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Watch: Rugby Player Gavin Henson Swaps Spit with Bruno Tonioli


Welsh rugby player Gavin Henson, known for his tanning and pin-ups, is on the UK's Strictly Come Dancing (their Dancing with the Stars). On last night's show he shocked judge Bruno Tonioli by running out of his routine to plant a sloppy kiss on the him. The show also showcased a bit of his rugby team's locker room action.


The Telegraph reports that many weren't happy with the display: "Online messageboards were filled with complaints. 'Thought Gavin's performance was good tonight but I think everyone needs to remember it's a family show and having to explain that awful kiss to children does get awkward,' said one." 

Sportrait: Gavin Henson [tr]
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Rugby Player Gavin Henson: Bullies Should Not Be Tolerated


We haven't checked in with Welsh rugby player Gavin Henson in a while. Henson, who has more attention paid to his various hairstyles than any European athlete aside from Beckham, has been absent from rugby for more than a year due to suspension and injury, but appears to be returning to the spotlight. He's still very well known in Wales (partly due to his girlfriend Charlotte Church, with whom he had a baby), and so his recent endorsement of a new anti-bullying campaign has not gone unnoticed.

Said Henson: "It’s very important that we protect children from bullying; no child should be made to feel singled out and everyone has a right to be themselves, which is why I am supporting the defeat bullying campaign. Nobody at the Ospreys likes bullies. I’m lucky because it’s a great place to be and all the boys in the squad feel the same as I do about bullying – bullies should not be tolerated. Children who are being bullied should talk to someone who they feel comfortable with. If they don’t feel they have anyone to talk to they should definitely call ChildLine, a service provided by NSPCC Cymru/Wales who can offer help and advice, even if they just want a friendly person to talk to."

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Sportrait: Gavin Henson


Here's someone we haven't seen in a while. Welsh rugby pin-up Gavin Henson is not only Wales' most famous metrosexual, but also loves fast cars. He was just banned for driving for a month after being caught going 110 mph on the M4 motorway. Hope he doesn't need to run out for any hair gel.

Henson is back in the game this Saturday after nearly 18 months of sitting on the sidelines due to injury and penalties.

More shots of Gavin-in-training after the jump...

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