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WATCH: Anthony Culler Doubles Down On Anti-Gay 'Gremlins' Talk In New Video


Earlier today, we told you about South Carolina congressional candidate Anthony Culler and his comments labeling gays as "gremlins" and "bullies." Culler also called same-sex marriage a "pestilence." Now, despite the backlash he has received for these remarks, Culler is sticking to his guns, a point he's perhaps trying to underscore by defending his anti-gay views while leaning against a cannon in a new video the Republican posted to Facebook. Culler opens the video with commenting that we are facing the worst "Gremlin outbreak we've seen in 30 years":

I have had all of these bigots calling me a bigot...What we have is that I made a comment that same-sex couples that want to destroy traditional marriage and our way of life--they're gremlins. They're these creatures that are so destructive.

Culler goes on to give a little history about the district he's running to represent, saying, 

It's the black district. That's what some people call it...I've got another description for this district. It's the Christian district...The people here...we believe in family. We believe in traditional family. We believe in the way that it's always been. One man, one woman. Government can make up any laws it wants to. It doesn't make it right. Evil is evil. Wrong is wrong...I will stand against every initiative put through for same-sex marriage. I'm absolutely against it.

Watch Culler continue his incendiary hate parade, AFTER THE JUMP...

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GOP Congressional Candidate Calls Gays 'Gremlins' and 'Bullies' In Vitriolic Facebook Rant

ScRepublican candidate for South Carolina's sixth congressional district Anthony P. Culler took to Facebook to voice his displeasure following the Supreme Court's decision earlier this month not to review any of the seven petitions on gay marriage it was considering, a decision that broadly expanded marriage rights in the U.S. for same-sex couples. In Culler's lengthy rant, he bemoaned same-sex marriage as a "pestilence" and called gay people "gremlins" and "bullies":

Same-sex "marriage" is a pestilence that has descended on our society, against our will, by those in the courts and government that do not value the traditional family. These people, like my opponent SC-6 Congressman Jim Clyburn who OPENLY supports same-sex "marriage," seek to destroy the traditional family and the values we cherish. [...]

Do not buy the "cuteness" and "What will it hurt?" arguments whispered in your ears and marketed to our children. Same-sex couples that seek to destroy our way of life and the institution of marriage are NOT cute and cuddly but rather (for those of you that are old enough to remember the movie), Gremlins that will only destroy our way of life.

These people are bullies and now that they are winning their true and hateful nature is much easier to see and hear. (Watch the response to this post.)

Do not condone same-sex "marriage" or their self-destructive (they also have a strong tendency for substance abuse), alternate lifestyle. Do not attend the "over the top" and "anything goes" ceremonies or parties that these people revel in. Look away from this scourge on society and condemn it.

However, as The Huffington Post reports, Culler trails Congressman Jim Clyburn, and will likely need "more than spooky slurs to unseat the Democratic incumbent, who has served in the House for more than 20 years."

You can read the full hate-filled post, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Federal Judge Sets November 20 Hearing Date For Challenge To Arkansas' Gay Marriage Ban

Ark2A federal judge in Arkansas has set November 20 as the day he will hear arguments concerning a challenge to the state's gay marriage ban. The AP reports:

U.S. District Judge Kristine Baker on Monday scheduled a Nov. 20 hearing over competing motions in the lawsuit challenging a 2004 constitutional amendment and earlier laws defining marriage as between a man and a woman. A group of same-sex couples is challenging the ban.

The hearing will be on the couples' motion for summary judgment in the case, and on a separate motion by the state seeking to dismiss the lawsuit.

The state Supreme Court is considering a separate case regarding the gay marriage ban. The state appealed a Pulaski County judge's ruling against the ban, which led to hundreds of same-sex marriages. The judge's order was suspended while it's on appeal.

As the AP notes, the first same-sex marriages in Arkansas began this past May but shortly thereafter were halted by the state's Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the state and its Attorney General remain invested in keeping the marriage ban in place. 

WATCH: Plaintiffs in Challenge to Alaska's Gay Marriage Ban Marry in Anchorage


Stephanie Pearson and Courtney Lamb, one of the five same-sex couples that successfully sued the state of Alaska for the right to marry, exchanged vows outside the Frontier Building in Anchorage earlier this morning, KTVA reports

“Quite the emotional roller coaster it’s been,” said Lamb, smiling from ear to ear. “But very worth it in the end. Today is a great day.”


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Windsor Lawyer Files Lawsuit Challenging Mississippi's Gay Marriage Ban

Joce and Carla

Roberta Kaplan, who served as lead counsel in the landmark United States v. Windsor decision last year, has filed a federal challenge to Mississippi's ban on same-sex marriage on behalf of two gay couples. 

Said Kaplan:

Kaplan“As the lawyers who represented Edie Windsor, we are so honored to be able to file this case today on behalf of Rebecca Bickett, Andrea Sanders, Jocelyn Pritchett, Carla Webb, and the Campaign for Southern Equality. The Supreme Court took a gigantic step forward last year in Windsor, and since then, dozens of courts around the country have followed suit so that today, gay people in thirty-two states have the right to marry. It is now time to take the next big step by making sure that gay families in Mississippi are accorded these same protections.  The Supreme Court has made it clear that no matter where a gay person lives —whether it is in Maine, Minnesota, or Mississippi—our Constitution requires that they be treated with the same dignity and respect under the law as everyone else.”

Mississippi remains one of only a handful of states that has not yet had its gay marriage ban overturned by either a federal or circuit court. 

Read the lawsuit below:

Marriage Equality to Begin in Wyoming Tomorrow


Wyoming Attorney General Peter Michael has announced that the state will notify a federal court at 10 am tomorrow that it will not appeal U.S. District Judge Scott Skavdahl's Friday ruling striking down the state's gay marriage ban, the Associated Press reports:

Skavdahl said his ruling will take effect immediately if the state files paperwork saying it will not appeal.

Same-sex couples can apply for marriage licenses at local county clerk offices, but no licenses can be issued until the state files its notice.

On Friday, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead released an official statement saying it would be futile for the state to appeal the ruling in light of the Ninth Circuit's pro-equality decision on similar same-sex marriage bans in Nevada and Idaho. 


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