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Family Research Council Warns Gay Marriage Will Destroy Religious Freedom in New Scare Video: WATCH


A new video produced by anti-gay listed hate group Family Research Council (FRC) claims that a Supreme Court ruling striking down bans on marriage equality would jeopardize religious freedom, reports Right Wing Watch.

Highlighting cases in Oregon and Washington where businesses were sued for violating state non-discrimination laws, the video - made with Rick Santorum’s film company EchoLight Studios - warns that same-sex marriage would undermine the separation of church and state.

Narrator and FRC leader Tony Perkins argues that such cases will lead to a scary future in which the government will infringe on the rights of religious people in order to promote LGBT equality. With guest appearances by Santorum and Mike Huckabee. 

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Martin O'Malley Goes After Hillary Clinton's Cautious Record on Gay Rights in Marriage Equality Video: WATCH


Former Maryland governor and likely Hillary Clinton challenger Martin O'Malley released a video yesterday touting his longstanding support for marriage equality. 

"History celebrates profiles in courage, not profiles in convenience," O'Malley says in the video. "The dignity of every person tells us that the right to marry is not a state right, it is a human right."

In March 2012, O'Malley signed a marriage equality bill in Maryland. Referendum supporters later put the issue on the November ballot where it passed with 52% of the vote. 

Bloomberg notes that the video was released mere hours after Clinton released a statement yesterday in support of a pro-equality SCOTUS ruling this year and that timing "seems to imply that Clinton's Wednesday statement was an act of convenience, not courage." Clinton had previously advocated a state-by-state approach to marriage.

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Christian Activists Attack Former Irish President's Support For Marriage Equality: VIDEO


Mary McAleese, the former President of Ireland and a vocal supporter of LGBT rights, has opened up a new can of worms by announcing her support for the marriage equality referendum which is due to take place next month.

Speaking on national radio broadcaster Newstalk, McAleese (above) said:

“I’m hoping very much...that it will be passed. We believe it to be a human rights issue.

“We’ve been watching with great interest the debate as it’s been evolving in Ireland and the concerns that people have in and around it. We’ve been thinking about it for a very long time, a very, very long time, and contemplating it for a long time.

“People have been saying it’s about children – it’s about Ireland’s gay children and about their future and about the kind of future we want for Ireland. We want, in the words of the proclamation: ‘The children of a nation to be cherished equally’.

“The adult children, the children yet unborn, the gay children yet unborn – we want them to be born into a world where if they fall in love with someone they can express that love fully.”

O'brienIona Institute mouthpiece, Irish Times columnist and teacher Breda O’Brien (right) appeared on Newstalk’s Breakfast on Tuesday to take umbrage with McAleese’s comments.

O’Brien - officially and legally not homophobic - said that same-sex marriage is not a human rights issue and called for McAleese to clarify her comments:

”Mary McAleese has departed from the precedence set by [former Presidents] Mary Robinson and...President Hillery by intervening directly in matters of Irish policy.

“I presume she has a very good reason for doing but I would like to call on her to clarify exactly what she meant in the implication that people who vote no are part of the architecture of homophobia."

However, after being challenged by presenter Chris O’Donoghue, O’Brien said:

“I accept that she did not say directly that people who vote no are part of the architecture of homophobia, I would like her to remove any implication that that is the case.”

On @NewstalkFM, Breda O'Brien invented quote for MMcAleese, misrepped her position,apologised,then asked MMA to clarify having not said it.

— John Boyne (@john_boyne) April 14, 2015

@Paul71 @NewstalkFM And why is Breda O'Brien asking Mary McAleese to clarify something she did not say, imply or allude to? #MarRef

— Peter (@pmbarrins) April 14, 2015

O’Brien found some Twitter support in the form of fellow non-homophobe, Iona Institute member and self-appointed moral arbiter for Ireland David Quinn.

Horrible stuff on twitter today about Breda O'Brien. #MarRef

— David Quinn (@DavQuinn) April 14, 2015

Last weekend, non-homophobe O’Brien weighed in on the Memories Pizza controversy in Indiana, claiming “there is no equality in this controversy, just little people desperately scrabbling to defend themselves against a machine that paints them as homophobic, bigoted and functionally equivalent to racists.”

In 2012, McAleese said gay people are “as entitled to live their lives on their own terms, as I do as a heterosexual.”

Read Bock the Robber's excellent exposé of the Iona Institute and then watch Senator David Norris rip the not homophobic Catholic organization to pieces, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Men Married To Straight Women Defend 'Traditional Marriage' In Bizarre SCOTUS Brief: VIDEO


Won’t somebody think of the children? The sky fairies say its wrong. The thought of two men together, well it’s just icky. All common arguments against marriage equality. How’s this one for you: the Supreme Court should not rule in favor of striking down bans on same-sex marriage because to do so would demean marriages between gay men and their wives.

An amicus brief filed by a group of “same-sex attracted men and their wives” argues that “same-sex marriage can only come at the cost of marginalizing and demeaning the marriages and families” of gay men married to straight women.

The brief aims to prove that gay people can have fulfilling marriages by marrying someone of the opposite sex, thereby rendering same-sex marriage unnecessary.

It provides the personal testimonies of ten openly gay men who are married to straight women. One of the petitioners says that admitting his “same-sex attractions” to his wife has brought “renewed closeness” to their relationship.

Earlier this year, TLC aired Mormon-centric reality “My Husband’s Not Gay” which followed - to much derision - a group of openly gay men who are married to straight women.

Read the bizarre brief and watch a trailer for “My Husband’s Not Gay,” AFTER THE JUMP...

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Catholics Call for Pope Francis to Oust Anti-Gay SF Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone in Full Page Ad


SF Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has a long and continuing history of demonizing gays.

In February, we reported on a new "purity test" he had instituted for Catholic schools which threatened termination for teachers who give any statement that contradicts church doctrine, including holding a position that homosexuality is anything other than "gravely evil."

Cordileone's new rules even applied to sharing photos and personal opinions on social media sites like Facebook. For instance, if a teacher posted photos on Facebook of a gay son's wedding, that would be cause for review.

Vigils have been held against the evil archbishop.

But Cordileone's crusade against gays goes back much further.

He attended the National Organization for Marriage's hate march with Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee because, he said "love is the answer". He spoke out against marriage equality when it began to pass in several states, calling it a "serious injustice" and warned Catholics against attending same-sex weddings.

And perhaps worst of all, Cordileone was also a central strategist in the campaign to pass Proposition 8 in California.

Cordileone_adAnd he's been arrested for driving drunk.

Now, more than 100 prominent Roman Catholic donors and church members are calling for Pope Francis to replace Cordileone, the SF Chronicle reports:

In their open letter to the pope, Cordileone’s critics say his morality-clause push is mean-spirited and “sets a pastoral tone that is closer to persecution than evangelization.”

The ad drew swift condemnation from the archdiocese, which said those who signed it don’t speak for San Francisco’s Catholic community.

The list of signatories includes Brian Cahill, the retired executive director of Catholic Charities, former city commissioner and Boudin Bakery executive Lou Giraudo, retired Swinerton Builders Chairman David Grubb, businessman and former political consultant Clint Reilly and his wife, Janet, San Francisco attorney Michael Kelly, and Charles Geschke, chairman of Adobe Systems and former head of the University of San Francisco Board of Trustees. Also on the list is Tom Brady Sr., father of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The letter accuses Cordileone of marginalizing women in the church, disregarding advice from fellow priests in favor of outside advisers, having a "single-issue agenda" against gay marriage, going in an opposite direction from the Pope, causing discord with youth, and much more.

Still, Cordileone wants to attend this year's NOM hate march again.

With all luck, he'll be out of San Francisco before that.

Rachel Maddow Attempts to Unscramble Marco Rubio and Rand Paul's Positions on Gay Rights: VIDEO


With the 2016 presidential campaign underway, Rachel Maddow this week took a look at the media frenzy surrounding the declared candidates and the GOP's tightrope walk on issues like gay rights. 

Said Maddow:

"One happy byproduct of, one benefit of the frenzy is getting to see them invent new lines for themselves to tiptoe down as they try on the spot to invent reasonable sounding, anti-gay policy positions that accomplish this neat trick of not turning off the vast majority of the country by seeming too much like a homophobe but also seeming aggressively anti-gay enough to be electable inside the super anti-gay Republican base bubble."

Later, Maddow chatted with former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs about the culture war's role on the GOP side and the various campaign trail "trap door" questions that await candidates on both sides of the aisle. 


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