron Challancin, who awoke Friday morning to cops knocking on his door. When he walked outside, he saw the slurs. 'There's no reason for this to happen,'' Challancin said. ``We didn't do anything to anyone. We're normal people trying to live normal lives.'"

Anti-gay slurs sprayed on three homes [miami herald]

Jim Naugle: 'Responsible Homosexual' Could Fill My Seat


Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle spoke with 850 WFTL in Fort Lauderdale yesterday. The outgoing mayor, well-known for his positions that gays are "unhappy", says he thinks a "responsible homosexual" could fill his seat: "He defined that as one who rejects the idea that it's OK to take over public parks for gay sex, and who would 'do something about the AIDS crisis here, recognizing promiscuous activity has a heavy cost on life and dollars.'"

Of his legacy, he said: "I would like to be remembered as one of the first politicians who rejected political correctness, and did what's right.''

Naugle's comments have pissed off gay candidate Dean Trantalis, who is running for the seat: "He needs to be responsible with the words he says- he is totally irresponsible and shameless in the comments. Why does he keep bringing it up? He keeps bringing it up because it grabs the headlines. The Mayor has some serious problems with sexual orientation and enough is enough."

News: Kucinich, Friedkin, Naugle, Gyllenhaal, Lieberman, McAvoy

road.jpg A second gay candidate joins race for Mayor Naugle's seat in Fort Lauderdale: "Political newcomer Earl Rynerson, owner of a tile store, joins former City Commissioner Dean Trantalis as an openly gay mayoral hopeful. Rynerson said he wants to polish the city's image, which he said was tarnished by Naugle. Naugle last summer uttered a quote that was heard across gay America: 'I use the word homosexual. Most of them aren't gay; they're unhappy.'"

Jakeroad.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal stumbles out in London.

road.jpg Nigerian bisexual woman faces deportation from Canada, fears persecution: "She fears for her life. If she goes back with her children, she has no one there. Her family has shunned her because she is bisexual. She doesn't have any money and nowhere to go. If she's arrested [her children] will be without a mother. They'll already face extreme discrimination because they were both born out of wedlock, and in fact, Samuel has already endured a lot of harassment while growing up there."

road.jpg ABBA come together for Mamma Mia premiere in Stockholm for first time in 22 years.

road.jpg AUSIELLO: Producers on The New Adventures of Old Christine plan to marry off Julia Louis Dreyfus to Wanda Sykes!

road.jpg The windows to Amy Winehouse's soul.

road.jpg William Friedkin's The Boys in the Band to get DVD release on November 11.

3g_2road.jpg Planning on picking up an iPhone 3G on Friday? Here's a map of AT&T's 3G coverage in the U.S. According to a Digg commenter, here's the code: BLUE = Full Coverage, RED/ORANGE = Decent Coverage, ORANGE = Meh Coverage, LIGHT ORANGE = Enjoy EDGE.

road.jpg Church of Ireland may hold gay unions if homosexuality proven to be biologically determined: "If such comes to be shown, it will be necessary to acknowledge the full implications of that new aspect of the truth."

road.jpg "Dude, look at your pants. Look at your bag. Obviously this is not your kind of place." Homophobic, or just edgy?

Mcavoyroad.jpg Details attempts to atone for past covers with James McAvoy's blue eyes.

road.jpg MacBecks: Musical planned about David and Victoria Beckham...

road.jpg Hagee YouTube suppression to rub off on Joe Lieberman?

road.jpg East London couple turned away from wedding venue owned by Jehovah's Witness: "For the past 13 years I have been with my soul mate, I have never been discriminated against or been judged as they did to us."

road.jpg Jaws: Australian town on alert after sighting of 22-foot Great White Shark in lake with outlet to the ocean.

road.jpg Obama to give DNCC address at Invesco Field at Mile High. SF Chronicle on the rise of the Obamacon...

road.jpg Killer of gay porn producer spilled details, sought legal advice from fellow inmate.

road.jpg Honed down: Kucinich to bring single article of impeachment against George W. Bush. "Few in the House of Representatives have any intention of doing anything with the last 35 articles of impeachment Kucinich set before them last month, so the former presidential candidate appears to be lightening the load. Kucinich sent a letter to colleagues Tuesday asking them to support a single article of impeachment, to be introduced Thursday, which accuses President Bush of leading the country to war based on lies."

News: Leather, Wiretapping, Tasmania, Janet, Fort Lauderdale

road.jpg What? Congress strikes deal to give telecom companies immunity in warrantless wiretapping: "The deal, expanding the government’s powers in some key respects, would allow intelligence officials to use broad warrants to eavesdrop on foreign targets and conduct emergency wiretaps without court orders on American targets for a week if it is determined important national security information would be lost otherwise. If approved, as appears likely, it would be the most significant revision of surveillance law in 30 years."

Leatherroad.jpg Then and now: the disappearance of New York's leather scene.

road.jpg Ryan Air CEO announces plans for reconfigured fleet: "So in economy it will be very cheap fares. Say 10 euros. And in business class it will be beds and blowjobs. In economy. In business, it will all be free including the blowjobs." WATCH.

road.jpg Will Tasmania become the first Australian state to have same-sex marriage? "Tasmania Greens MP Nick McKim today said he would bring the same-sex marriage bill, which will also provide adoption rights, to state parliament on July 1. 'Marriage is an institution that should be open to opposite-sex and same-sex couples,' Mr McKim told reporters. 'We believe that this matter should have a conscience vote.'"

road.jpg Naomi Campbell pleads guilty to six counts of assault.

road.jpg Bill that would mark officially mark May 22 as Harvey Milk Day in California advances, getting approval from the Senate Education Committee.

Uforoad.jpg UFO: South Wales police spot "unusual object."

road.jpg Sydney's Oxford Street 'Safe Place' to close: "The six month pilot project was set up in November as part of a multi-faceted strategy to deal with the increasing homophobic violence on the strip and the perceived lack of action by government and police. It set out to raise awareness of homophobic violence, increase reporting of violence, to provide a refuge for people escaping violence and to improve the response from NSW Police and from the Government. Recent evaluation of the space deemed that it was no longer viable to keep it open, given the small numbers of people who were actually making use of it."

road.jpg Would you let David Beckham sign your balls?

road.jpg How a homophobic idiot was suddenly changed...

Janetroad.jpg Janet Jackson announces MTV reality show.

road.jpg Gay ex-Fort Lauderdale city commissioner Dean Trantalis enter's race for Naugle's seat: "Now this increasingly powerful voting bloc must choose among Trantalis; Hutchinson; longtime legislator Jack Seiler, who also has some support in the gay community; and defense attorney Steve Rossi. 'This is definitely going to be a very awkward campaign,' said Hutchinson supporter Michael Albetta, board member of the Dolphin Democrats, a gay political organization in Broward that doesn't endorse candidates."

road.jpg Pamela Anderson's mother's wish: "Lately my mother has said, 'I wish you were gay, considering your choice of men.'"

road.jpg The NYT profiled Russell T. Davies this past weekend and he recounted a story about a confrontation he had with a woman who didn't like the same-sex kissing in his Doctor Who series: “I was standing there saying, ‘You’re a bad mother, and your children will either grow up to be lesbians, or they will be taken into care because they’ve been badly raised,’ ” he recalled in a recent interview near the “Doctor Who” set. He began to chuckle. “ ‘You are ignorant, and you’re bringing up your children in ignorance, and that will backfire on you.'"

News: Glaciers, Jared Leto, Gay Nursing Home, Kevin Rudd

road.jpg NYT: Civil unions not enough. "Though such arrangements were created, often under court mandate, with a promise of treating same-sex couples the same as opposite-sex couples, many gays and lesbians say they have not delivered and can never do so because separate institutions are inherently unequal. Many also resent being denied use of the word marriage, which they say carries intangible benefits, prestige and status."

Becksroad.jpg Becks and teammate clutch the family jewels.

road.jpg First stills of Britney Spears guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother.

road.jpg Glaciers melting faster than at any time since records began: "The details are revealed in the latest report from the World Glacier Monitoring Service and will add to growing alarm about the rise in sea levels and increased instances of flooding, avalanches and drought. Based on historical records and other evidence, the rate at which the glaciers are melting is also thought to be faster that at any time in the past 5,000 years, said Professor Wilfried Haeberli, director of the monitoring service. 'There's no absolute proof, but nevertheless the evidence is strong: this is really extraordinary.'"

road.jpg Inside Berlin's Asta Nielsen Haus, the first nursing home in Europe to cater specifically to gays and lesbians: "We just want people to be able to speak freely of their pasts. They shouldn't have to worry about reactions or prejudices. It's simple really: no one should be shocked to go into a man's room and see a picture of another man. No one should have to explain themselves to others at this stage of life."

road.jpg Halloween in San Francisco's Castro District canceled forever.

road.jpg Wentworth Miller goes to Jerusalem.

Nunroad.jpg Nun urges Vatican to drop prejudice against gays and lesbians.

road.jpg Gay Republican runs for seat on Plano, Texas City Council: "Justin Nichols is charting new territory in more ways than one. Nichols, 23, is already the youngest candidate ever to run for Plano City Council. If Nichols wins his race for the Place 1 seat on May 10, he’ll also become the first openly gay member of the body. 'I don’t know that one is harder than the other,' Nichols told Dallas Voice this week. 'I think that each is solved by letting people get to know you.' Nichols also faces a third challenge when it comes to gaining the support of Plano’s small but growing LGBT community: He’s a Republican."

road.jpg Obama responds to controversial comments of Reverend Jeremiah Wright: "Let me repeat what I've said earlier. All of the statements that have been the subject of controversy are ones that I vehemently condemn. They in no way reflect my attitudes and directly contradict my profound love for this country."

Letoroad.jpg Jared Leto packed on the pounds for his role as John Lennon's killer Mark David Chapman.

road.jpg Gay groups picket 'prayer breakfast' hosted by anti-gay Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle: "The featured speaker at the prayer breakfast, Jim Daly, president of the right-wing religious organization Focus on the Family, is among the most aggressive opponents of the gay rights movement. Daly’s organization is one of the primary backers of an anti-gay marriage amendment that goes before voters in November."

road.jpg Australian PM Kevin Rudd forcing ministerial staff to list history of sexual partners, reveal extra-marital affairs and detail homosexual experiences before gaining security clearance: "More than 300 ministerial and electorate staffers have been ordered to fill in a 25-page form and attend an in-depth interview into their personal finances, drug habits and sexual history before gaining high-level security clearance. Senior staff say they have been told the security form is designed to protect them from blackmail. But several have told The Sunday Telegraph they were affronted at the personal information they had been forced to divulge."


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