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Hannah and the 'Girls' Are Ready for Season 4, Are You? - WATCH


Season four kicks off Sunday January 11 on HBO.

Are you ready?

Watch the new trailer, AFTER THE JUMP...


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HBO's 'Girls' Goes To Iowa In Trailer for Season 4: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 7.54.27 AM

Hannah heads to the Iowa Writers Workshop in what looks to be a very unusual season for the previously NYC-based HBO hit Girls.

In a trailer for the show's new episodes, released today on HBO's website and YouTube, Lena Dunham facetimes with former roommate Marni, navigates long distance drama with Adam, and moshes with shirtless gay bestie Elijah who claims "Iowa is amazing!" Set to a bouncy song by Nico Vega, it all certainly looks like fun, especially with the shirtless and fit post-Hedwig Andrew Rannells. The only real plot spoiler seems to be Jessa being arrested by the NYPD, but given her previously insane behavior this looks more par for the course than anything that surprising.

Season four kicks off Sunday January 11th only on HBO...or not, per the recent announcement the cable channel will start offering an all-digital service starting sometime in 2015.

You can watch the full trailer AFTER THE JUMP...

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Hannah Horvath Teases 'Girls' Fans With Season Four Preview: VIDEO


What can we gather from the new "Girls" teaser from HBO? Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) definitely isn't in New York anymore! 

The very brief clip finds the star straddling a bike and enjoying a whole new, slower pace of life, presumably in Iowa. In typical Hannah fashion, though, things don't turn out quite as planned.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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When Hannah from 'Girls' Met Dorothy from 'The Golden Girls': VIDEO


Ross Mathews imagined what might happen if Lena Dunham sat down for cheesecake with Bea Arthur.


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'Girls' Andrew Rannells Hopes Season 4 Involves Sex With Hugh Jackman


While speaking with E! Entertainment correspondent Marc Malkin, “real-life gay” actor Andrew Rannells revealed that his character Elijah will appear in season four of HBO's Girls and hinted at a possible upcoming sex scene.

Jackman“I might be not dressed in it,” Rannells coyly said. “I volunteered myself for nakedness. I feel with, like, Looking on the air, I was like ‘I gotta represent with some gay sex on the show.’ I’m willing!”

But when asked who he’d prefer as Elijah’s sex partner, Rannells answered, “Hugh Jackman. Always and forever, Hugh Jackman.” But Rannells might not realize that Jackman role plays as Wolverine in the sheets — bring an adamantium breastplate to the bedroom, Elijah.

Jackman, of course, has been long beleaguered by gay rumors ) which his wife addresses every few years. Of course, that’s what happens in America when you make your career playing “The Boy From Oz.”

Andrew Rannells Set to Return to HBO's 'Girls' Next Season

Andrew Rannells

Openly gay actor Andrew Rannells is set to make his return on Lena Dunham's HBO comedy series Girls next year.

Via Deadline:

The Tony-nominated actor is set to reprise his role as Elijah, Hannah's (Dunham) gay ex-boyfriend on the series' upcoming third season after appearing in eight episodes of the first two seasons. He is slated to become a regular on the show if it is picked up for a fourth season.

The season 3 premiere of Girls will air January 12th. 


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