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Gay Turkish Couple Stage Symbolic Wedding, Receive Death Threats From Family

Ekin Keser and Emrullah Tuzun

Ekin Keser and Emrullah Tüzün of Istanbul held a symbolic marriage on a ferry in late September to celebrate their love for each other, despite it having no legal significance. However, with the lack of legal recognition comes the lack of legal protections and now both Keser and Tüzün are unemployed, evicted, and facing death threats from their own family members.

The open wedding was featured in the news, and after it took place their landlord evicted the couple. Tüzün also lost his job as a waiter in Istanbul’s Kadıköy district after his boss found out about the wedding, and with Keser spending his time as an undergrad student the two now have no income. To top it all off, they have begun receiving death threats from their families, Tüzün saying,

My family and siblings threaten me with death. When our wedding was featured in the news, our family and friends began rejecting us.

Keser received similar rejection,

We have received the biggest reaction from our families. My family knew that I was homosexual, but they reacted against my marriage.

Fortunately not all of the news is bad. According to Keser, 95% of their friends supported them and their marriage and now the couple just wants their respective families to leave them be.

'The Wedding Capital Of The World' Wants You To Say 'I Do' In Las Vegas


After same-sex marriage became legal in Nevada last week, Las Vegas - the “Wedding Capital of the World” - released a marketing campaign aimed at LGBT couples, reports Huffington Post.

The tag line for the main ad - "Now you can say 'I Do' to one more thing here."

Two versions of the ad were produced - the smaller one at the top of this post and the full version which you can see, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Marriage Equality Arrives In Idaho: PHOTOS


As we reported yesterday, Idaho Governor Butch Otter has "for now" agreed to let same-sex marriage begin in Idaho following the 9th Circuit's mandate that Idaho rescind its marriage ban. Today, hundreds of couples have shown up around the state to say "I do" and make their unions legal. Reporter Christina Marface tweeted earlier that she has spoken with "several couples who say there's still fear in the backs of their minds something will block licenses in #Idaho." The fears were no doubt prompted by last week's stay from Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy that halted Idaho from recognizing same-sex unions just as it was poised to do so. However, the marriages in Idaho today thus far seem to have gone off without a hitch. 

As we follow this developing story, check out some photos of the highly anticipated day for equality, AFTER THE JUMP...

[Photo via Twitter]

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South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson On Gay Marriage: 'I'm For The Rule Of Law' - VIDEO


South Carolina's Attorney General Alan Wilson, who in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision earlier this month requested that the state Supreme Court stop judges from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, now insists that his opposition to marriage equality taking effect in South Carolina has only to do with his interest in seeing the "rule of law" win out. From the Rock Hill Herald Online:

What I do know is this: I’m the state’s attorney and the state is my client. And my job is to represent the state’s interest in every venue that exists until there are no more venues to represent the state. I’m not opposed to anything I’m only for the rule of law. 

Watch a video of Wilson's statement, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Federal Judge Denies Stay of Ruling That Struck Down Alaska's Gay Marriage Ban; State Asks 9th Circuit To Intervene

After Federal Judge Timothy Burgess ruled on Monday that Alaska's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, the state requested a stay of the ruling that would effectively halt same-sex marriage in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Judge Burgess yesterday denied that request. Unsatisfied with that result, Alaska then asked the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which has appellate jurisdiction in Alaska, to step in and grant an emergency stay, halting Judge Burgess' ruling from continuing to take effect. The Alaska Dispatch News reports: 

BurgessAn appeal in the case, which could potentially overturn the decision, will also be filed with the 9th Circuit. The state filed its notice to appeal the decision Monday.

The request, filed Tuesday evening, asks that the 9th Circuit allow a stay, which would halt same-sex marriages, because it is possible the court will rehear cases surrounding similar bans in Nevada and Idaho, or that another circuit court could rule in upholding a ban and cause a split in the courts. 

The state also petitioned for "en banc" review, where an 11-judge panel in the 9th Circuit could possibly hear the case. That review is generally difficult to get, according to attorneys in the case, since a majority of 9th Circuit judges -- there are 29 -- must vote to even hear the case.

Stephen Colbert Doesn't 'Give a Whatevs' About the String of Recent Gay Marriage Victories: VIDEO


Stephen Colbert is now blasé about the whole gay marriage thing (because it's popular!) but last night he expressed surprise about the most recent state to come down:

"Gay marriage is legal in Alaska! Gay couples will have the right to celebrate the traditional Alaskan way - by having Bristol Palin cold-cock one of their guests."

He also took a look at recent statements by the Catholic church that have been perceived as welcoming to gay people.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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