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Guam Native And 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Star Pleads With Territory's Governor For Marriage Equality: VIDEO

David Cruz III

Gay The Millionaire Matchmaker cast member David Cruz III has written to Guam Governor Eddie Calvo urging him to follow the law and approve same-sex marriage for the island and also recorded a heartfelt video, reports

The open letter reads:

“My name is David Cruz and I am a current cast member of Bravo TV's ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker.’ I spend a good part of my life setting people up and helping people find love. “But, recently something has come my way that has broken my heart.

"Last week I was saddened to hear that the Governor of Guam, the island where I grew up, is denying gay men and women their legal right to marry - EVEN after being issued a legal memorandum to do so from the Attorney General of Guam.

“I was compelled to voice my opinion about this matter as I am not only a son of Guam having grown up on the island, but also as a gay man. I spend every moment of my life helping people find love and giving advice about relationships, so I cannot stand by and watch my own community of LGBT people be discriminated against.”

Watch Cruz’s video in support of same-sex marriage in Guam, AFTER THE JUMP

Yesterday we reported that Anthony Apuron, the Archbishop of Guam, described being gay as an “intrinsically moral evil” and insisted that the only way to deal with homosexuality is to think of it as a disorder to be treated.


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Anti-Gay Attorney Gene Schaerr Thinks Gay Marriage Will Lead To 900,000 Abortions: VIDEO

Gene Schaerr

As anti-gay activists continue to grasp at straws as the tide turns in favor of same-sex marriage, the Washington Post reports on a new last-ditch argument that marriage equality will lead to 900,000 abortions.

The claim was made by Gene Schaerr (above) who argued against gay marriage in Utah and Idaho.

In a post on the Heritage Foundation website last week, Schaerr acknowledged that although “abortion and same-sex marriage may seem unrelated...the two are closely linked in a short and simple causal chain.”

6a00d8341c730253ef01a511ec12db970c-150wiUsing the bizarre argument that same-sex couples marrying will somehow devalue “traditional marriage,” he explained that there will be fewer heterosexual couples marrying, leading to an increase in the number of unmarried women, who have abortions at higher rates that married women, resulting in “nearly 900,000 more children of the next generation would be aborted as a result of their mothers never marrying.”

Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson (right) backed up Schaerr’s claims, alleging that “every nation and every state that have redefined marriage have seen their marriage rates decline by at least 5 percent after that redefinition, even as the marriage rates in the rest of the states remain stable.”

However, the Washington Post points out that marriage rates have declined overall.

“The national marriage rate declined to 6.8 per 1,000 in 2012, from 8.0 in 2002, before Massachusetts became the first state to legalize gay marriage. The Massachusetts rate dropped from 5.9 in 2002 to 5.5 in 2011, while Connecticut went from 5.7 to 5.5 and Vermont went from 8.6 to 8.3. But Texas and Utah, free of same-sex marriage, dropped from 8.4 to 7.1, and from 10.4 to 8.6, respectively.”

Schaerr also speculated that an unemployed man who got his girlfriend pregnant in a state providing for same-sex marriage would be more likely to conclude that he has no obligations to the mother and child.

Watch Schaerr take part in a panel discussion on "religious freedom," AFTER THE JUMP...

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Michele Bachmann: 'Wonderful' End Times Imminent Thanks to Gay Marriage and Obama - VIDEO


In an interview with End Times broadcaster Jan Markell, former Rep. Michele Bachmann went full Bachmann, telling listeners to "not despair but rejoice" that Jesus Christ's return is imminent thanks to Obama's efforts to "ensure that Iran has a nuclear weapon," as well as the judicial branch's role in legalizing abortion and marriage equality.

It's only Monday, but this is probably the most bat s--t conversation you'll hear all week.


[h/t Right Wing Watch]

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Archbishop of Guam Calls Homosexuality 'Intrinsically Moral Evil' as Governor Continues His Gay Marriage Stonewall

Screenshot 2015-04-20 16.11.59

Anthony Apuron, the Archbishop of Guam, has finally broken his silence and expressed his views on Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson’s recent assertion that Guam’s public servants cannot reject marriage applications submitted by same-sex couples. Apuron laid out his official stance in Umantuna Si Yu’os, the newsletter of a local archdiocese insisting that an acceptance of homosexuality was fundamentally antithetical to his Catholic beliefs. Apuron describes the very concept of being gay as an “intrinsically moral evil” and insists that the only way to deal with homosexuality on a wide scale is to think of it as a disorder to be treated.

At the core of Apuron’s beliefs is the contention that marriage and family, instead of the law, exist as the focal point of modern society. Allowing gays to marry, he argues, would fundamentally alter the definition of marriage and subsequently pose a significant threat to people on a large scale.

“[LGBT-supporters] are trying to shift the problem only to the religious sphere but that is not the case here,” Apuron said in an interview he gave to the AP that he republished in the newsletter. “Same-sex marriage is not only against the faith, but goes against Right Reason that pursues the common good of society, and is an anthropological reduction.”

“Scripture is very clear when it says: God created male and female. There are anthropological, physical, and psychological differences that allows a complimentary unity. The sexual differences have a meaning; sexuality is not only biological but personal; it carries a language.

The body has a language, has grammar, has a synthesis, a truth. Man and woman are called to communion to complement each other, what St. John Paul II called: Communion of Persons. Same-sex unions, completely and totally breaks these meanings, destroys the language, and only generates anthropological, juridical and ethical confusion.”

In other Guam news, Gov. Eddie Calvo is continuing to hedge on the issue of same-sex marriage despite the attorney general's legal memorandum. This has led Lambda Legal to issue a press release stating “Let us be clear: Every same–sex couple in the states that form part of the Ninth Circuit can marry and have been able to do so for months." 

Irish Kids Say Yes for Marriage Equality in Adorable New Ad: WATCH


The "Yes" campaign in Ireland is really on a roll with these heartwarming ads.


[h/t/ jmg]

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Tonga Moves to Explicitly Ban Same-Sex Marriage


The Polynesian island nation of Tonga has moved to explicitly ban same-sex marriage after community and church leaders expressed concerns that the country's expected ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) would open the door to same-sex marriage.

CEDAW, an international treaty adopted in 1979 by the United Nations General Assembly, guarantees certain rights for women including spousal choice and family planning.

Said Lopeti Senituli, chief executive of Internal Affairs:

"Under our existing Deaths, Births and Marriages Registration Act there is no specific reference for or against same sex marriage. The government is proposing now that we amend our Deaths, Births and Marriages Registration Act to prohibit same sex marriage."

[h/t Radio New Zealand]


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