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Footballer Lee Steele Fired for Anti-Gay Tweet About Gareth Thomas


On Tuesday I reported on Oxford City footballer Lee Steele's homophobic tweet directed at rugby player Gareth Thomas, who is now a cast member on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother.

SteeleTweeted Steele: “I wouldn’t fancy the bed next to Gareth Thomas #padlockeda**ehole”.

Steele has now been sacked by his team, which released this statement:

The Oxford City board have decided to release Lee Steele in view of his recent comment via social media which is considered seriously contrary to the ethos of the club.

The BBC reports:

Oxford City manager Mike Ford said: "On this occasion Lee's had to pay for his error of judgement."

Mr Ford said calling the player to tell him he was sacked had been the toughest thing he had ever done in football but he felt that the Southern-Premier League club had made the right decision.

He added: "He's made a homophobic comment, that doesn't necessarily mean he's homophobic."

The former England rugby union international Ben Cohen has set up a foundation to combat homophobia and bullying. Speaking to BBC Oxford earlier this week, he said: "If you are a sportsman you're a role model and people look up to you no matter what division you're in." But he stopped short of calling for Mr Steele to be sacked, saying it should have been a lesson learnt.

Footballer Lee Steele Aims Homophobic Tweet at Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas' participation in the UK's Celebrity Big Brother is making him the topic of conversation in some circles. Oxford City footballer Lee Steele failed to play for his team on Saturday after a tweet (which was later deleted) he made about Thomas caused some controversy:

SteeleA remark about openly gay former Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas appeared on the 38-year-old’s account on Thursday night. It said: “I wouldn’t fancy the bed next to Gareth Thomas #padlockeda**ehole”. The tweet, which was criticised by a city gay rights group, had been deleted by 1pm on Friday.

Our Saturday story prompted debate online and at City’s Court Place Farm ground, where Mike Ford’s team beat Chippenham 2-1 without Steele. One fan, who did not want to be named said: “It was stupid of him to say something on the internet but I don’t think it means he hates gay people.”

Other folks on Twitter begged to disagree:


Gay Rugby Icon Gareth Thomas Enters the UK 'Celebrity Big Brother' House: VIDEO


Yesterday, I mentioned that gay rugby player Gareth Thomas was to be joining the cast of the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother. I'm not sure who any of these others are, but here's Thomas interviewed on the show and entering the house for the first time.


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Gay Rugby Icon Gareth Thomas Joins UK 'Big Brother' Reality Show


UK's Daily Mail and other tabloids report that Gareth Thomas, the gay rugby icon who retired from sport in October, is set to become a reality tv star:

"The popular sportsman, who is a close friend of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and attended their wedding, will appear on the Channel 5 reality show which starts tonight. He will join such luminaries as Natasha Giggs, whose only claim to fame is having an affair with her footballer star brother-in-law Ryan Giggs. Ironically, Mr Thomas is friends with Manchester United winger Giggs."

Gareth Thomas Retires from Rugby


Gareth Thomas, the Welsh rugby icon who stunned the sporting world when he came out of the closet in December 2009, is retiring from rugby, he announced today.

ThomasSaid Emanuele Palladino a spokesman for Thomas’ management company Distinct:

“We can confirm that Gareth Thomas is officially retiring from both international and club rugby with immediate effect. This marks the end of what has been a remarkable career for a remarkable person. Gareth hopes that through his achievements both on and off the field he has left a lasting legacy within the game.”

Thomas released a statement as well, saying he wasn't sure of his next step, and thanking those around him:

“I have listened and discussed this decision with many of my family and close friends. My mind has told me that the time to retire is now. If you can't give 100 percent to rugby then you can't do it justice. This is a sad day, but I know that my time has come to an end as a player. My passion for the amazing game will never end or leave me however.”

He added: “I do not know what lies ahead, but I feel the challenge of something different excites me more than another year of rugby...I would like to thank everyone I have been involved with in the sport. I could not have achieved it without any of them. I have great memories and great friends that I will keep for the rest of my life. I leave knowing I have done everything in my power to be the best person and player I could have ever been. And finally, I thank my parents for all their support and help throughout my career.”

(top photo andy paradise via gareth thomas facebook)

Gareth Thomas Strikes Classic Pin-Up Pose: PHOTO


Gay Welsh rugby icon Gareth Thomas tweeted "Boom boom boom.I'm back in the room.been a busy bee.check out this photo I did for American magazine;)"

Ed Kennedy at AfterElton writes: "He almost instantly got some ribbing from his former teammate and occasional model Nick Youngquest, who told him he just wasn't ripped enough to model."


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