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Ireland Invites International Same-Sex Couples To Say 'I Do': VIDEO


With Ireland’s historic vote in favor of same-sex marriage only days old, Tourism Ireland has released a new video promoting the country as a wedding and honeymoon destination for gay couples, reports The Journal.

The new campaign Ireland Says I Do - which is being rolled out in Britain, the United States, Canada, the Nordic region, Australia, France, Spain, Italy and Germany - has been developed over the past year in anticipation of a Yes vote.

Tourism Ireland states:

“Yes, it’s all about love in Ireland, from fun-tastic LGBT events like The Outing (the world’s first ever LGBT matchmaking festival) to some of the most romantic wedding locations on the plane.”

Watch Ireland Says I Do, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Resists Push for Referendum on Gay Marriage

Tony Abbott

Ireland equality scored a major victory with their referendum to legalize same-sex marriage on Saturday with the populace voting 2:1 in favor of legalization. On the other side of the globe, Australia has even more support for the legalization of same-sex marriage with 72% of the population being in favor according to one major poll. One would think that with a parliamentary government that represents the will of the people that a referendum would be in the works. Sadly, Prime Minister Tony Abbott is not about to allow something like that to happen.

Abbott, who is a bit of an anti-gay ass, passed the buck to parliament when asked if Australia should hold a referendum to legalize same-sex marriage:

It really is a matter for the parliament.

Referendums are held in this country where there's a proposal to change the constitution. I don't think anyone's suggesting that the constitution needs to be changed in this respect.

Under the constitution, questions of marriage are the preserve of the Commonwealth parliament.

Except that anyone - a great many anyones; over 70% of Australia's anyones - are suggesting that the constitution needs to be changed in this respect in order to overturn the 2004 revision of the national Marriage Act to explicitly ban same-sex marriages from being recognized by national law. But as too often seems to be the case with socially conservative politicians, facts are optional little accoutrements that can be disregarded on a whim.

Korean Men Tie the Knot In Heartwarming 'My Fair Wedding' Documentary: VIDEO

My Fair Wedding

South Korea, like many places in the world and in too much of the U.S., bans gay marriage. South Korean gays, like in many places in the world and in increasingly more places in the U.S., are reaching the point of not caring what the bans are and are getting married anyways, governmental recognition be damned. Such is the case with Kim Jho Gwang-soo and Kim Seung-hwan, a South Korean gay couple whose marriage became the subject of a documentary by Jang Hee-sun entitled My Fair Wedding. 

The documentary follows the couple along their journey to wedded bliss, from the planning stages to the challenges of telling their families to the ceremony itself in downtown Seoul. Despite the pushback they received from anti-gay protesters, the two felt that this was necessary in order to raise awareness of sexual minorities in South Korea. Said Kim Jho,

Through this film, we would like to show that we are not different from heterosexuals.

Hopefully this will facilitate legislation in South Korea that, like many places in the world and in most of the U.S., legally recognizes same-sex marriage. The film will be released in South Korea on June 6, 2015, and you can watch the trailer AFTER THE JUMP...

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Irish Priest Who Bravely Came Out as Gay in January Thanks Parishioners for Accepting Him

Father Martin Dolan, the parish priest at the Church of St. Nicholas of Myra in Dublin city center who received a standing ovation from his congregation when he came out of the closet during mass in January, is speaking out again in the wake of Ireland's successful marriage equality referendum, the Irish Times reports:

DolanDolan...told his congregation on Saturday evening that the Irish public had heard the “pleas of desperation of a minority” from the LGBT community and had made the LGBT cause “as important as their own”.

He said he was proud to be Irish and thanked his parishioners for accepting him as a gay man. Fr Dolan first came out as a gay man in January when he urged his congregation to vote Yes in the marriage equality referendum.

Dolan responded to the Archbishop of Dublin's recent comments that the Catholic Church needed a new language when dealing with youth by saying that "With great respect, it is not a new language that we need but a new way of being and living."

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Added Dolan:

“Jesus was always reaching out to people on the edges of society. His whole way of being was to draw people in and to include them rather than exclude them. God’s spirit was given to us so we can be a power and force in the world. The opportunity for new beginnings begin every day of our lives. It comes every time we draw breath. We have a choice - we can build bridges for people or we can build stone walls. We have to become people of love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control."

Bono Dedicates ‘Pride (In The Name of Love)’ to Ireland’s Marriage Equality Victory at Phoenix Concert: VIDEO


U2 frontman Bono celebrated Ireland’s s strong vote in favor of marriage equality with a heartfelt nod to his homeland while performing “Pride (In the Name of Love)” at a concert in Phoenix over the weekend.

"It's a moment for us to thank the people who brought peace to our country, who had the courage to compromise in Ireland,” said Bono. “Now we turn this into greater love. Dr. King we need you now more than ever.”

Ahead of the marriage referendum vote, Bono told the Irish Times "Marriage is now an idea that transcends religion... It is owned by the people. They can decide. It's not a religious institution." The band also sent posted the below photo on its Instagram page:


Watch U2‘s heartfelt performance of “Pirde (In the Name of Love)”,  AFTER THE JUMP...

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Final Irish Marriage Referendum Tally Shows Landslide 'Yes' Victory, Gay Couples to Tie the Knot By Year's End

[photo via Twitter]

Final Vote Tally Shows Landslide 'Yes' Victory in Irish Marriage Referendum, Gay Couples Expected to Tie the Knot By Year's End 

As expected, Ireland's marriage referendum was a big win for the equality side.

With 43 of 43 constituencies reporting, the country has voted to amend its constitution to legalize same-sex marriage by a margin of 62.07% to 37.93%. 

Over three million voters participated in the referendum, with all but one constituency (Roscommon - South Leitrim) having a majority 'Yes' vote. More on the turnout here

The Irish Times reports the first same-sex marriages could take place before Christmas: 

The resounding Yes vote will result in a new sentence being added to Article 41 of the Constitution. It reads: “Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex.” The Irish version, which takes precedence, reads: “Féadfaidh beirt, gan beann ar a ngnéas, conradh pósta a dhéanamh de réir dlí.” It means that a marriage between two people of the same sex will now be recognised by the State and will have the same status under the Constitution as a marriage between a man and a woman.

To give effect to the amendment, the Oireachtas will enact the Marriage Bill 2015, which will state in law for the first time the principle that being of the same sex is no longer an impediment to marriage. Officials in the Department of Justice will begin drafting the legislation next week. A spokesman said the Bill would be prioritised with a view to it being passed by the Oireachtas before the summer recess.

Congrats Ireland on this historic victory!


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